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Warwickshire / Trying to find Child Burial Record
« on: Sunday 16 September 12 17:41 BST (UK)  »

Not sure where this should go so thought I would start here.

I am trying to find the burial record of Arthur Foster, age 2 months on 22nd June 1931. He died in Bidford on Avon on the roadside. His parents were travellers and had been staying there, and I suspect they would have been quite poor.  I have the death certificate and the death was registered in Alcester. I have been to Warwick Record office and checked some of the obvious parish records with no luck. I have also contacted the Church in Bidford who have no record either.

Is there any chance of finding this record or I am I wasting my time ? Any help at all would be very much appreciated.



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Focus and sharpen please?
« on: Monday 02 July 12 17:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

This blurry picture is one I would dearly loved improved... and there's lots to improve. Not sure if the blurriness can be sorted but perhaps some sharpening to define the people's faces? 

This is an entire family shot of my grandmother's mum, dad, her uncle and grandad as well as 4 of her 5 siblings. Nan is in the front in the middle and aged between 6 and 8  so this pic must be around 1924-1926

I can only guess that the eldest boy (Uncle Len) took the picture with an shaky hand - he is missing from the group ...

Any help welcome!

Thanks in advance


World War Two / 8Bn Royal Fusiliers (City of London) Anzio War Diaries
« on: Wednesday 16 May 12 21:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

Has anyone any experience of searching TNA for War Diaries? Ive found that my great-uncle was transferred from 7Bn Ox & Bucks early Feb 1944 while in Anzio. He was killed 18th Feb during the German offensive while serving with 8bn Fusiliers and I am searching for either his transfer papers (which made it back to HQ in June 44) or War Diaries covering 8th to 18th Feb 1944

Specific request I know, but Ive written to the Fusilier Regiment Museum and they have replied to tell me they dont hold the diaries from Jan 44 to Jun 44

My quest is to find how he came to be transferred and all stemmed from his War Grave entry as a fusilier when I know he had joined general service corps and then transferred to OBLI

Any help or guidance appreciated

World War Two / Cap badges
« on: Friday 27 April 12 13:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

I have a picture of my great uncle from 1941 in his uniform but I cant make out his cap badge. Is there a website that anyone know of where I can try and match it?

Or am I allowed to post the picture so other people can have a go??  :)

Many thanks


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Camden Local History Library
« on: Saturday 31 March 12 14:36 BST (UK)  »

Are there any researchers who could help look into the Annual Reports for the Sailors Orphan Girls School, Hampstead 1908-1914?

Ive been in touch with Hull History Centre who should have all the records for this school, however they have advised me that the annual records 1908-1917 (79th-88th reports) are missing from their collection

They advise that copies may be found in Camden Local History Library

I'm not local to Camden so wondered if anyone could advise if these reports do exist before I see whether its worth coming down?

Many thanks


I have had a reply from London Metropolitan Archives regarding any research for the Sailors' Orphan Girls School and Home, Hampstead . Their advice may prove useful to anyone who needs to check admissions etc

"The Sailors' Orphan Girls School and Home, Hampstead was an institution
at 116 FitzJohns Avenue, Hampstead had offices at 77 Cornhill in the
City of London.  It maintained, clothed and educated orphan daughters of
sailors and marines, and provided them with a home when they left the

The only records we have of it is a Family Welfare Association file (our
document reference A/FWA/C/D122/1) on the 'Sailors' Orphan Girls School
and Home, Later Royal Sailors Daughters School and Home', case 7313 or
4/1881) which includes correspondence and papers 1881-1946.  These files
relate to the nature of the charity and how it was run and will not
contain records of the children there.

Our understanding is that there are some records at Hull History Centre.
They were given by the Sailors' Families Society (in 2011?). They are a
charity that has been based in Hull since 1821 and in 1957 they took
over the Sailor's Orphan Girls School and Home, Hampstead. The orphans
that were left uncared for were moved to Hull after this date and the
Hampstead home closed down.  Amongst the records are Minutes, Annual
Reports and Admission Registers c.1859-1956.  The contact details are:
Hull History Centre, Worship Street, Hull, HU2 8BG; Email:
[email protected]; Website:"

Hope this helps


United States of America / James Comley Winfield b1899 South Shields
« on: Saturday 25 February 12 09:27 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to trace a relative who emigrated to the States. James Comley Winfield b1899 in South Shields, Durham and his wife Florence b.1912 in London left the UK to be with their daughters who both married US Service Personnel possibly in the early 1960s

I am vague on the date of emigration but one of the daughters , Audrey married a J C Moran and came back to the UK on a US Navy Ship as a visitor for 3.5 years so I assume her husband was posted back to the UK. The other daughter June Edith Winfield married Robert Allen Denson and came back to the UK as a visitor in September 1958 so I assume to see her parents

Both daughters returned to the US at some point and died there

I understand from a relative that both James and Florence died in the US but I have no records of when they moved from the UK nor what became of them

Any help welcome!

Occupation Interests / Merchant Navy - death overseas
« on: Friday 10 February 12 16:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

My GG Grandfather died in Belgium in 1907 while his ship was docked there. I have all the relevant details of his death, the certificate and the crew agreement of the time but what would have happened to the body
I know it was recovered from the river in which he drowned, but no mention of it in the ships records

His last known address was in South Shields, would they have taken it back for the family?

Any help on this greatly appreciated!

London and Middlesex / Wills Street, London E - 1878
« on: Friday 13 January 12 15:29 GMT (UK)  »

Im trying to track down where in East London, Wills Street was. My GGGrandfather was discharged from the Services with an onward address of "21 Wills St, London E"

Does anyone have any old reference material or maps for London around this time?


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