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Northumberland / Re: Marriage of David Logan to Ann ????
« on: Sunday 07 October 18 23:17 BST (UK)  »

Correct, I have the baptism of George as source of mother's maiden surname. I have inferred from the age of eldest child that the marriage took place around 1815 which agrees with what others think. However, I have not found the marriage record for George Wallace/Jane Logan and, as far as I can see, nobody else has either.

Locke surname is new to me. Could it be a recording/transcription error?

Northumberland / Re: Marriage of David Logan to Ann ????
« on: Saturday 06 October 18 17:42 BST (UK)  »
Iím away from home at the moment so donít have full access to records. However, I think that is correct that mmn came from the baptismal record. Still curious to know whether the military David Logan was the same as the one who became mayor of Berwick and lived at Ferney Castle  or are we dealing with two individuals.?

Northumberland / Re: Marriage of David Logan to Ann ????
« on: Thursday 04 October 18 22:18 BST (UK)  »
There must be two David Logans.

Sadly,this clearly shows that the Jane daughter of David Lieut. Logan died in infancy.

Back to the drawing board :'(

Northumberland / Re: Marriage of David Logan to Ann ????
« on: Thursday 04 October 18 15:07 BST (UK)  »
Hi Maddy

Thanks, all interesting stuff.

The more I look the more David Logan(assuming there's just one) keeps popping up. He appears in Pigots Directory for 1828 listed as "Gentry". He also appears in the Burgess Roll for Berwick in several guises. He was mayor in 1803 and his name(assuming just one) is linked to several farms in Berwickshire. He appears to have been a person of some standing with a military history and interests in farming and politics. In particular he seems to be associated with Ferney or Fairney Castle near Coldingham. He is described also as the elder son of Richard Logan, which fits with other sources.

This, from also suggests he may have been active in national politics:

"Nominating Ossulston, 8 Mar., the mayor Thomas Jordan Steel and the vicar of Berwick, Alderman Joseph Barnes, recommended him as a locally connected candidate and experienced politician. His sponsors, William Greive of Ord House and Alderman David Logan of Ferney Castle, Berwickshire, made similar claims for St. Paul. "

The quote relates to general elections circa 1820. St Paul is one of the candidates, Henry Heneage St Paul.

Given that he is a person of more substance than my usual Ag. Lab forebears, I would like to research him more.

According to my research I'm reasonably happy that a Jane Logan(1793 - 1874) married George Wallace(1795) but I would like to pin that down and ensure that it is the Jane Logan ie daughter of David Logan and Ann(Hall?). Some people have the marriage in 1815 but I can't find a marriage record. The death in infancy of a Jane Logan that Trish found is a troubling point but I can't see a reference elsewhere and clearly a Jane Logan survived to adulthood. One of the children's records on gives Mmn as Jane Logan.

Northumberland / Re: Marriage of David Logan to Ann ????
« on: Wednesday 03 October 18 22:25 BST (UK)  »
Looking again and reckon that Lieutenant David Logan became Colonel David Logan.

Northumberland / Re: Marriage of David Logan to Ann ????
« on: Wednesday 03 October 18 21:20 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, both of you, for your efforts.

The Symington/McNaught marriage looks very unsafe. Trish, I can see those children you mention and it certainly looks from that evidence that Ann Hall is the likely spouse of David Logan. The death of Jane Logan is troubling though.

Looking at some of the associated trees for the Halls on FamilySearch it seems there might be a military tradition in the family. If David, husband of Ann Hall, is a lieutenant it seems that one of his ancestors, also David Logan, may have been a colonel. In those days that rank would have been associated with significant social status and may be worth probing at.

ColC: Can you clarify the source of the records you quote or are they just illustrative of format?

Your endeavours are appreciated, even if only to eliminate inaccuracies.

Northumberland / Marriage of David Logan to Ann ????
« on: Tuesday 02 October 18 19:52 BST (UK)  »
Jane Logan (Berwick 1793) was the daughter of David Logan(Berwick 1765) and Ann (Northumberland, probably Tweedmouth from census info, 1772)

The only marriage of a David Logan to an Ann that I can find is in Symington in Ayrshire in 1791. Ann is possibly Ann McNaught but I'm unsure. The date fits with the birth of Jane but Ann would have been under 21 so could not have married in England unless she had parental consent.

Is this an example of a Scottish irregular marriage which more famously happens at Gretna? Why go to Symington when you live in Tweedmouth which is a stone's throw from Scotland and you could be there on foot in minutes?

Any thoughts or alternative records/explanations would be appreciated. Does the Northumberland record of their marriage simply not exist?

Selkirkshire / Re: John Stewart 1738, Selkirk
« on: Sunday 09 September 18 00:06 BST (UK)  »
In view of the difficulty in finding Jamesís origins I canít see that anyone who is claiming noble ancestry beyond that is doing anything other than indulging in fantasy genealogy . If I find anything out I will post it on here.

I know some of the borders towns, Kelso in particular, but I donít recall being in Selkirk. If weíre travelling south these days it tends to be down through Perth and Glasgow. Must take a detour through Selkirk some time. We lived In Edinburgh for several years but, even then,  never had reason to be in Selkirk. Might be useful to go and brush the lichen off a few gravestones and see if that turns up any rellies!

Selkirkshire / Re: John Stewart 1738, Selkirk
« on: Saturday 08 September 18 19:51 BST (UK)  »
Iím currently liaising with a few folks to try and find out more about James Stewart c1712. I imagine that if anything at all can be found out about him it will be anything but royal. The DNA is a bit of a poser though.

If anyone has any info on James it would be appreciated

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