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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Mrs Harris's Cottage, Coniston?
« on: Monday 28 October 13 17:29 GMT (UK)  »
I have found a few old photos of this cottage, which were in an envelope marked "Lakes, Mrs Harris's Cottage, Fountains Abbey ... Easter 1921". I'm assuming from this that the picture is of Mrs Harris's Cottage.

From googling I see that there was a Mrs Harris's Cottage in Park Gate, Coniston, in the Lake District, where Mrs H provided hospitality to walkers in the early 20th century, but I coudn't find any pictures of it. Can anyone confirm if this might be it, please?



I wonder if anyone can help with a couple of questions about this watercolour painting, please?

First, where is the scene? It looks to me like somewhere in Scotland, probably the west coast, but it would be nice if someone could confirm that and/or narrow it down to a precise location.

Second, can anyone tell me anything about the artist? There's a signature (cropped from this image) which has unfortunately been cut short during framing, so what remains is "A H Grei..." which I think must be "A H Greig". There's part of a date as well - "188...".

I haven't been able to discover anything about an artist named A H Greig, but does anyone recognise the name, and can you tell me any more about him or her?

Thanks for any help,


FH Documents and Artefacts / Not a rolling pin...
« on: Wednesday 27 March 13 12:03 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me what this is, please? It's varnished wood, with the owner's name stamped and gilded, and as you can see from the lower picture, the end stoppers come out to give access to a hollow interior. This doesn't go right through - the compartment behind the narrow stopper (on the left) is about 8.5" (21cm) deep, and the one on the other end is about 1.5" (4cm) deep.

The man whose name is on it lived 1830-1906 in Otley, WRY; he was a textile mill owner and prominent in one of the local chapels. It has been suggested to me that this item would have been used to hold some kind of scroll, but I'm not convinced. Any other ideas?


AUNT J - Wartime Memories of a Lady Y.M.C.A. Volunteer in France 1915-1918, edited by Joan E. Duncan

This book contains extracts from the diaries and letters of Jessie Millar Wilson, M.B.E., who worked as a volunteer with the YMCA in France during the First World War. It was written and published by my aunt, and following her death I am looking to sell the remaining stock at the reduced price of 4 plus postage.

It is available on as Item No. 130865309384, with postage to the UK; it's also on with an overseas postage option.

Jessie Millar Wilson was born in Bradford in 1871 to parents who both originated in Paisley. She was involved in the suffragette movement, and her wartime efforts resulted in her appointment as M.B.E.


How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / List of notifications?
« on: Thursday 28 February 13 17:25 GMT (UK)  »
Either I'm having an extended and worringly early senior moment, or I used to be able to view a list of RootsChat boards and topics that I was getting notifications for - possibly somewhere in my profile. However, I've looked everywhere I can think of, and can't find it.

Is this something that got changed at the revamp, and if so, will it be coming back? Or am I getting confused with what I can do on other forums? And if I can't access a list of notifications, what are the current options for managing them?

Thanks for any help,


FH Documents and Artefacts / Hallmarks ID please - COMPLETED
« on: Thursday 28 February 13 17:16 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone identify the attached hallmarks for me, please?

Two "experts" have given me completely different opinions, and after taking close-up photos and comparing them with a book, I think I agree more with one than the other. However, as I'm a complete amateur at this, I'd be grateful for some extra input as well.

Many thanks,


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Date of Photo?
« on: Monday 18 February 13 16:02 GMT (UK)  »
I have a locket with an old photo in it, but I haven't yet been able to identify the lady in the photo. To get me started, based on what she is wearing, can anyone offer an approximate date for the photo, and maybe guess at her age as well, please?

I'm not prepared to open up the locket to examine the physical characteristics of the photo, though I suspect it may be on paper.

Thanks for any help,

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Mystery Wedding Venue
« on: Sunday 17 February 13 17:09 GMT (UK)  »
There's not much to go on here, but I hope someone can help me out. I found this photo among others from my late parents' house, with nothing to say whose wedding it was, where or when. The other photos in the bundle related to a family with connections to areas around Leeds and Huddersfield, so it might be round there somewhere, and I'm guessing the date might be around the 1930s. Once I know where it was, and approximately when, I might have a bit of a chance working out if I'm related to anyone here.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Mystery Church - COMPLETED
« on: Sunday 17 February 13 17:01 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me where this church is, please? The photo came from a deceased relative's house, and it was with some others of gravestones at North Otterington, NRY - but it's not like the pictures of North Otterington church on the Geograph site. If it was on the same film it might have been taken in the same area, but the overall style of architecture looks to me more like south-east England. Any thoughts gratefully received!


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