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Family History Beginners Board / Percy (Robert P) Henderson • 1861 - 1924
« on: Thursday 24 February 11 15:01 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the parents of Percy (Robert P) Henderson born Apr-May-Jun 1861. District: Brighton. County: Sussex, East Sussex.
I have him as a pupil at Hamilton Lodge, High Street, Hurstpierpoint in 1871 and as a Photographers Assistant
at North End, Croydon in 1881.

He married Caroline May Elliott (born abt 1865 in Westminster, Middlesex) on
30 October 1889 at St Matthew, Brixton, Lambeth, Surrey.
His father is shown as John Robert Henderson - Occupation: Secretary

The 1891 Census shows him at St Lukes Road, Clapham. Occupation: Photographer.
and 1901 Census at Ramsay Road, Cann Hall, Leytonstone. Occupation: Photographer.

By 1911 he has remarried to Ada Elizabeth (nee Simons?) born 1880 in Hackney, Middlesex
and is resident at Union Road, Leytonstone. Occupation: Photographer Operator.

Percy Henderson died in Twickenham in 1924.

Any assistance welcome.   

Family History Beginners Board / Trying to find Alfred Joseph Denniss
« on: Saturday 22 January 11 12:53 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find info on Alfred Joseph Denniss who I believe was born 13 March 1884 in Coventry, Warwickshire, UK.

His father was Alfred George Denniss, born abt 1856 Coventry, Warwickshire (Watch Maker / Watch Finisher).

Alfred Joseph lived in Chingford, East London and worked with the Houghton-Butcher Camera Company in Walthamstow. He died in Waltham Forest in 1971.

I cannot find his mother or if AJ ever married?

Any assistance or leads most welcome

Family History Beginners Board / George Hutchinson - Artist
« on: Friday 07 January 11 16:06 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching a Victor Jullee Hutchinson • 1888 - ? a photographer born in Camden Town.

His father is shown as George Hutchinson born 1853 in Canada . Occupation: Portrait Painter (Artist)
Married to Eleanor born 1854 in Clapham, Surrey.
I wondered if this George is the same person as George Hutchinson, the Canadian Illustrator of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island in ‘Chums’ magazine from 29 August 1894 to 2 January 1895, It seems to fit, but I cannot find a connection anywhere.

In 1881 the family are living at 11 Pancras Road, St Pancras with 3 children
Benjamin J born 1876 in Canada
Mary E born 1879 in Canada
Christiana E born 1881 in St Pancras, Middlesex
In 1891 at 4 The Gables, Hampstead
Benjamin J Occupation: Art Student
Mary E - Scholar and Christiana E - Scholar
George W (5) born 1886 in London and Victor Jullee (3) born 1888 in London
In 1901 at 11 Effra Road, Wimbledon (George Hutchinson - Not shown)
Still married to Eleanor B with children
Mary E as Maria (22) born  in Nova Scotia, Canada. Occupation: Music Teacher
Christiana E as Chrissie (21) born 1880 in Kings Cross, Middlesex. Helping At Home
George W (15) born 1886 in Camden Square, London. Occupation: Apprentice
Victor Jullee (13) born 1888 in Camden Square, London - At School
In 1911    at 104a High Street, Walthamstow (George Hutchinson - Not shown)
Still married to Eleanor B with children
Marie (26) born in Nona Lestra. Occupation: Milliner
   Victor Hutchinson (23) born in Camden Town. Occupation: Photographer

George W also seems to have become a photographer as he is married and living in Hampden Park, Sussex with his wife Evelyn Majorie.

If anybody has any leads to George or the family, I would be grateful

Family History Beginners Board / Searching William M Emmett
« on: Sunday 19 December 10 11:47 GMT (UK)  »
I am having trouble trying to find William M Emmett born 1869 in Leytonstone, Essex connections.

I have him in
1891 at Kingdon Road, Hampstead. Occupation: Artist.
His mother  Laura Emmett is shown as a Widow, born 1841 in Pimlico, London
with his sisters
Laura E - born 1866 in Hampstead, London. Occupation: Author and Editoress
Sophie E - born 1867 in Camberwell, London. Occupation: Author and Editoress
Annie - born 1873 in St John's Wood, London 
Kathleen - born 1874 in St John's Wood, London

1901 at Davenport Road, Lewisham. Occupation: Journalistic Photographer
His mother  Laura Emmett is shown as a Widow, born 1841 in Pimlico, London
with his sisters
Laura E as Laura S - born 1873 in Poplar, London. Occupation: Author Fiction (birthdate/location changed?)
Sophie E - born 1875 in Dulwich, London. Occupation: Author Fiction (birthdate/location changed?)
Annie -  born 1879 in Hampstead, London. Occupation: Artist In Black And White (birthdate/location changed?)
Kathleen – not shown

In the 1891 census Percy Emmett is shown as Nephew (born 1871 in Dulwich) Occupation: Traveller. His parents were George Emmett (born 1835 in Camberwell, Surrey)
Occupation: Author. Married to Emily (born abt 1841 in Paddington, Middlesex). George’s parents were George Thomas Emmet (b.1810 in Exeter, Devon – d. abt.1859). Married to Sophia Ferne (b. abt 1811 in Blackheath, Kent – d. Mar 1883 in Camberwell, Surrey).
Their other children were
Sophia Emmet b.1837
*William Emmet b.1839 in Walworth, Surrey
Thomas Henry Emmett b.1841 (He married Marion (b. abt 1839 in Camberwell, Surrey)
Robert Henry Emmet b.1845 (He married Hellen Letchford (b. abt 1852 in Harrow, Middlesex)
Henry C Emmet b.1847 (He married Elizabeth Jane Douzy Bacon 1848 – 1925)

I think that this *William may have married Laura (William M Emmett’s mother) but can find no connection. The family all seem to have been involved as authors/publishers or journalists.  I have mention of the ‘Emmett brothers’ - George and William Laurence being involved with writing and publishing early comics, but am not sure if they are related to this family?
I have found a William Leason Emmett (shopkeeper) marrying a Laura Elizabeth Crisp in 1857, but again cannot connect them.

Any assistance or leads welcome

Family History Beginners Board / Elizabeth Caswall-Smith • 1870 - 1958
« on: Friday 03 December 10 12:14 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find any references to Elizabeth or Lizzie Caswall-Smith.
She was born in Dalston, Hackney in 1870 and died in Ealing, Middlesex in 1958.
As  far as I know she had 3 brothers (one of which was called John) and 4 sisters.
In 1901 she was a photographer living in Leyton (cannot find her in census).
In 1927/28 she is living in Maida Vale, London.
She was a well known society photographer, operating the Gainsborough Studio at 309 Oxford Street from 1907 until 1920 when she moved to 90 Great Russell Street where she stayed until her retirement in 1930 aged 60.
Lizzie is famous for taking the last photo of Florence Nightingale (taken in 1910).

I am having trouble searching a double-barrel name as search engines won't accept it?

Any assistance finding her or her family welcome

Family History Beginners Board / George Henry Hales
« on: Thursday 25 November 10 09:44 GMT (UK)  »
I am having trouble trying to find George Henry Hales in 1881
I have him either side -

1871 at Knotts Green, Leyton
George H. Hales born abt 1842 in Boreham, Essex. Occupation: Coachman. Married to Elizabeth Revel born abt 1835 in Leytonstone, Essex. With their Nephew William Hales born abt 1868 in Leytonstone, Essex

1891 at 1 High Road, Delaprie Terrace, Low Leyton.
George H. Hales Occupation: Coachman. Married to Elizabeth (50) son George Henry Hales Occupation: Auxiliary Postman
I cannot find his son's marriage
George Henry Hales born 1846 in Hockley, Essex.  Marries 'Elizabeth'.
I have him in 1901 at 1 High Road, Delaprie Terrace, Low Leyton. Occupation: Photographer.
Married with a daughter - Dorothy Edna Elizabeth born 1900 in Leyton, Essex, and his mother.
and ten years later at 4 Rhodesia Road, Stockwell with daughter, mother and cousin William George Hales – Single born 1868 in Leytonstone, Essex.
I cannot find a record of his death.


Family History Beginners Board / Alfred William Musto • a number of problems?
« on: Saturday 20 November 10 23:09 GMT (UK)  »
I have three problems

Can't find Alfred William Musto in 1891?

He was born abt 1880 at Mile End Old Town, Middlesex. (although another reference gives 1874)
His parents were Alfred George Musto born abt 1853 St Luke, Middlesex. (d.1940)
Occupation: Carpenter (1881) Beer House Keeper (1901)
married to Ann nee Beer born 1854 in Stepney, London. (can't find their marriage in 1874?)

1871 at 10 East Street, Mile End Old Town, Tower Hamlets
1881 at 6 Emmott Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex
1891 ?
1901 at 74 White Horse Lane, Mile End Old Town

Can't find Alfred William Musto marriage ?
He married Alice ? born 1883 in London Aldgate.
Occupation: Barman (1901), Commercial Photographer (1911)

I think it might have been around 1897 as in 1911 it says 'Married for 4 years'.


His grandfather was Robert William Musto (b. 1811 in Spitalfields, Middlesex – d. 1875)
and grandmother Elizabeth nee Daly ((b. 1816 in West Ham, Essex – d. 1894 in Mile End Old Town, Middx.)
In 1851 I have a Sarah Shoobest born abt 1785  in Chingford, Essex shown as Mother-on-Law/Widow.
I presume she was Elizabeth's mother but again can find no record of her.

Any assistance appreciated

Family History Beginners Board / Jean Gustave Rousseau • 1822 in France - 1889
« on: Wednesday 17 November 10 13:15 GMT (UK)  »
I have Jean Gustave Rousseau born in Chateauneuf, France arriving on 23 Feb 1843.
But cant find his parents

I next find him in 1861 as 'Jean Gustave' born 1823 in France. Occupation: Artist Married to Catherine Harriet Roscislaw Gustave (23) born 1838 in Camberwell, Surrey, with son John Emile Gustave.
He had a studio in Hanover Street, Rye Lane, Peckham, between 1860 - 1861.

He next appears in 1871 as born 1819 in France.  Occupation: Artist Photographer. Still married with 3 children.
Resident at Clarendon Road, 3 Hoe Street, St Mary, Walthamstow. He had a studio at this address from 1869 – 1873.
He is also shown at that addrress as Professor of Languages (1881)
I cannot find a record of his death in 1889 in Walthamstow.

I have his wife as widow in 1891 with her children and in 1901 as Kate Rosseau shown as Mother/Widow (aged 64) born 1837 in Camberwell - both dates in Lewisham.
I cannot find her death or children (except son Emile Rosseau as ‘Rousseau’ in 1911) sfter 1901.

Any assistance welcome

Family History Beginners Board / Barwythe Hall
« on: Friday 12 November 10 01:03 GMT (UK)  »
I have a Daniel William Windmill who was a Photographer. shown in 1911 as an
Electrician – Country Estate Worker resident at 'Engineers House, Near Barwythe Studham, Dunstable'.

I think this may have been Barwythe Hall, Pedley Hill, Studham, Dunstable. but have no information.

Dies anybpdy know about this?
Any assistance welcome.

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