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This is Harriet born 1869. It's in England and would be helpful to know when the photo was taken.

The clothes look more 1950s to me - could it be as late as that?

Devon / Re: HELP!! Higher Cemetery in EXETER
« on: Tuesday 06 October 15 10:03 BST (UK)  »
Yes I know where mine are but they aren't that old. The system looks incredibly complex and confusing.

Devon / Re: HELP!! Higher Cemetery in EXETER
« on: Monday 05 October 15 08:00 BST (UK)  »
I have ancestors there too.

I found this, which might explain things a little.

Section: mostly refers to class of grave – older sections had expensive (class D) graves by the path, then class C, class B and finally small, mostly unpurchased graves in the centre. We generally ignore this for location purposes although it can be a confirmation that we have the right grave.

Division is the plot reference and Number the grave number within that plot.

Unfortunately there are very many different systems that have been used over the years and some references may be unclear.

Interment number: each cemetery has its own unique burial register numbering system, the only exceptions are miscarried babies prior to 24 weeks gestation and scattered cremated remains which have their own numbering system, again unique to each site.
from here:

I thought this programme was fascinating, although harrowing at times.

Although the uncle knew about his half-brother & how he died, he didn't know the name of Sant Singh's first wife or that they had a daughter. Even if Anita had visited her uncle first, she would still have needed to go further with the research to find those things out and also to put the story into context.

I thought the ending was particularly poignant as she got the chance to add the names of Sant Singh's second family to the ancestors record book.

Devon / Re: WINSLEY James born Pinhoe 1807?
« on: Friday 21 November 14 21:35 GMT (UK)  »
On his marriage entry (FindMyPast) one of his witnesses is Charles Winsley who could be his brother - his baptism is in Heavitree 1809 - parents George & Rebecca (there's a marriage for them there too). Charles Winsley on 1851 census puts his birthplace as Whipton, which was a village within the parish of Heavitree but very close to the parish of Pinhoe.

FindMyPast appears to have a gap in the baptism records for Pinhoe around 1807 date so the Devon Record Office would be your next step I think.

Devon / Re: The JACKSON Family from Topsham
« on: Sunday 19 October 14 20:44 BST (UK)  »
Hello Clare

I've been fiddling about in some records and have compiled a document of events (attached to this post). I'm also compiling one re: Newfoundland records

I'm finding it very interesting following these Jacksons as I know the area so well and also have a large section of my own family history in Exeter and East Devon.

I'll be making frequent visits to the Devon Record Office after next week to continue researching my family's story (family history is mainly a winter sport for me!) and will be happy to follow up any Jackson leads that can't be found online. They were an active family in the area's trade & business so there will be plenty to be found about them!

Meanwhile, here's a list of Jacksons in the area who were on the freeholders list:

The books were compiled for the purposes of identifying inhabitants of the county who were eligible to serve on juries. With certain exceptions, the qualification from 1692 until 1730 was to own freehold or copyhold land with an annual value of £10 or more. After 1730, tenants of land worth £20 per year held on long leases were also eligible. Eligibility was restricted to men between the ages of 21 and 70.2 Therefore, the lists contain the names of the more substantial property owning inhabitants of Devon parishes during the century.

1751 Topsham
William Jackson, merchant

1762 Topsham
William Jackson

1771 Topsham
William Jackson
Gregory Jackson
George Jackson

1783 Topsham
James Jackson

1799 Topsham
James Jackson

best wishes

Devon / Re: The JACKSON Family from Topsham
« on: Thursday 16 October 14 16:08 BST (UK)  »
I think the Newfoundland link could be helpful. There's an 1849 will for William Bickford Jackson indicating he had lands/properties there

If you haven't already seen it, here's a short summary of the Newfoundland/Westcountry trade:

It's possible all of those Jackson brothers & sisters were born in Newfoundland but it doesn't look like their records go back that far.

There's a couple of pages about the Jacksons of Topsham in here:
Morris, G.T. Windyer. Jackson family of Topsham. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 13:7, (1925) pp.325-326.
I'm not sure where's there a copy you could get hold of - maybe email the Devon Heritage Centre.

Here are some relevant extracts from the Newfoundland Encyclopedia:

Even in the Eighteenth Century many merchants first learned the fishing trade before returning home to engage in the wider family business. Arthur Holdsworth III began life as captain of the Nicholas, and the Newman family al¬ most always included a captain or two in their ranks as did Strange, Buck, Darracott and Browning of Bideford; Lewen, White, Weston, Olive, Nickleson and Pike of Poole; and Brooks, Hayman, FoUette and Jackson of Topsham. By the late Eighteenth Century many of these men were extremely wealthy. page 139

With the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht between England and France in 1713, the foundation was laid for English control over Newfoundland and its fisher¬ ies. Shortly thereafter, Trepassey became a major cen¬ tre of the English migratory bye-boat and bank fisheries associated with south Devon ports. By the 1730s FoUetts and Jacksons, representing merchant firms from Topsham (the port of Exeter), were estab¬ lished at Trepassey. Joined by Pennells in the 1750s- 60s, Trepassey thrived until the demise of the bank fishery in the 1790s. By the end of the Napoleonic Wars the remaining connections between Trepassey and the West Country, and Topsham in particular, were severed. page 414

The next known owner of lands in Biscay Bay was an English merchant, Wil¬ liam B. Jackson, who was based at Trepassey in the 1700s, and from 1800 to 1810 Jackson's 22 ha (54 acres) were over¬ seen by a Dennis Ryan (Francis Corrigan: n.d.). According to an 1845 land survey map, an Easeman family and a Richard White, who oversaw the Jackson family interests, were the sole inhabitants of Biscay Bay. After Jackson's death Thomas Ryan and Richard Hartery bought "all that piece or parcel of land lying, being and situated at Biscay Bay" from Jackson's daughter in 1858 (Francis Corrigan: n.d.). page 194

I find it all very interesting as I know Topsham very well and often go there for lunch! :)

Devon / Re: The JACKSON Family from Topsham
« on: Wednesday 15 October 14 22:39 BST (UK)  »
Most of the following is on Family Search (with bits from FindMyPast & Anc):

Had you linked your James to the James who married Grace Bartlett in Colaton Raleigh in 1760? They had a son William Bickford Jackson, baptised in Topsham in 1762.

I think she might have died and then James might have remarried Sarah Miller (who could be the one baptised in Lympstone, near Topsham in 1752 - father George)

It's very probable that your James was the brother of the George Jackson who had lots of children in Topsham (wife Elizabeth) as they both had a child with the middle name Burgoyne, which is the maiden name of their brother Gregory's wife Dorothy.

They both had sons called Gregory too, which links with a Gregory Jackson's will of 1782 (on Ancestry) in which he leaves money to (among others) his brothers James & George and their sons William Bickford Jackson & William Collins Jackson. The will is pages long but he names several family members eg another brother William & sisters Margaret Brand & Mary Edwards. Gregory Jackson is described lived in Clyst St Mary, which is next to Topsham.

There's also a link between a James Jackson, merchant & a Gregory Jackson on A2A - just search "Gregory Jackson" in the Devon Record Office repository.

So it seems to me (if you've not already found all of this) that you're looking for parents called Jackson who had (at least) the following children in some order:

Gregory who married Dorothy Yarde (widow nee Burgoyne) 8 Sept 1760 in Exeter, St Paul and was buried at Exeter, St Mary Major 10 June 1782
George who married Elizabeth Collins in Exeter in 1755 & had lots of children in Topsham
James (yours)
Margaret who married Henry Brand (mariner) in Topsham in 1770
Mary who married Charles Edwards (of Exeter, St Mary Arches) in Topsham 1774

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