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London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Henry Thomas Clarke born 3 September 1817
« on: Sunday 15 February 15 18:10 GMT (UK)  »
The above was born in Birmingham, for some considerable time through lack of evidence I had assumed he had died. However I have just located his Seaman’s Ticket number 26007. The date and place of birth is an exact match. The record states the he was a Steward and between 1845 & 1848 his voyages were around British waters. It also records when unemployed he lived in London, which was always the port he sailed from.

Unfortunately that is all I can find, no census records, marriage or death. I wonder if anyone can help?



Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Samuel Clarke burial 1815.
« on: Saturday 10 January 15 11:56 GMT (UK)  »
Samuel Clarke and his wife Mary were Victuallers in Birmingham, first at the Crown (St) John St. 1807/08, then Turks Head, Bath St. 1810 – 1814; Mary was named as Victualler in 1815.

Samuel died on 10 January 1815, according to his will, which I have just obtained, however I cannot find a death or burial record, the latter might give his age, this would help me to confirm that I have the right Samuel Clarke.

Can anyone help, I have checked all the available records which are on-line.



Buteshire / Aird, Isle of Arran.
« on: Sunday 28 December 14 16:08 GMT (UK)  »
I have a baptism record from 1778, Kilbride, Bute (Arran).
Can anyone help me locate the abode which was noted as Aird.


Staffordshire / Burials St Mary Handsworth
« on: Monday 27 October 14 18:37 GMT (UK)  »
Thomas Clarke married Ann Reynolds there in 1812, they had 3 sons baptised St Philip's 1812 - 1817. Thomas was noted as a Button Burnisher of Barr St. Birmingham. Then nothing.

The eldest son Samuel married in Willienhall in 1836. He briefly moved to Wolverhampton then back to Birmingham. When he married for the second time in 1856 his father was noted as a metal dealer, my guess is that he had died some years earlier but as yet no clear date.

The middle son Joseph, my GGGF married in Edgbaston in 1833, age 18. I have all his history.

I have not been able to find anything on their youngest son Henry Thomas Clarke or his mother Ann Clarke after his baptism in September 1817.

I think they might have been buried in Handsworth but unfortunately the records are not on line

I wonder if anyone could help with burials at St Mary, Handsworth.



Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Civil Marriage pre 1837
« on: Wednesday 09 April 14 17:46 BST (UK)  »
I have two ancestors whose marriage records have eluded me for a number of years.

William Oreton probably married Mary around 1817, all children baptised Hampton in Arden from 1818 but the name is not easy to research. William born Solihull 1789. Mary born Warwickshire on 1841 census, she died in 1850.

James Norton married around 1821, children baptised St Philips, Birmingham. James born 1799, Tettenhall, Staffs. He had two sisters who married St Martins in 1823. Elizabeth born Birmingham about 1791 according to census.

I have checked marriage records now available on Ancestry and tried every combination of searches
without success.

The thought crossed my mind that they might have had a civil marriage. If so do any records exist?


Rutland Lookup Requests / Humphrey Chambers
« on: Friday 21 March 14 10:37 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching Humphrey Chambers born & baptised Langham in 1780, he was a Blacksmith and on the 1851 census he is also an Innkeeper, I have all the subsequent information on him and his descendants but I would like to find information on his ancestors.

According to a record on Ancestry his parents were Humphrey Chambers and Ann.

Can anyone help find their marriage or baptism for this Humphrey?


Europe / James Lawrence born about 1852 Soderhamn, Sweden
« on: Sunday 23 February 14 14:29 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone has access to Swedish birth records, the above is causing me a problem.

James Lawrence, according to census records was born between 1851 & 1861 but I think that is more likely 1851 - 1853 Soderhamn, Sweden – Some say he died 1923 in Sweden however Elizabeth his wife stated she was a widow in 1911 but no death record?

The first real evidence was when he married Elizabeth Robinson 15 Jan 1884 - Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. The certificate states he was a mariner & his father as  Frederick Lawrence - commercial traveller.
There is a reference to James Lawrence born 1851 Soderhamn on the 1881 crew lists on find my past, but I am no longer a member.

James appears twice on both the 1891 & 1901, once with the family and once on board ship, all in Middlesborough. In 1901 his eldest son Fred is a crew member age 15, in 1911 he was a soldier.
In 1891 the ship mentioned was "Dione" and 1901 "Glenbervie

Can anyone help?



Durham / Luke Bolam died 1808?
« on: Friday 20 December 13 10:54 GMT (UK)  »
I came across the following newspaper report:

Bournmoor Colliery, Fencehouses, 6 miles [9 km] NNE of Durham
Edinburgh Weekly Journal. 6 April 1808
On Saturday week, at Bournmoor Colliery, as Luke Bolam, a sinker, was in the act of descending into the workings, by negligence of the driver the gin was suffered to run ? and the poor man precipitated to the bottom at such violence as to give him little hope of recovery. One of the horses was killed.

Unfortunately I cannot find a death or burial record, maybe he did survive after all?

Can anyone help?


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Luke Bolam or maybe Boland
« on: Thursday 19 December 13 17:47 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if any one can help with a baptism record for Luke?

What I know is Luke BOLAND & Margaret Jopling married by banns 6 October 1787 Chester le Street, Durham. They had 10 children all of whom were baptised as BOLAM.
Abode 1788 – 1791 Lumley, 1788 Luke a Farmer. 1791-1793, a Sinker. (On first four baptisms)
Abode in 1816/1819 Great Lumley (On Luke & Margaret, Bolam (juniors) burial records)

Nothing then until 1841 census, age 87 (1754). He was an Ag. Lab. Abode Woodman’s Place, Great Lumley, Chester Le Street, Durham. However he was not born in County Durham.

Luke Bolam– (Death 25 Mar 1842, aged 86; husbandman; old age: Elizabeth Boland, daughter, in attendance of Great Lumley. Burial 28 Mar 1842, age 86, (1756) Chester Le Street, Durham)

Another  Luke Bolam was buried St John's Chapel, Weardale, County Durham, 24 May 1785, Abode Fieldhead.

So the question is where was he born?
My best guess is that the answer will be in Northumberland.

A number of Ancestry members have a Luke Bolam in their family trees, he was baptised 2 Nov 1758 Lanchester, County Durham, parents Andrew Bolam & Mary. However the 1841 census notes that he was not born in the Durham.

I found Luke Bolam baptised HARTBURN, NORTHUMBERLAND 7 Jun 1761 (Only child)
Parents Charles Bolam & Jane Scott - married 29 Nov 1759 HARTBURN, NORTHUMBERLAND.

Charles must have died some time after Luke was born as Jane Bolam married Peter Robinson
31 Aug 1767 at Hartburn. They then moved to Stanhope, Durham and had children there. I assume Luke went with them. My feeling is this is the one who died 1785 in Weardale?

None of the above parents names are included in Luke & Margarets family, their boys being George,
John & William, and the baptism dates are some way off the burial record/census years, although I realise that these are not always accurate.

There are a number of records without the Christian name, one in particular which may be a possibility, I wondered if anyone had access to the records for GROAT MARKET MEETING - NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NORTHUMBERLAND, a Male Bollum born 26 June 1755 baptised 26 June 1755. Father: George Bollum.

Or any other suggestions.
Sorry this is so long.


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