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World War Two / Re: 7th Batt Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry - WW2
« on: Saturday 19 November 16 13:26 GMT (UK)  »
Ok thanks Skoyen

World War Two / Re: 7th Batt Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry - WW2
« on: Monday 07 November 16 20:00 GMT (UK)  »
Recently I looked through the Queens battalion diary for the period when the 7th was broken up and found them remarkably detailed, with daily orders and even a list of those transferred over from the Ox and Bucks.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I found mention of the person I was researching in the first of the files I ordered and didn't have time to do the other two Battalions. 
In the OBLI War Diary I a map for Coriano which I photographed.  Happy to email a copy to others which may help for map refs for Gemmano etc if you PM me your email and/or address

Hi - I am searching for any records from 7Bn OBLI as to my great uncle Leonard Alfred George Limmer transferred to 1/8Bn Royal Fusiliers (City of London) on 10th Feb 1944 and was killed with 1/8Bn 8 days later

I would be extremely grateful if you had any info as Ive drawn a blank with the Fusilier records

Many thanks

14603161, Fusilier, killed at Anzio

Originally Private, 7th Ox & Bucks, transferred to 1/8 10th Feb 1944, killed 8 days later

My Nan told me that she had no idea why he was there when there were so many other places he could have been ...

Have been trying to discover why he had been transferred to the Royal Fusiliers for best part of 4 years now. However, seeing the diaries for 7 Ox & Bucks it seems that area held nothing except misery for everyone

World War Two / Re: 8Bn Royal Fusiliers (City of London) Anzio War Diaries
« on: Sunday 06 November 16 21:19 GMT (UK)  »
hi all

I now have the war diaries for the period 1 Feb 1944 to 25 Feb 1944 - any listed in them were officers - including the report of Roger Waters' fathers death on the same day as my great-uncle

Perhaps they were in Z Company together ... maybe I will never know

Its Remembrance Sunday next week and Ive put my wooden cross out for him as I have done these past few years since discovering more about him as the family dont really talk about it

Leonard Alfred George Limmer b. 1919 d. Anzio 18th Feb 1944

Oxfordshire / Oxford City fire brigade records
« on: Wednesday 09 March 16 19:36 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there

This is a long shot. My mum as an infant was rescued from a house fire winter of either 1944 or 1945 neither are WW2 related

Are any of you good people aware of brigade records, I believe it was called the NFS at the time, that I could search?

The fire was at Cardigan Street Oxford

Many thanks


Thanks all, my father in law (84 now) concurs with the Bullnose but unsure on the other 2

@Vintman no issues with sharing and when I get to the bottom of it will update this thread

As ever thanks to all the Rootschatters !!!


Thanks for all the replies ... just piecing it all together now

FH Documents and Artefacts / Re: Where to find a Ship's Log
« on: Thursday 19 March 15 11:28 GMT (UK)  »

You could try CLIP - they have some useful info on tracing ships and crews

but you may have more success if you get the ships Official Number (ON)

Happy hunting

Thanks guys - the emblem looks like a "dog-bone" radiator cap and there were loads of variations. The tip on the PP reg is a good help as my family were always keen on new cars even back then so that gives me a bracket to work with

As I thought that car had some detail Ive had 2nd thoughts and added the picture with all 3 cars hopefully one may have better definition - the middle one looks to have a tent for a roof  :D

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