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United States of America / Re: Alex Grdovic Immigration
« on: Monday 04 August 14 14:08 BST (UK)  »
Hello Shelley, thanks for the links.  I think I might spend an hour in the local library having a search as there are so many options!

Unfortunately we have nothing prior to his stated dob in 1890 in the town of Samobor.

United States of America / Alex Grdovic Immigration
« on: Monday 04 August 14 13:38 BST (UK)  »
I'm helping a friend look into his Croatian ancestry. 

His Gfather was Alex Grdovic (Americanization of name is Grudovich).  From census & WWI draft registration on Family Search we have his date and place of birth as 30 July 1890 in Samobor, Croatia. Due to the extent of the Austrian Empire at that time, his country of origin often comes up as either Austria or Austria/Hungary.  We have his WWI Draft Registration and the US Census info, along with his children and their spouses moving forward.  What I'd like to find is his immigration record, which was in 1910 according to the census.  The free records at Family Search don't contain him, neither does Ellis Island or Castle Garden records.  There are quite a number of people with this surname entering the US, most after 1900, but not an Alex, or a variant of Alex.  I also saw on Family Search that they have a digitized copy of the Croatian Church record 1516-1994, Samobor is only listed as a town in the Roman Catholic records and I can't find him in their either, I started at his birth date and worked forward a year, the surnames are very legible.  It's possible that he may be in the records somewhere, perhaps for another religion type but obviously it's all in Croatian!

What I'd really like to start with is his immigration record, to see if that sheds any further light on the matter.  I can always go to the library to look at the records on Ancestry, do they have a better collection of immigration records than other sites?  Or does anyone have any other ideas about researching this name, especially in Europe?

Durham / Re: New Grange, Durham
« on: Friday 18 April 14 22:48 BST (UK)  »
There is no New Grange in the Durham County Record Office publication "Durham Places in the Mid-Nineteenth Century", so it won't appear on a map.


Thanks for looking Stan.  I'd pretty much come to the conclusion before my post that it probably really meant one of the other Grange's in the area.

Durham / Re: New Grange, Durham
« on: Friday 18 April 14 22:46 BST (UK)  »
2 miles ESE from Kelloe is The Grange.
3 miles NW is Cassop Grange.
3 miles ENE is Wingate Grange Farm.
4 miles NW is Low Grange.
4 miles WNW is South Grange and High Grange.
4 miles NW is Whitwell Grange.
5 miles N is Elemore Grange.

Plenty to choose from! ;D

Lol, thanks for that!!

Durham / New Grange, Durham
« on: Friday 18 April 14 19:37 BST (UK)  »
So I have an Elizabeth Laws born at New Grange in 1854.  Carole W and AlpineCottage have already helped me to identify the location from census data.  Only trouble is, I can't find it.  I've googled it, searched genuki, searched old maps and the durham mining museum.  In the end I've plotted the locations her brothers were born in and the only village in the kelloe/Cassop/Castle Eden area with Grange in it's name is Trimdon Grange:

1850 Kelloe
1851 Kelloe
1854 New Grange?
1856 Cassop
1860 Benton, NBL
1863 Durham
1867 Castle Eden

Has anyone come across a New Grange before? 

Durham Lookup Requests / Re: Elizabeth Laws bn 1854 But Where?
« on: Friday 18 April 14 00:46 BST (UK)  »
New Grange!  OK, thanks very much, I'll have a bash at finding that.

There are a lot of Laws families in the Durham area at the time, a confusing amount!  I've seen the one with a mother named Dorothy, she's definitely not mine though.

Thanks all.

Durham Lookup Requests / Elizabeth Laws bn 1854 But Where?
« on: Thursday 17 April 14 23:26 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for Elizabeth Laws, bn in 1854, daughter of Isaac Laws and Elizabeth Lowton.  The 1871 census lists her birth place as Grange, Durham, but I can't find it.  It also lists her brother's birthplaces as Helloe instead of Kelloe, so her own birth could be a mis-transcription.  The IGI lists her christening as 13 Dec 1854 but the location is just Durham.

In 1871 the family are in Esh, Lanchester, Durham. Brothers are Robert, Isaac, John, William, Thomas and Richard Laws.  Thomas and Richard would not have been born in 1861.

Can anyone see her on the 1861 census please?

Cambridgeshire / Re: Bottisham Lode
« on: Friday 12 July 13 12:55 BST (UK)  »
There seemed to be quite a few mass baptisms for some families, like the vicar came round every so often and rounded them all up!  I don't think it's that uncommon for rural families to not visit church very often.


Cambridgeshire / Re: Bottisham Lode
« on: Friday 12 July 13 01:17 BST (UK)  »
Hi there-
Emily Sophia Watts was chr in Bottisham Lode on Jan 25 1869 dau of John and Hannah opt shepherd, said to be 19 years old.

The other children were chr on 10 Feb 1869 en masse.  Susan, Eliza, John, Anne Phoebe, William and Avis. Hannah Louisa was chr on Aug 7 1870 and Flower Elizabeth on Mar 22 1874.  William married Elizabeth Flack, he's listed as William Shipp Watts, on his marriage and on the chr of his own children.

Let me know if you want any possible marriage info on any of Emily's siblings. 


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