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Northumberland / Re: Swans of Northumberland
« on: Tuesday 04 August 20 18:36 BST (UK)  »
Some familiar names there. Can you clarify dates, 1840 doesn't seem to fit.

Haven't visited this branch of my tree for a while so I was just refreshing my memory.

I have the father of Robert(1746) Swan who married Dorothy (1752) Gilhespie or Gilhespy as Robert (1698) Swan.

I have Robert (1698) Swan's wife as Lydia(1711) Turpin otherwise we substantially agree. What evidence do you have for Mary Law as wife of Robert(1698) Swan?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Hannah or Hanah North 1752 Almondbury, Yorkshire
« on: Sunday 26 July 20 20:29 BST (UK)  »
Yes, I've looked at the original records and they don't help.

You've identified the problem though. North and Cliff may not be nationally common surnames but in south Yorks it's a bit like being called Smith!

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Hannah or Hanah North 1752 Almondbury, Yorkshire
« on: Sunday 26 July 20 20:12 BST (UK)  »
Just revisiting this area of my tree and trying to re-assess the evidence.

My 2gGrandmother, Sarah North,was born to my 3gGrandmother Hannah North in 1777 (baptism Huddersfield St Peter 15th November 1777). The only relevant record for Hannah seems to be a birth in Almondbury(baptism Almondbury 22nd April 1752). The parish register puzzles me.

I had always assumed that because Sarah was born Sarah North and the register records only her mother, Hannah North, that Sarah was illegitimate. Is that necessarily true?

In my experience illegitimate children were recorded as such with sometimes, but not always, the name of the putative father. Alternatively, could Hannah have been a widow? What was her MS?

If so, one assumes that the father was alive 40 weeks or less before the birth. Who might he have been? I've tried looking for young male North deaths at the relevant time but drawn a blank.

I am very confident(DNA records) that the marriage of Sarah(North) to Joshua Cliff is correct. I am equally confident from DNA records that the North connection is correct and extends back to 1066 and beyond but there is just a slight area of confusion about exactly what the connection is in the mid 18th century.

Is anybody else working in this area? Views?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Croslande & Hawksworth families and colonial America
« on: Sunday 24 November 19 09:48 GMT (UK)  »
 ;) Good point.

I'll wait and see what response I get here first.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Croslande & Hawksworth families and colonial America
« on: Saturday 23 November 19 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
Being descended directly from these families I would like to research their role in the establishment of colonial America.

Can anyone suggest a readable book which focuses on either or both of these families? There are plenty of history books dealing with the period but none of them appears to make much more than a passing reference to them and they are pretty solid academic texts.

The focus for both families is south Yorkshire around Almondbury

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Henry Beaumont of Crosland/Crossland(probably circa 1450)
« on: Saturday 07 September 19 08:24 BST (UK)  »
Thanks John

Are there any transcripts of that tree? I know from other research that I have a strong Beaumont descent right back to William of Normandy himself. I also know I have Armitage connections and the union between William Armitage and Katherine Beaumont is a chance to pull different branches together. One of the problems is the name variation. You have mentioned Whitley Beaumonts but there also appears to be a tendency to use the name Crossland and append de Beaumont to that.

There are several Henrys but none of them quite fits

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Henry Beaumont of Crosland/Crossland(probably circa 1450)
« on: Friday 06 September 19 23:09 BST (UK)  »
Henry Beaumont of Crosland or Crossland is the father of Katherine Beaumont who became the wife of William Armitage/Armytage.

Their son, John (died1574), became the first Armitage "of Kirklees".

I can see the Armitage line but I'm really struggling with tracing Henry Beaumont of Crosland, father of Katherine. Online genealogies attach Katherine to to various other Beaumonts but it seems that Henry is the correct candidate for being her father.

Who is Henry and what is his lineage? Can anyone offer any insight?

World War Two / Re: Location of PG70, Monturano
« on: Thursday 15 August 19 21:14 BST (UK)  »
I was just looking back and seeing that I started this thread almost exactly nine years ago. Knowledge then was minimal but now so much has come to light. Every story is different but there are common elements in them all.

The story you have posted will be familiar to all readers. Thanks for taking the trouble to do it.

It fascinates me that this thread has now been read more than 26000 times and, I hope, helped others to fill in some blanks about fathers' or grandfathers' wartime experiences.

World War Two / Re: Location of PG70, Monturano
« on: Sunday 10 February 19 09:20 GMT (UK)  »
My apologies for a slow reply.

I watched your videos and enjoyed them. It was great to get a look at the camp.

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