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Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Thomas John Barnes and son
« on: Tuesday 11 September 12 13:39 BST (UK)  »
Am trying to find families of Thomas John Barnes (born 1809 in Whitechapel, London – died 11 Feb 1901 in Leytonstone). Married to Mary Sarah Towler (born 1802 in St Giles Cripplegate, London – ?). Her parents shown on baptism (31 Jan 1802) as James and Mary.
Cannot find TJB in census until 1891. As he was a photographer, have found reference to him having studios at 3 Hope Place, Mile End Road, Stepney (1858 – 1861); 52 Crown Row, Mile End Road, Stepney (1861 – 1863) and 422 Mile End Road, Stepney (1863 – 1887). He was a freemason and a member of the Photographic Society (later The Royal Photographic Society).
Credited as having taken photographs of the effects of the fire in Canterbury Cathedral in 1872 (as Messrs. Barnes and Son, of Mile End Road) and working for Dr Barnardo's Homes were he took before and after photographs of homeless and destitute children from 1874 until 1887.
In 1891 he is a Retired Photographer at 51 St George's Road, Leyton (and his grandchildren - William W, Dora G and Sidney E are with him). He died on 11 Feb 1901 at 20 Barclay Road, Leytonstone, leaving money to a William Richard Clarke and a William Rogers.

His only son also named Thomas John Barnes (born abt 1840 in Bethnal Green, London – died 1899) was also a photographer and was in partnership with his father (as Barnes & Son) until 20 Nov 1885 (London Gazette 1885). Found him in 1871 at Merchant Street, Bromley St Leonard as a Portrait Artist and in 1881    at Grove Road, Bethnal Green as a Photographer.

He seems to have been involved in the seduction case of an Ann Taylor in 1866. Court case in February 1868 when Taylor won damages of £250. (*Tower Hamlets Independent – 29 Feb 1868 and East London Observer – 29 Feb 1868 pg 3). I don’t know when he married Emily (born 1848 in Middlesboro, Yorkshire) He is said to have accidentally shot and killed her while cleaning a revolver and was acquitted of blame at inquest. (*Echo 17 Oct 1887*).

*If anybody has access to newspaper cuttings of these, I would appreciate it.

As far as I know he had the following children with Emily?
Mary E   1867 in Hackney, Middlesex
Herbert   1869 in Bromley, Middlesex
Tom Frances   1870 in Bromley, Middlesex
John   1870 in Bromley, Middlesex
Cecil Archer   1872 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex
Amy   1875 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex
William W   1876 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex
Dora Gertrude   1877 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex
Sidney E    abt 1887 in Stepney

If anybody can assist with information on the Barnes / Towler families, AND Thomas John Barnes Senior and Junior residence and as photographers, I would be grateful. I am not related, but am researching early photographers in East London.

Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Glanville Laurens
« on: Sunday 02 September 12 12:08 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if any of your experts can throw any light on Glanville Laurens
He was born in Southampton c.1862 and only seems to appear in 1901 when he is living at
56 St Andrews, Uxbridge, Hillingdon with his wife Lydia (born1855 in Channel Island of Jersey) and two children - Elsie Laurens (born abt 1893 in Woodford, Essex) and Glanville Laurens (born abt 1894 in Earls Court, London).
As far as I know he was a photographer in Woodford, London SW, Uxbridge and Harrow areas.
I have reference to him being a Landscape and Portrait Photographer at Station Road, Harrow and
Possibly having a studio at 189 Earl's Court Road, Kensington (1893 – 1898).
The surname ‘Laurens’ seems to be a popular name in Jersey and I wonder if his family originally came from the Channel Islands.

Any assistance welcome

Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Sims Brothers - Photographers
« on: Friday 10 August 12 10:36 BST (UK)  »
Father Samuel Sims (B 1827 in Devonport, Devon – D 1891 in Greenwich) married on 25 Dec 1856 to Ann Eliza Lang (abt 1838 in St Saviours, Surrey - ?)
He was a Printer/Compositor, later a Temperance Missionary Lecturer.
He is supposed to have had a Studio at Glenton House, 26 King Street, Greenwich 1869 - 1874. Succeeded by Richard Lang Sims. Aka Royal Park Photographic Studio.
Also a Studio at Wellington Lodge, Brockley Road, Woolwich (c 1870)
I have the family living in Greenwich   from 1871, where Samuel is shown as a Book Seller;
1881   Temperance Lecturer (Also Stationer & Parish Clerk?)
1891   Temperance Lecturer

He had 11 children
(Sarah) Annie Lang Sims   1859 in Greenwich, Kent
Richard Lang Sims   1860 in Greenwich, Kent – 1939
William Arthur Sims   1866 in Greenwich, Kent –
John Henry Lang Sims   1866 in Greenwich, London –
Eliza Ada Sims   1868 in Greenwich, Kent –
Thomas Bond Sims   1870 in Greenwich, Kent – 1940
Mary Ann Christabel Sims   1872 in Greenwich, Kent –
Tweedie Campbell Sims   7 Nov 1876 in Blackheath, London
Glenton Rae Sims   1876 in Greenwich, London - 23 Aug 1956 in Sussex
Eveline Verina Sims   1878 in Greenwich, London – 1950 in Eastbourne, Sussex
Ernest William Palmer Sims   1885 in Greenwich, London –

I am trying to find info on

Richard Lang Sims (B 1860 in Greenwich, Kent – D 1939 in Dartford, Kent)
M. Fanny Eliza Clifford (B abt 1866 in Deptford, Kent - ?)
A photographer in Lambeth. Member of The Royal Photographic Society from 1902. President of Professional Photographers' Association c.1909
William Arthur Sims (B abt 1863 in Greenwich, Kent)
M. Mary McFarlane (B 1866 in Greenwich, Kent - ?)
A photographer in Lewisham (c.1891) and Walthamstow (c.1901)
*It would seem that Sims changed the family name to Balliet to avoid creditors
Thomas Bond Sims (B 1870 in Greenwich, Kent –  D 1940)
M. Florence Esther (B 1871 in Chichester, Sussex - ?)
He had a studio in Greenwich 1888 - 1889 and was a photographer in Portsmouth (c.1901 -1911). He is credited with a photo of King Edward VII in the NPG.
Tweedie Campbell Sims (B 7 Nov 1876 in Blackheath, London)
M. Winifred Newton (B Aug 1879 in England - ?)
A photographer in London and from c.1901 in Canada.
Sister Eliza Ada Sims (B 1867 in Greenwich, Kent) married George William Rousham (B 1874 in Newington, Surrey - D 1946 in Brentford, Middlesex) who was a photographer in Folkestone, Kent (c.1901)

I also think that John Henry Lang Sims (B 1866 in Greenwich, London – ?) married Dorothy Blanche Baldwin Wake (B abt 1875 in Aldershot, Hampshire - ?). He was a Army Major in the Royal Sussex Regiment and seems to have owned the Grand Palace Theatre of Varieties, Colchester around 1905 before becoming bankrupt.

Any leads, photos or info gratefully welcomed.

Family History Beginners Board / Details wanted for Emily Jane Puddick
« on: Monday 30 April 12 16:25 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find family for Emily Jane Puddick, born abt 1863 in Hoxton, Middlesex – died 1940 in Romford, Essex.

She was baptised on 31 January 1864 - Hoxton St John, Hackney
Father's name: Thomas Puddick – Eating House Keeper
Mother's name: Sarah nee Dawson
Resident at Pitfield Street

She was an Artist and later a Photographers Assistant. Married in 1890 to Henry Berghoff (b. 1867 in Germany – d. 1910 in West Ham, Essex). He was the Manager – Collotype Print and later an Art Reproducer.

I believe her father was in 1851 at Smithfield Bars, Saint Sepulchre, London as Cook to William Farr a Cook Shop Keeper - Then
1861 at 15 Pitfield Street, St Leonard Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets   as Shopman - Ham and Beer Dealer.
1871 - Pitfield Street, St Leonard Shoreditch - Provisions Dealer
1881 - 2 Woodhouse Road, Edwards Cottages, Wanstead, Essex   - Cook & Carver (Nd)
1891 - 38 Janson Road, West Ham, Stratford   - Provision Dealer

He died in 1894 and his wife continued to live in Leytonstone/Walthamstow.
His father may have been Henry Puddick   (Blacksmith) married to Mary. (No Details)
Other than Henry is shown in 1841 at Smithfield, West, St Sepulchre, London (born 1791) as an Eating House Keeper.

Any assistance or leads welcome ???

Family History Beginners Board / Marriages for Alfred Hugh Harman?
« on: Wednesday 01 February 12 11:15 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the marriages for Alfred Hugh Harman (abt 1841 in Kennington, Surrey, London – 23 May 1913 in Surrey, Sussex) who founded Ilford Film.
I think he may have married about 1860 to Amelia Ann (or Margaret) Taylor (possibly born abt 1839 in St Martin's, St Pancras).
They are shown in 1861 at 3 Albert Cottages, Hill Street, Peckham, Camberwell, Surrey where he is in partnership with photographer - Henry Dages.
In 1871, he is a Artist Photographer at Ewell Road, Kingston on Thames, Surrey.
In 1881, he is shown as Gelatine Plate Manufacturer at   Cranbrook Lane 4 South Park, Barking, Essex   

Alfred and Amelia had 7 children. I think he may have left her as in 1881 she is shown with children at Geneva Road, Lambeth, London and in 1901 at Gilmore Road, Lewisham as Widow / Living On Own Means with daughter Amelia.

Alfred Hugh Harman may have married Nina Octavie Helvetie Du Gué (abt 1841 in Dublin, Ireland - 1902), daughter of Benjamin Louis du Gué, of Lausanne. She is shown as his wife in 1901 at The Lodge Lower Grayswood House, Grayswood, Witley. I can find no record of a marriage?
Last entry for him, shows him as a Widower / Retired Manufacturer of Photographic Goods living at Lower Grayshurst Haslemere Surrey.

He left a share of his will (valued at £333,000 in 1913) to his adopted daughter Margaret Hilda Knobel (Harman). I think she was the daughter of Edward Ball Knobel (who was Director of the Ilford Photographic Company) and Margaret nee Whitehead (abt 1851 in St James, Middlesex). I don't know why he adopted her or left her his money?

Any leads or information welcome.


Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find parents of Alfred Woodroff
« on: Saturday 31 December 11 15:24 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the parents of Alfred Woodroff (born abt 1847 in Devizes, Wiltshire).
He seems to be the grandson of Abraham Woodroffe (born abt 1801 in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire). Occupation: Tailor and Sexton.
Married to Mary Ann (born 1803 in Devizes, Wiltshire).
Resident at St John Church Yard, St John The Baptist, Devizes
Abraham and Mary Ann’s eldest daughter Eliza marries Thomas Stowe (born 1827 in Chirton, Wiltshire) and in 1861, Alfred Woodroff is shown staying with them at House in Church Yard, St Johns Court, St Johns, Devizes. Occupation: Errand Boy.

In 1870 Alfred Woodroff marries Harriett (Ann) Payne in Hampshire, Basingstoke. A year later he is resident at No 6 Cambridge Terrace, Basingstoke. Occupation: Assistant in China and Glass Warehouse.
After that I think I found him as follows:-
1881– 9 Quilter Street, Bethnal Green. Occupation: Salesman (China)
1891 - 9 Quilter Street, Bethnal Green. Occupation: Earthenware Dealer
1901 – 18 Millais Road, Low Leyton. Occupation: Cutlery Traveller
1911 – 16 Chandos Road, Stratford. Widower

Any assistance in finding parents or info on Woodroff/Woodroffe family welcome

Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Albert Luther Riley parents
« on: Wednesday 14 December 11 22:04 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the parents of Albert Luther Riley (b.Apr-May-Jun 1864 in Halifax, Yorkshire).

He is shown as nephew to Jeremiah Alexander (b.1824 in Basingstoke, Hampshire) in 1871 and 1881 in Halifax, Yorkshire.
Jeremiah Alexander married on 14 Mar 1850 to Mary Appleyard (b.1834 in Halifax, Yorkshire) and was a Photographic Artist (Painter) and I presume Albert worked with him. Their daughter Sarah A Alexander is shown as a Miniature Painter. - I can find no info about the artistic Alexander family.

Albert Luther Riley married a Gertrude (b.1865 in Hanley, Staffordshire), although I cannot find marriage. They had two children - Bertram Alexander (b. 1887 in Halifax, Yorkshire) and Caspar Eugene (b. 1888 in Manchester, Lancashire) and are resident in Leyton, London in 1901.

A Jessie Sargeant is shown as Sister In Law/Married (b.1851    in Alton, Staffordshire) with the Riley's when they are resident at  Sixth Avenue, Manor Park, London in 1911.

Any help or leads welcome

Family History Beginners Board / George Henry Polyblank
« on: Friday 28 October 11 16:49 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to information on the ‘George Henry Polyblank’s’.

The father I believe was born abt 1828 in Plymouth, Devon and on 2 April 1853, married Maria Johnson (born abt 1833 in Islington, London – died 1887).
In 1854 he began a partnership with Henry Maull (born in Clerkenwell in 1829), with their studios at 55 Gracechurch Street, City of London. They also had studios at 187a Piccadilly, Westminster, situated above Hatchards the booksellers (May 1857 - March 1865).
His only son, George Henry Polyblank Jnr was born 1856 in Walthamstow, Essex.
Around 1859/1860 I have an address for Warwick Street, Eccleston Square, Pimlico, Westminster. From 1860/1866 he had a business at Salter's Buildings, Walthamstow, although the 1861 census shows his wife (as a ‘Photographist’?) and son at 95 Rigis Road, Brighton.
At this time the father took out a patent (B Patent 2924 November 21 1861) for varnishing photographs by coating in paraffin - no specification was included, and it became void.
From 1864 to March 1865 he is with Maull at Tavistock House, 252 Fulham Road, Chelsea, known as the Equestrian. The partnership with Henry Maull was dissolved in 1865, possibly due his divorce from Maria.
By November 1867 he is declared bankrupt and the photographic studio at 72 Piccadilly is taken over in 1868 by Alexander Bassano, Photographic Artist. His application for discharge of bankruptcy is refused and he may have emigrated to America (though no trace discovered).
His ex-wife is shown as a widow in 1871.Working as a Milliner and resident in Finsbury, Islington with her son. She is still in Islington ten years later and died in 1887.

George Henry Polyblank Jnr initially works as a clerk for an insurance company (resident in Islington), and later becomes a lithographic printer in Southwark. He marries Margaret Tyler (b. abt 1858 in St Andrew, Middlesex) in 1882. I don’t know if she dies or they divorce, but by 1901 he is with Ann Maria Whitham (b. abt 1864 in Hackney, London). She is a widow and has a daughter Florence. George Henry Polyblank Jnr. marries Ann Maria in 1907 and they may have had a son George W Polyblank (b. abt 1899 in Walworth, London). GHP dies in 1915 in Camberwell, Greater London.

Any details or leads welcome

Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Charles Stephen Dixon - Physician
« on: Sunday 04 September 11 22:13 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find Charles Stephen Dixon parents.

Charles Stephen Dixon was born 1835 in Liverpool, Lancashire and marries on 28 June 1857
(St Matthew, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex) Ann Keith (minor).
His occupation is Lithographic Printer and he is resident at 4 Jon Square, Hackney Road.
His father is shown as Charles Stephen Dixon - Physician

The 1861 census shows a Chas Dixon (Lithograph Printer) married to Ann, resident at 4 Jon Square, Hackney Road.

This is the only Charles Stephen Dixon (born abt 1797 in Middlesex, London) I can find and he is a Labourer.
I can find no reference to a physician

Any assistance welcome

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