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I wonder if any of you history detectives can help me.
I have a newspaper report from the 'News of The World' – 9 March 1856 about the Murder of  William Hales who was a Gamekeeper to Sir John Tyssen Tyrell (1795-1877, 2nd Bt, MP for Essex North).

The brothers - James Thurgood, William Thurgood and Thomas Thurgood, with James Guiver, were charged at the Chelmsford Assizes with the wilful murder of William Hales at Duke’s Wood,

I am trying to establish that this William Hales is the same as William F Hales (b. abt 1813 in Broomfield, Essex) who
married Eliza ??? (b. abt 1814 in Boreham, Essex).
According to his sons’, George H Hales (Snr) (b. abt 1842 in Boreham, Essex) marriage in 1869 to Elizabeth Revel, His father is shown as a Gamekeeper.

I am not related to family, but am trying to work out the family of Photographer - George Henry Hales (b. abt 1871 in Leyton, Essex) whose father was George H Hales (Snr).

Any leads or information welcomed.
Regards - Bobfilm

I have a Thomas Limbird Sisman supposedly born in Leyton, Essex. According to christening record, he was christened on 23 Oct 1836 in Leyton, Essex, where his parents are shown as James Sisman and Mary (nee Crowhurst).
I think his father (born: abt 1806 in Buckworth, Huntingdonshire) was a Head Messenger London Assurance Company, resident in Regent Street, St James, Westminster (1851).

There seems to be a mistake in that Thomas is also shown as being born in Hellingly, Sussex, but I think this is where his wife was born - Susanah Fears (born: 1845 in Willington, Sussex). Who he married in 1873 in Islington.

I can't find anything about his early life, although he seems to be in the Paddington and Eailing area after 1880s. There is also mention that he was a Manager of Southwell Bros (Photographic studios) in London.

Any assistance appreciated
Bobfilm  :)

I wonder if any ancestry detectives can help me.
I looking for the family of Thomas Green and have very little to go on.
He appears as an Ivory Turner and Photographer at (No. 36) High Street, Stratford, Essex in the Post Office Directory from abt 1862 until 1878.

The only match I can find is a Thomas Green (aged 21) born abt 1870? in Birmingham Warwickshire. Ivory & Bone Turner, Employed.
The son of widow - Emma Green (born: abt 1844 in Birmingham, Warwickshire). He and 2 brothers and 1 sister are at 49 Great Charles Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire (1891).

Any assistance appreciated
 :) Bobfilm

Trying to find family of Martin Arnette (b: 1877 in Notts, Nottingham) who married (about 1899) Eleanor Maud Stepto (b: 1877 in Kensington, London), daughter of Francis Richard Stepto (1858  in Newington, London – 1907 in Camberwell, London) and Jane Shepherd (1855 in London – ).
Martin was a Master Photographer at Barking Road, Canning Town (c. 1911).
Cannot find anything about his family or career.
Any assistance appreciated.
Bobfilm  :)

Essex / Looking for JANE THWAITES in Essex
« on: Tuesday 08 April 14 12:08 BST (UK)  »
I have a Jane Thwaites resident at Rushmere, St. Vincent Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex in 1913.

I am researching Essex Photographers and Harry Augustine Worts   (b:1861 in Harwich, Essex), a  Retired Chemist is resident at the same address in 1911. He is married to Edith Williams (*Thwaites)   (b:1866 in Stone, Kent).
*There is mention that Edith added the 'Thwaites' surname and her father may have married twice?

I presume Jane and Edith are related in some way, but can fiind nothing about the Thwaites Family, or why she is resident at the same address.

Would appreciate any info or leads to them.
 :) Bobfilm

I am researching Essex Photographers and recently came across a newspaper cutting (Chelmsford Chronicle for Friday 7 June 1912) which has a story about a Carl Gustav Vander Heyde (approx 40 years old – born abt 1872 in Germany).
It says he is a photographer, lodging at 55 London Street, Worthing and he is charged (at Stratford, Essex) with abducting a young girl (Elizabeth Mary Spencer born about 1896 in Bromley, Bow, London) who was employed at a photographer’s in Ilford, Essex where Carl was engaged. It states that they left Ilford on 9 May 1912 and were next heard of in Brighton.

If I have the right person, ‘C Von Der Heyde’ is shown as a Photographic Operator, boarder at Clifton Place, Brighton in 1911. Prior to this he it seems he was a Photographer in Derby (1901).

To add to the mystery there are a Carl Lovell Vonder Heyde (b: abt 1872 in Brighton, Sussex) and his brother John Lovell Vonder Heyde (b: abt 1876 in Brighton, Sussex) who were both Commercial Travellers in Stationary. I not sure if they are connected in anyway to my Mr. Vander Heyde.

I can find nothing about his early life or what happened to him after he was sent to trial at Essex Assize.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Regards - Bobfilm

I am researching Essex Photographers and have a Thomas William Elisha Gilbert Stringer (b. 1865 in Steyning, Sussex - d. 3 Feb 1950 in St Martins Hill, Lewes, Canterbury) known as Gilbert Stringer, he was a Photographer in Colchester, Essex (from circa 1890).

I am looking for assistance in finding his family.
I believe his father was James Stringer (b. 30 Mar 1837 in Westminster, St James, Middlesex – Death at Sea ?) married on 16 Feb 1858 to
Mahala Gilbert (b. 1838 in Arundel, Sussex – d. Apr 1870 in Sussex).
As well as Thomas, they seemed to have had 4 other children:

Laura Charlotte Agnes Caroline Stringer (b.19 Feb 1859 in Newhaven, Sussex – d. 28 Nov 1934 in Christchurch, Canterbury, N Z)
Henry James Sidney Gilbert Stringer (b. 4 Aug 1861 in Newhaven, Sussex – d. 1909 in Hampshire)
Sidney George Thomas Elias Gilbert Stringer (b. 28 Oct 1862 in Seaford, Sussex – d. 2 Feb 1934 in Karori, Wellington, New Zealand)
Edwin James Gilbert Stringer (b. 7 Jun 1869 in Newhaven, Sussex – d. 24 Jan 1942 ?)

I can find nothing about the parents or the children’s early years and most of them seem to have ended up in New Zealand (cannot find any emigration details).

I also have a problem with Mahala Gilbert. I think her parents were Thomas Gilbert (b. abt 1811 in Sussex) and Charlotte Humphrey (b. abt 1811 in Arundel, Sussex) and her sister was Charlotte Gilbert    (b. abt 1834 in Arundel, Sussex).
Charlotte Humphrey is shown as a widow in Brighton in 1881 with a visitor Caroline H. Paget.
Later I have a ‘Caroline Henriette Paget Gilbert Stringer’, but don’t know who this person married in the Gilbert Stringer family.
Any assistance most welcome

I woud be grateful if anybody can look up Photographers in Rosemary Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex.
I have a :
Frederick William Rubbra - between 1886 – 1888
Martin Nikolaus Fries - from 1895 until 1901
Frank Finch - circa 1911 - 1922 as The Studio (late M.Fries) possibly no's 53 or 60

As they were all photographers, I wonder if there had always been a Photography studio in Rosemary Street and if this still exists?

Any assistance welcome

I would be grateful for any assistance with the following.
I am trying to find details of James Gill (b. 1771 in Dunsfold, Surrey) married to Elizabeth Ede (b. 1776 in Dunsfold,
Surrey – possibly died 1843 in Hampshire, Sussex).
The 1841 census has him as a Blacksmith at Lodsworth Street, Easebourne, Lodsworth.

I have found a reference from Notes for a History of Lodsworth by Wilfrid Lamb M.A.
“The Hollist Arms was remarkable in having four generations of the same family as licensees.
James Gill held the licence in 1820. He died in 1829, when his wife, Elisabeth carried on until 1842, and then Richard Gill, son of James and Elisabeth, took over. Later on, James, son of Richard Gill, became landlord. Later still, Frederick, his son followed as licensee. The last two landlords were also blacksmiths and farriers, having their forge next to the Inn”.

There seems to be a mistake regarding his death ‘in 1829’ ? The other information seems correct.
His son Richard Gill (b. abt 1814 in Lodsworth, Sussex – d. 1885 in Hampshire, Sussex) is shown as a Blacksmith (1841 – 1861) and as an Inn Keeper (The Hollist Arms Inn – 1871). He married Ruth Dobison and they did have a son named James (Blacksmith and Inn Keeper). I can’t find ‘Frederick, his son’ at present.

Any information on the Gill Family in Easebourne, Lodsworth and The Hollist Arms appreciated.


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