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Fantastic, thank you very much , so we have William Henry Ellicott and Francis Peacock.  :)

I'm not so sure.  It might just be a coincidence.

Watford and Walkern are a fair distance apart - you'd need to find evidence that they moved from one to the other.

Also, "Engineers storekeeper" is an occupation in an engineering works, not a (retail) shopkeeper.  An Engineers storekeeper runs the stores within the works - usually ordering things in and issuing them as required.  E.g. anything from protective clothing through to nuts and bolts.

As to alternatives - one thing to consider is the name of the shop may not be the same as the people running it at the time the picture was taken, or of the people living there.  It could be named after previous owners, or the current owners might live somewhere else.

I'd start by methodically trying to find the occupants for each census from 1841 through to 1921, and the 1939 register, and see what clues those throw up.  Also check the trade directories for Hertfordshire - both for traders in Walkern, and for shopkeepers withthose names.

The Common Room / Re: probatesearch website
« on: Thursday 03 March 22 11:39 GMT (UK)  »
I couldn't find a work around on edge, but the work around on firefox works wonderfully.

I don't have access to edge (I try very hard to keep it off my computer  ;) ) but a quick google suggests that the Firefox "No style" setting - which has the effect of disabling cascading style sheets (CSS) - has no direct equivalent in edge.

More googling leaves me thinking it would be easier to install Firefox than try to get it to work with edge.  Unless there are any expert edge users around who know a user-friendly way to disable CSS on a specific site/page without affecting anything else.

The Common Room / Re: probatesearch website
« on: Thursday 03 March 22 09:45 GMT (UK)  »
Incidentally, viewing the calendar isn't always possible, depending on where the person you want is located on the page. I searched for Edwards d 1928 and the first page to come up began part way through 'C' and the top of the page is obscured. I assume other searches would be similarly affected.

The search results come up in a seemingly random order, although anecdotally I've found more often than not the first few pages of the calendar are found towards the end of the results.

For your search criteria just now I found Edwards starts with Ada--> on image 11 and then with Alfred --> at the top of image 7. It would be interesting to see if other people doing the same search get the same order of images.

If the problem is with not being able to view the whole image, there's a workaround I suggested in Reply #2 on this thread -

This workaround still seems to work OK.

Pembrokeshire / Re: land registry
« on: Saturday 26 February 22 13:16 GMT (UK)  »
My ancestors have severally occupied the same house for 150 years. How can I find out its origins?
I have the historical 'bones of by family, but creating people out of them is more difficult.

The paper deeds would record the transfer of ownership of the property from one person to another (assuming such transfers actually took place and were recorded) but the Land Registry won't have any information unless the property has been registered.

Has the property been mortgaged or transferred in recent times?  If not, it may not be registered.

Also note that many 'paper deeds' for properties that have been registered have subsequently been destroyed - once any relevant (for registration purposes) information has been digitised.

It's something to note for anyone who has paper deeds held by a bank or building society* (or in some cases a solicitor*) - unless you've made a specific request for the paper deeds to be retained (and returned to you in due course) there is a risk of the paper copies being destroyed without your knowledge - if there is sentimental or historical interest in the documents this is something to look into.

(*the above shouldn't apply to cases where the service is safe document storage - it relates to where the deeds are held for mortgage purposes, or in some cases 'deeds storage')

The Common Room / Re: Free weekend access
« on: Tuesday 22 February 22 18:22 GMT (UK)  »
I didn't give it to them, and as somebody just pointed out they have no right creating an account for me in the first place without sending an email with a link to confirm that the person wants the account to be opened.

Again, they wouldn't have it if you hadn't given it to them. I can understand where you are coming from, but if you depart from the facts in your dealings with them you are likely to just make the situation worse.

Also, Chris Doran's post about emails/links is not describing something that organisations have to do. Many do that kind of verification as a way of protecting themselves against bots and fake accounts etc, but their 'right' to create an account for you will be governed by the terms and conditions you agreed to when you entered their site, clicked on one or more buttons, read the T&C's, and gave them your email address. That is almost certainly where your consent was given.

All you need to do now is to follow their process to get the account deleted.  Making potentially defamatory remarks about them won't help you achieve that.

The Common Room / Re: Free weekend access
« on: Tuesday 22 February 22 13:51 GMT (UK)  »
There is no way I trust with my financial information.

I just had a look at what that dpo means, Data Protection Officer.

Ancestry's privacy page has links regarding deleting information that don't work.  If Ancestry's Data Protection Officer doesn't reply, doesn't reply within a reasonable time, or demands my payment details just to delete this account then I need to take some big steps to protect myself from them.

One of the roles of a DPO is to ensure that systems are in place so only the 'owner' of data is allowed to make requests which involve processing it.  There have to be safeguards in place so random strangers cannot make requests such as changing passwords and deleting accounts (potentially maliciously).

You could be going round in circles with the DPO for some time.

Ancestry are a large company and have a decent reputation. So long as you are dealing with them - not a spoof site - then you already have a lot of consumer protections.  You shouldn't be unduly alarmed.  I'm sure you will get it sorted out, but you may have to accept them following their procedures.

The Common Room / Re: Free weekend access
« on: Tuesday 22 February 22 13:31 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry it is beyond nasty to ask for my card payment details, as I have never given them these, have never had an account with them, all I did was use my email address to try to send a one paragraph document to myself.

Just for info, it has become quite common for even reputable companies to ask for payment card details as a method of identifying an individual, even if no payment is to be taken from that card.

Personally I usually avoid giving card details (and most other personal information) at all costs - but sometimes it is the only way of making progress with organisations that have their own rules (and laws) they have to comply with.

I feel very badly shaken by how they have behaved.  I wouldn't have believed a big company could behave so badly. After's email yesterday demanding my card payment details before they could do anything they haven't replied to my reply that I only want to be able to delete the account I never created or change the email address that I never gave to them.

There's a risk of sorting this out being more difficult than it needs to be if confusion over what the actual problem is leads to tech people trying to solve a different problem to the one which exists.

You do have an account, and you must have given them your email address, otherwise they couldn't have used it in the way you described earlier.

If you are telling them to delete an account you don't have, linked to an email they shouldn't know, then they are going to get confused as to what you are asking for.  Furthermore, saying you didn't give them your email address may make them think someone else has been using it to falsely set up an account, raising questions over who is controling the account and paradoxically increasing their need to get verification of your ID (e.g. by taking card details) before they can do anything.

I'd suggest the best approach is to say you didn't realise that giving them your email address would result in an account being created, and can they please delete the account and all information linked to it.  If you check their privacy policy it does seem that is something they can do.

The Common Room / Re: Free weekend access
« on: Tuesday 22 February 22 10:04 GMT (UK)  »
Their last email says they want to help but they need my card details....even though I repeated over and over that I don't have an account with them.

I suspect their systems may require them to have your card details to verify your ID when they interact with you - i.e. to make sure you are the person who 'owns' the account.  Unfortunately (even though you didn't want one), you do now have an account.

It looks like you have to have a paid account to create a password to have any control over your email address that they hold for you.

I don't have a paid account with them (never have) and have a password and control over my account settings.

Does anyone know either how to delete the account or create a password to change the email address?

If you go to "Account settings" (on a menu from the button on the top right of the page) there's an option to "Change Password".

Unfortunately that might not help much, as you have to enter your current password before setting and confirming your new one.

If you didn't enter a password then it might be worth trying leaving that blank - but I'd be very surprised if the account setup process allowed a blank password to be entered.

An alternative might be to log out, and then use the "Forgot password" link to get a password change link emailed to you.  BUT THE RISK of doing this is once you log out you will lose the access you currently have if the "Forgot password" option doesn't work.

Take this as a lesson from me, never use your real email address with these companies if you don't absolutely need to....even to email yourself documents, they will snatch it...


....however many times you explain that you don't have an account with them.

But you do...

If all else fails, one route out of this might be to give them details of a credit card, which I believe is necessary to activate the free trial (this may depend on the status of your account).

Make it clear that you are not authorising them to make an immediate charge to the card.  Once you have been able to access your account, cancel the trial (in accordance with the T&C's). 

Should something go wrong and a charge is made to your card you can then raise it as a dispute with your credit card provider.  Make sure you read the T&C's carefully first to ensure you do have a right to cancel with no charge being made.

The Common Room / Re: HMCTS will site (again!)
« on: Friday 18 February 22 09:48 GMT (UK)  »
I click to open the image and order form but I cannot turn off the order form and I cant see the tops of the pages, even reduced to 50%

I just cannot scroll up.

I've tried edge, chrome and firefox, none of them scroll up to the tops of the pages.

I'm sure there was a button to hide the order page a couple of days ago.

Anyone got a solution?

The workaround I've been using to make the site partially usable is to switch to "No Style" in Firefox - from the menubar "View"->"Page Style"->"No Style"

The result looks like an olde worlde web page with basic links, but most importantly (to me) a copy of the page image in full and at a size which is readable on screen.

Having got used to where the different links are I'm also now finding it easier to navigate between years and pages using the "No Style" layout compared to the standard layout.

You may need to scroll down quite a way to see the full-size image (there's usually a thumbnail one higher up) and sometimes it takes a 'refresh' of the page to get it to work.

Switching back to "Basic Page Style" reverts to the original layout.


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