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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: A little more help with inventory please
« on: Saturday 21 August 10 11:55 BST (UK)  »
line 6 ,,,, 'quarts' looks more like 'quarters',,,,,

line 12 - ,,,,,,,,,,, spades, hooks and harrows

Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Re: WHITTINGTON MARRIAGES
« on: Friday 20 August 10 07:34 BST (UK)  »
sorry hit button twice and can't find out how to delete second post!

Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Re: WHITTINGTON MARRIAGES
« on: Friday 20 August 10 07:33 BST (UK)  »
Have you found them on the 1841 Census? - it might give some idea of their ages. I had a brief look on freecen but I don't think they've done that area yet. On Genes Reunited, which you can search for free to a certain extent, there are lots of Parkers in Gloucs, especially in and around Cheltenham, but none in Whittington or Hawling. Without seeing the census entries, it's difficult to see how they are all related. Maybe somebodyelse will be able to do this for you if you don't have it already.

On pilot.familysearch (from registers) there is a Hannah Haynes born 20th March 1803 at Hawling of John Haynes and Hannah. They have a raft of children all christened at Hawling - Amy 1794, Emmet 1793, Thomas 1799, Jon 1805 (you can see all the exact dates on the site) and an Elizabeth ch 5 Feb 1797 who is probably the sister who marries Charles Parker on 28 Jul 1823 at Charlton Kings.
There is also a marriage for John Haynes and Hannah Kilby 6 Feb 1793 at Hawling who are probably their parents.
You would have to verify all this of course, but it gives some starting points.
Apologies if you already have all this information - you never know! - it's not too long since I found the site myself!
Happy hunting

Could it be 'Treknow' which is a little place about 1 mile SW of Tintagel. According to north cornwall website it is pronounced 'Treeno' so maybe the person who wrote the address just did it phonetically - especially if they didn't come from that area.
Certainly looks like Mechanic for Roger. The other one?! What year are we looking at? Have you found him on the census to give any clues?
Happy hunting!

Hertfordshire Lookup Requests / Re: Gravestone Photo
« on: Wednesday 18 August 10 12:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi diana
Have you seen the two entries on' pilot search'?
There is an entry for John Robinson's death 14 Oct 1831 at Cheshunt which is presumably what you have for your ggggrandfather - says residence Cheshunt St.
The other is for a birth of a John Robinson ch 17 July 1791 at Cheshunt of John Robinson and Diana. Could well be him, but you'd need further proof of course.
I looked very quickly for the marriage of John and Sarah, and John and Diana, but couldn't see them. Maybe you have longer to have a more detailed search.
Happy hunting!


Have you seen this previous post about Cheshunt gravestones and Memorial Inscriptions at,371808.0.html

Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: Brickwall
« on: Tuesday 17 August 10 21:42 BST (UK)  »
I would say you're probably right about Joseph being illegitimate. Only his mother Hannah is mentioned on pilot search, which is pretty unusual - it might give you some more information if you were to view the actual register.
As to what name he used, I'd guess it could be either - no birth certificates then remember, so you could pretty much use whatever name you liked! - especially if you were somewhere other than where people knew you.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Still more help please
« on: Monday 16 August 10 23:03 BST (UK)  »
just beat me to it Clayton! -
I agree with 'black velvet doublet' - and is the next bit 'leather jerkin with buttons'?
so 'cott' is probably 'coat guarded with velvet' - in the dictionary 'to have an ornamental border'

Near the end - it has to be 'debts, bequests...........'

Cheshire / Re: JACKSON - Stockport?
« on: Monday 16 August 10 22:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi Mikey
Just a thought - you could try ordering the marriage certificate from Stockport Register office at the Town Hall instead of the GRO. On you find the reference number (presumably the same ref as the GRO) and send off to the Superintendent Registrar there. They don't advise on the site how long this might take - but it could well be less than 11 weeks if that's what it takes from the GRO! I know when I was sending off certificates years ago I always used to try the local office first.
Happy hunting!

Cheshire / Re: JACKSON - Stockport?
« on: Monday 16 August 10 12:48 BST (UK)  »
Surely if you have the marriage certificate of Elsie Jackson and Benjamin James Cherry in 1923 at Heaton Norris All Saints Stockport (from, you will know their ages and the names of their fathers at least. (If you haven't got this, this is the place to start as it will give you lots of information.) Then you can find them in the 1901 Census as allibaker says and be sure it's them.
(I notice Heaton Norris is given as Lancashire  on allibaker's census - but it comes under Cheshire (Stockport is in Cheshire) in the births , marriages and deaths records - more looking involved when searching by county!)
Happy hunting

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