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Oxfordshire / Re: Thomas Hanks c,1805, Merton
« on: Wednesday 08 December 21 11:55 GMT (UK)  »
There is also a Thomas HANKS baptism in Dec 1802 at Garsington

Technical Help / Re: Mobile broadband
« on: Sunday 05 December 21 09:33 GMT (UK)  »

One question I have is if landline is to end, then why at this moment are gigaclear digging up miles and miles of road to give us fibre to the house.


What is happening is happening is that BT is gradually shutting down their telephone exchanges so the traditional way of connecting end to end calls will cease, to be replaced by connection via the internet.   As this happens your normal phones will need an adapter to connect to your broadband router and you will be able to continue to use the phones as before.   

Effectively what most people consider to be "landline" is the copper connection from the telephone exchange to your house.   As the migration takes place, the copper connections to the green roadside cabinets will become redundant as the connection will be either by fibre to the house (known as ftp) or fibre to the roadside cabinet with copper connection to the house (known as ftc).   In the long term the goal is to have a full fibre network - this is currently being constructed by a myriad of different companies (too many to list but includes Gigaclear, City Fibre etc).

All the networks are connected to allow for voice calls to be connected using the internet.

There is a lot more to it than the brief explanation I've written and many hurdles yet to be overcome.   A major one being that in the event of a power cut, unless an uninterruptable power is provided at every house, you will lose all communication once we rely on connection via a router.

The Common Room / Re: Problem with find My Past
« on: Friday 19 November 21 14:20 GMT (UK)  »
Modified - Just realised that it doesn't show on the subscriptions page, I needed to go into "Manage My Subscription"

The Common Room / Re: Problem with find My Past
« on: Friday 19 November 21 13:55 GMT (UK)  »
Oddly, my subscription which runs from June to June is shown as expired on 11 November, but I can still access the site as normal.

Berkshire / Re: Frogley family in Wantage
« on: Friday 05 November 21 11:32 GMT (UK)  »
I've looked at the OFHS transcription CD for Wantage and cannot see a birth for Bartholomew.   At first glance, the only Bartholomew FROGLEY is the once you already have in 1749.


Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Re: Stadhampton parish records
« on: Thursday 05 August 21 13:23 BST (UK)  »
OGIndex says more recent ones - baptism, marriage and burial - are on Ancestry.

I've just had a quick look at Ancestry and can confirm that there are Stadhampton records available into the twentieth century.

Family History Programs, Tree Organisation, Presentation / Family Tree Maker
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 12:58 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone else seeing a change in the way FTM is working?   

When looking at an individual, If I click on the hints, I get a list of records as normal.   If I then click on one of the GRO records (as opposed to a tree hint) - I randomly find that there is no preview and therefore no way of accessing the original record.   The only solution I've found is to log into Ancestry with a browser.

It always worked fine and I've only noticed this for a couple of weeks.

Technical Help / Re: Microsoft 365
« on: Thursday 08 July 21 17:00 BST (UK)  »
I think you have something fundamentally wrong - I share MS 365 with family and each of us has our own file structure and OneDrive.   None of us can see or access each other's files.

Are you sure that they are not all using your login credentials?

Technical Help / Re: Microsoft 365
« on: Thursday 08 July 21 12:20 BST (UK)  »
From the sound of it, you have all of your files stored in OneDrive (or at least copies).   He should have logged on as himself so that he would then access his own OneDrive files (presumably he has his own Microsoft account).

I had something similar to this happen a while ago, I cured it by deleting the invitation to the individual and then re-inviting.

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