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Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Joseph Colonel Stodare - magician
« on: Saturday 20 March 21 10:04 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if you could help me. I am researching Essex Photographers and have a John Rayne/Raine (b, 1864 in Scarborough, Yorkshire) married to a Josephine Caroline Stodare (b. 1865 in Liverpool). Her father is shown as Joseph Stodare – (occupation: Actor) and mother as Elizabeth (b. 1844 in London).

The only references I can find to the Stodare name is a Joseph Colonel Stodare (b. 28 June 1831 in Liverpool – d, 22 Oct 1866). I understand he was a Victorian magician, who worked a theatre called the Egyptian Hall in London, and invented the ‘Stodare Egg’. Although most references record that he was born in Liverpool, there is reference that this name was only a stage name and he was born Jack Inglis in Scotland?
His death index is recorded under the name Joseph C Stodare and his will as Colonel Stodare.

Does anybody have any information on Joseph Colonel Stodare and if this was his birth name.
Thanking you for your assistance,

I would be most grateful if anyone has access to the newspaper websites.
If so could they possibly reproduce the following article from the
The Bioscope newspaper, dated 26th June 1913 as follows-
“... At Walthamstow. The Arcadia, Wood Street, Walthamstow, popularly known as the Blue Hall, because of its interior decoration, is being demolished. ..."

I only have this snippet and need the rest of the article.
Anything else on the Arcadia Picture Palace • 199-210 Wood Street, Walthamstow (opened 1912) appreciated.
Thanking you for your help,
Regards - Bob

I am trying to find any details about Thomas Harold De Gruchy (b. 19 Oct 1873 in Stoke Newington, London).
I understand he was a bicycle maker in Leyton, east London and named his business the (New) Fillebrook Cycle Company which had premises at High Road, Leytonstone (abt.1901) and 224 Wood Street, Walthamstow (abt.1905).

What type of cycles did he make?

Later he was a Motor Car Agent and Repairer (1911) and died in Croydon in 1960.

Any assistance appreciated.

Family History Beginners Board / Where to find cost of things in 1861?
« on: Monday 10 February 20 16:44 GMT (UK)  »
Does anybody know where I can find the cost of things like, bread, milk, meat, etc in 1861 in London.
Is there a timeline or similar for different years?
Any help or links appreciated.
Thanks - Bob

I’m trying to find details regarding James Margetts who was born 23 November 1855 in Hackney. He was an Oil & Color Man, resident at 404 Kingsland Road, Hackney in 1899.

I have found reference that he was supposedly “a Hackney grocer and his shop was close to the London fruit markets and he started to offer his customers preserves. Business rapidly developed and in 1869 he moved to Hurtle Farm in Dalston? This site was still in use in 1969 and the brand name of Hurtle Farmhouse was retained when Lyons bought the company.”

Can’t find Hurtle Farm and think date is wrong as he would have only been 15 years old.

In 1901 James Margetts is shown a Jam Manufacturer, resident at 404 Kingsland Road, Hackney and in 1911 the Manager of Fruit Preserving Company, resident at 174 Upper Clapton Road. Hackney.

Not sure where his factory was in Dalston?

Any assistance appreciated.

Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Crown Row, Mile End Road, London
« on: Tuesday 16 July 19 12:23 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if any of you clever people can help me find 37 Crown Row, Mile End Road - in the parish of St. Dunstan, Stepney.
I have Richard Mullins as an Optical Instrument Maker, resident here in 1861. I think the premises may have been next door to the Coach & Horses PH, which was at 36 Crown Row (380 Mile End Road, Mile End). The pub lasted until 1944 but then demolished.

Any assistance appreciated

Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Charles Cusworth - Photographer
« on: Friday 05 July 19 15:39 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone could help me?

I'm trying to find any details about  Charles Cusworth (26 APR 1852 • Boroughbridge, Yorkshire - 3 MAR 1937 • Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California).
I have brief info that he was a Photographic Artist at All Saints Studios, 5 Queen Street, Derby. I believe around the 1900s? But can find no details.
He is resident at St Thomas Road, Normanton, Derbyshire in 1901, where he is recorded as a Photographer. He appears to have left around 1903 for America.
Prior to this in 1891, he is a Photographic Apparatus Maker, living at Eagle House, Leyton, Essex.

Can anybody help me?
I'm trying to find where Wellington Place, Back Road was in Tower Hamlets, London.
I have a William Gurner Jones, a Watchmaker, Jeweller and Photographer at this address in  1851 - 1861.
Any help or location map welcomed.

I am trying to find the licensees of Eastern Temperance Hall, which is referenced as being at 246 Whitechapel Road, Stepney? I can find no details of a building of this name at that address (Waterloo House was at 245–249 Whitechapel Road).

Charles William Henry Taylor - Licensee 1858 – 1861
Photographer living at 54 Sturgeon Road, Newington, Southwark in 1881.

William Winningale - Licensee 1861 - 1870
Recorded as a photographer at 246 Whitechapel Road, in 1869 (between Vine Court and Fieldgate Street)

I think Whitechapel Road was renumbered at some point, so this doesn’t help.
 Any assistance appreciated - Thanks Bob

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