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Breconshire Lookup Requests / Thomas Pugh circa 1685
« on: Thursday 21 October 10 00:35 BST (UK)  »
I now have good records of my Ancestors in Llanfihangel Nant Bran, thanks to this Forum and Garfydd in particular!

I have Thomas Pugh 1714 - 1775 married to Elizabeth Thomas in Llanfihangel Nant Bran in 1740.
They had William, December 1742;  Evan, 9 April 1743 ; Ann, December 20 1751; Gwen, August 27 1754; Elizabeth, January 16 1746; and Samuel, May 28 1758. They probably had a Mary too, But I only have a Bishop's Transcript of her marriage to John Morgans at Llfnb on February 14 1777.

Garfydd found a marriage beween Thomas Pugh and Eleanor in 1712, and another between Thomas Pugh and Elizabeth at Aberyscir.

This makes it likely that my most distant Ancestor was Thomas Pugh, Christened about 1685, probably in Brecknockshire.   

Does anyone out there have any further information on him or his family!

I very much appreciate your help!  :) :) :)


Breconshire Lookup Requests / Thomas Pugh born about 1725
« on: Tuesday 12 October 10 21:30 BST (UK)  »
My records go back to Thomas Pugh and his children William 1742, Evan 1743, Elizabeth 1745, Ann 1751, Gwen 1754, Samuel 1758. These are all christenings recorded in the Bishops Transcripts of Llanfihangel Nant Bran Parish, Brecknockshire (now Powys), Wales. I am descended from Evan Pugh.

I have come across a "Brick Wall" as far as Thomas Pugh is concerned, I have searched the archives at Aberystwyth very carefully, and I would like to hear from anyone who has further information or tips on how to go further.

Many thanks for you time and attention..

llanfi  :)

Breconshire Lookup Requests / Joan Jones married Evan Pugh 1779 **Completed**
« on: Wednesday 22 September 10 20:26 BST (UK)  »

Does anyone have any record of Joan Jones and Evan Pugh married 1779 in Llanfihangel Nant Brane, Brecknockshire, Wales?

I have a record of Joan Jones christened in Llandeilo'r Fan 1758, Parents Benjamin(e) Jones and Mary Powell
but I don't know if this is the same Joan Jones.

Thanks for your attention..

Llanfi :)

The National Library of Wales did a Bishop's transcript search for me on Samuel Pugh christened Llanfihangel Nant Bran in 1794. The entry shows that his father was Evan Pugh, but that is all the detail there is. I have found an Evan Pugh baptised 1751 in Llandeilo'r Fan, (Kyle Williams web site) but I don't know how to cross-check. These are different parishes and I don't know if a family would be likely to show up in both. There must have been a few Evan Pugh's in that area of Brecknockshire! There are no Samuel Pugh's in Llandeilo'r Fan...

Please help me if you can, I am reluctant to proceed without more information.

Thanks again

Breconshire Lookup Requests / Samuel Pugh *COMPLETED*
« on: Sunday 22 August 10 20:12 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any further information on the ancestors of Samuel Pugh, born about 1794 in Llanfihangel Nant Bran. The llandeilo'r Fan records have an Evan Pugh and David Pugh, and they may be related, but I don't have any more information. I can trace Samuel's line to the present day.

David Pugh

Breconshire Lookup Requests / William Powell
« on: Sunday 22 August 10 20:06 BST (UK)  »
I need help with an entry in the 1841 census for William Powell, wife Mary Powell, along with Samuel Powell and Gabriel Powell (probably brothers of William Powell) in the Parish of Garthbrengy. I would like to know where Mary was born, and what happened to them after 1841 as I can't find them anywhere in any of the later censuses in Brecknockshire. I think they lived in Pant-Y-Corred, but the Census writing is blurred and I may be wrong

Thanks for your help!

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