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Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Re: Stoppard family missing 1901 census
« on: Sunday 26 February 06 16:12 GMT (UK)  »
Here you go -
RG13/2923 folio 162 pg 36
William SHOPPARD - head - b.1849 Ashlehay, Derbyshire -Railway cashier
Ann - wife - b.1848 Birmingham
Mary Elizabeth - daug - b.1875  Heath, Offaly, Ireland - Tea merchants packer
Albert Edward - son - b.1880 St.Thomas, Birmingham - Hardware factors clerk
Edith - daug - b.1882 Edgbaston, Birmingham - Milliners assistant
Annie May - daug - b.1887 Edgbaston, Birmingham.
Living in Yardley, Worcestershire.

And -
RG13/3153 folio 159 pg 5
William Hy Stoppard - head - b.1878 Birmingham
Ann Stoppard - wife - b.1878 Shardlow, Derbyshire
Living in Beeston, Derbyshire


Durham / Re: help with a marriage please
« on: Sunday 26 February 06 14:37 GMT (UK)  »
I know this doesn't answer the query of what Elizabeths maiden name was, but on the IGI i saw these -
Henry Allery b.22 nov 1823 c.7 Dec 1823 Gateshead
Elizabeth Allery b.10 Oct 1825 c.11 Sept 1826 Gateshead
Rebecca Allery b.20 Jul 1828 c.24 Aug 1828 Gateshead
Ann Allery b.26 Feb 1833 c.29 Sep 1833 Gateshead
All had parent listed as Henry Allery and Elizabeth.


The Common Room / Re: merchant navy training ships
« on: Sunday 26 February 06 14:08 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for that link. It had most of the ships that i was looking for on it!
I've saved it to my favourites for future ref.


The Common Room / Re: which colchester ward/parish???
« on: Sunday 26 February 06 14:04 GMT (UK)  »
Have you tried the genuki site?
Don't know if that would help?

It sometimes tells you at the top of the actual census page the district, parish and ward that the address falls into.

Also there is a site called
You can find out historical info about any area of britain from that. Don't know if it would mention parishes though.

Sorry if that's not much help!


The Common Room / most popular names - is there a list?
« on: Sunday 26 February 06 12:26 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know if there is a 'top ten' type of list of the most popular childrens names for the late 1800's?
I'm just wondering how common some of my ancestors names would of been. Alot of them seemed to stick to the family names of John, William, Henry, Mary and Elizabeth etc, but there are a few who decided to be different and use Lewis, Cuthbert, Minnie and Emma.
I know there are lists for babies born in the 2000's, but do lists exist for the other centuries?


The Common Room / Re: RootsChat Cousins
« on: Sunday 26 February 06 11:43 GMT (UK)  »
I haven't found anyone researching the same lines as me.  :( And my surnames aren't even that uncommon!
Its not as if i'm being greedy either - i'd be happy with a very distant rellie!
I'm quite envious of those of you who have made contact with distant relatives, but maybe I haven't been doing it for long enough and need to be a little more patient!!


The Common Room / Re: merchant navy training ships
« on: Sunday 26 February 06 10:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Reg
Thank you for doing that for me. I have read the replies and am going to go and Google the names of the ships to see what i can find.
Thank you again for all your help, its much appreciated  ;D.


Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 look up HAWTHORN
« on: Friday 24 February 06 18:31 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Anne for your help.
I suspect the older girls got married between censuses.
I think i'm going to look Emily up on the death reg seeing as she wasn't with David.
Thanks again,


Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / 1891 look up HAWTHORN
« on: Friday 24 February 06 18:04 GMT (UK)  »
Would someone be able to find this family for me in 1891?

This is what i have in 1881 -
Living at 263 Wapping Road, Bradford, Yorkshire
Alfred Hawthorn 49, Head, Gardener
Lavinia Hawthorn 42, Wife
John Alfred 22, Son
Mary 19, daug
Martha 18, daug
David ?, son (should be 16)
Thomas 12, son
Eliza 10, daug
Richard 6, son
Lavinia 4, daug
Emily 1, daug

All the children were born in Bradford, and i suspect they would still be in Bradford in 1891.

Alfred died in 1882 and Lavinia died in 1883, so i'm keen to know what happened to the younger children, and wether they stayed with their older siblings.

Thank you for any help,

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