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The Common Room / Re: Free 1921 Census at your local library?
« on: Wednesday 09 November 22 10:24 GMT (UK)  »
As from November 1st 2022, its available in libraries who subscribe to findmypast library edition, as i can see on the internet, what i can't find is a list of those who have it in Derbyshire  :( :( :(

The Derbyshire CC website only mentions access to AncestryLibrary which implies they don't have FindMyPast.  It might be worth giving them a call to check, and perhaps making a request for them to subscribe if they don't already.  The more people who ask, the more likely they will provide it.  :)

The Common Room / Re: Free 1921 Census at your local library?
« on: Thursday 03 November 22 17:15 GMT (UK)  »
Certainly in Oxforshire its free. I work in one of the libraries and helped a chap access it yesterday :D

Yes, if it were pay per view in the library then it would be no different to what anybody can do from home without a subscription.

The Common Room / Re: Free 1921 Census at your local library?
« on: Thursday 03 November 22 10:51 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks jmp - really useful information, and much sooner than I was expecting.  :)

Suffolk also now says they have free access to the 1921 census, but my home county doesn't.  Not sure whether this is something extra some councils are subscribing to, or if my home county is being slow in updating their webste.

The Common Room / Re: 1921 Census
« on: Thursday 20 October 22 10:22 BST (UK)  »

Though your local library may have access to FindMyPast, its doubtful the library edition will include full access to the 1921 census.

Library users effectively get some of the same features you get with a Pro subcription - unlike Ancestry that have a dedicated Library Edition, the FindMyPast 'Library Edition' is effectively just allowing non-subscribers access as if they were a Pro subscriber, whilst they are logged in using a computer in a library (i.e. broadly equivalent to the free weekends).

So currently no library access to 1921 transcripts or images unless you ppv, or are already a Premium subscriber.

My guess is the 1921 census won't be free to use in libraries until Summer/Autum 2023.

The Common Room / Re: 1921 Census
« on: Thursday 30 June 22 16:24 BST (UK)  »
I was surprised to see the reason

I wonder whether - regardless of the reasons given in the emails - the true reason is a disappointing take up of the census at normal prices and them hoping to raise some revenue at 50% off before they have to discount further.

The frequency of the 50% offers makes me wonder whether buying additional records now makes sense, or if it would be better to wait for bigger discounts.


The library access stopped several months ago - it was only for people who were a member of a local library service that subscribed to the Ancestry Library version.

There was a  separate thread somewhere here detailing how to use it etc.

The Common Room / Re: 1921 Census 50% Discount
« on: Thursday 09 June 22 16:30 BST (UK)  »
Email from TNA just now saying there's a one day only 50% discount on the 1921 census - from 12:00 BST today until 12:00 BST tomorrow (Friday 10th June).

I haven't tried it yet... but 50% off is starting to tempt me for some special records.

The 50% off discount is automatically applied at checkout, with no code required. No subscription is needed to take advantage of the offer. 12-month Pro subscribers who already benefit from 10% off 1921 Census purchases will automatically have their discount increased to 50% for the offer period. The offer applies only to 1921 Census image and transcript purchases.

The Common Room / Re: Would you buy more certificates if they were cheaper?
« on: Tuesday 07 June 22 20:23 BST (UK)  »
You may get a pleasant surprise soon.....

I'm on tenterhooks!

I've been holding out not buying any more certificates at the current prices on the basis sooner or later things would go the same way wills did... although hopefully not including the bit where the will ordering site becomes more or less useless.  ;)

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