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Technical Help / Re: Life Story on Ancestry
« on: Sunday 15 November 20 09:03 GMT (UK)  »
Good news!
Ancestry have been very helpful and after I sent them some screenshots they requested, they've agreed to add Tiverton, Devon to their locations, which will solve the problem.

They can't add Devonshire because as an old name, it comes up less often than Devonshire, Bermuda so I can live with that as almost all records use Devon.

It just goes to show that if you know they can and should fix a problem, you should pursue it because once they can see you have a strong case for changing something, they'll do it.

Technical Help / Re: Life Story on Ancestry
« on: Friday 06 November 20 07:06 GMT (UK)  »
OK the problem is worse than I thought and I've decided I'm not going to live with it. I've been a member of Ancestry for 16 years and I pay them a lot of money for a service that's now not working for me. It's not just the LifeStory that's messed up. I could live without that but due to Ancestry's failure to include Tiverton, Devon in their locations, I can't search on any of my people that have Tiverton as a location for their events. For example, I just looked at one that I have entered the births, census returns & marriage for Tiverton, Devon (which is reflected accurately in the facts) and tried to search further but the search defaults to Tiverton, Cheshire.

This might seem like a minor problem affecting one small place but it isn't. Tiverton, Devon is a significant town in Devon (pop 20,000) and also an official registration district of BMD for a wider area. Tiverton, Cheshire is tiny village (pop 300) so the default to it is utterly ridiculous.

It gets worse... The old name for Devon is Devonshire so it comes up a lot in records but instead of defaulting to Devon, England (pop 200,000) Ancestry defaults to Devonshire, Bermuda (pop 7,000). I am not going to accept this. Ancestry needs to do its homework on English place names and their significance. I've filed another query with them and I'll keep you updated on their response.

Update: 12 hours later and I've just received a generic reply telling me to fill in the locations properly. I've responded that I know how to do that and I want them to pass my complaint up the chain to people with the power to deal with it.

Technical Help / Re: Life Story on Ancestry
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 18:39 GMT (UK)  »
I had a very helpful chat with an Ancestry adviser and she confirmed what people said above that Ancestry has a bank of recognised names that it defaults to. I'll just have to live with it and not use the LifeStory - to be honest I'm not that keen on it anyway but the errors in it are annoying me.

Technical Help / Re: Life Story on Ancestry
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 09:55 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the replies. For a tree I'm working on now, I did try the drop down menu for Tiverton - it gave the choice of six different options so I chose Tiverton, Devon, England. The LifeStory has changed that to Tiverton, Cheshire, England.  :'(

Technical Help / Re: Life Story on Ancestry
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 08:21 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply. Do you have world access or just UK & Ireland?

Technical Help / Life Story on Ancestry
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 07:37 GMT (UK)  »
Is there a glitch at the moment? I haven't had this happen before but the LifeStories on my people have gone bonkers and are changing all the places to other places in the world eg saying Devonshire, Bermuda instead of Devonshire or Devon England, even though in the facts it clearly says Devon, England. It's happening all over the place so all the Life Stories are now useless. I can change them manually but I can't do that to hundreds of profiles! I've used Ancestry for years and never had this happen before. Is this happening for anyone else and does anyone know how to stop it?

Norfolk / Re: Clenchwarton marriages 1813 - 1825
« on: Wednesday 21 October 20 11:28 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply. I should have said I'd tried there for those dates because although all these places say they cover the parish for marriages at that time, in reality they don't (or rather they do but you can't search them properly).

I think I've solved it though - on Family Search, I found the digitised records for that period, which have been attributed to the non-existent parish of Clemenwastand  ;D I admit the handwriting is bad but you'd think the transcriber would check the names of Norfolk parishes. This error appears to have been copied across several family history sites, which is frustrating but I've found the marriage I was looking for so all's well etc.

Edited to add that now I have all the details of the marriage, I can find it on Ancestry in the Norfolk, England, Transcripts of Church of England Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers, 1600-1935, which I couldn't find before in there.

Norfolk / Clenchwarton marriages 1813 - 1825
« on: Wednesday 21 October 20 04:19 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know where I can find these online or find someone to look them up for me? I've scoured Ancestry, Find My Past and Family Search but these years appear to be missing.

A slight variation  :-\

Couple marry - 5 August 1850.  Wife sues for divorce - Petition filed - 27 November 1871

Decree Nisi - 31 January 1873
Final Decree - 5 August 1873

She remarries 16 October 1873 - Divorced woman
He remarries 20 July 1873 - Widower

So he told porkies to his new wife then? Where did you find the divorce records? I can't imagine my couple having a divorce because he was only a labourer (sometimes a shoemaker).

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