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Cork / Re: leonard
« on: Yesterday at 20:56 »

Welcome to RootsChat  :)

They were all born in South west Cork and the family farm going back to around 1800 was in Killaderry about three miles south of Skibbereen in the parish of Castlehaven.

Here's Killaderry townland

My Mum was Bridget Bohane 1918-1998
Her father was Peter Bohane 1864-1944
Her mother was Ellen Bohane ( nee Hegarty) 1877-1955

Might this be your mother's birth?
26 February


Down / Re: McLernon of Ballymacateer, Magheralin
« on: Yesterday at 17:03 »
Hi Dol98

Am still here😊
Yes still interested in the Ballymacateer McLernons so any information you have would be much appreciated, thank you.

Dol98 has been online here several times today, the last being at 16:29 and will hopefully reply.

Tipperary / Re: John Norris
« on: Yesterday at 14:43 »

there is also a Mary Norris{Niece - Aged 24 and Born 1877} living with Kate Languish{Head Of The Family - Aged 40 and Born 1861}, Kathleen Mary Norris{Niece - no Age and NO Year Of Birth for her on the census} all living in Longford No. 2 Urban, Longford, Ireland on the 1901 census.

House 2.2 in Abbeycartron (Longford No. 2 Urban, Longford)

Kathleen Mary Norris - 10 months old

Births Apr-Jun 1900   
NORRIS    Kathleen Mary        Bradford, W.    5a   131

Tipperary / Re: John Norris
« on: Yesterday at 13:16 »

there is a Mary Norris{it does not show what her age is or what year she was born on the census} she is living with Patrick Norris {Head Of The Family age 27 born 1874}, Ellen Norris {Wife - age 26 born 1875}, James Norris {Son - age 1 born 1900} and they are all living in Shanbally, Burn Court, Tipperary, Ireland on the 1901 Census


This Mary Norris was 2 months old.

there is also a Mary Kate Norris {no Age and No Year Of Birth on the census} living with William Norris{Head Of The Family - Aged 31 and born 1870}, Ellen Norris{Wife - Aged 37 and Born 1864}, James Micheal {Son - Aged 3 and Born 1898}, John Joseph Norris{Son - Aged 2 and Born 1899}, Andrew Norris{Son - Aged 22 and Born 1879}, William Cahill {Step Son - Aged 15 and Born 1886},
Michael Cahill{Step Son - Aged 11 and Born 1890} and Ellie Cahill{Step Daughter - Aged 13 and Born 1888} all living in Killaloan, Tipperary, Ireland on the 1901 Census


This Mary Kate Norris was 9 months old.

Australia / Re: John and Bridget Fitzpatrick nee Keraney
« on: Yesterday at 11:46 »
Can you please double check Bridget's maiden name.

Is it Keraney

There are some unusual Irish surnames and Keraney (something like Rainey/Raney but with a K?) may be one but I'd like to check I am starting off correctly phonetically.   

Indeed, shanreagh

Here's what John Gresham has for it - no Keraney households in Griffith's or a surname dictionary entry.

Tipperary / Re: John Norris
« on: Yesterday at 11:39 »
....I am looking for John Norris from Tipperary who had a daughter Mary Norris in 1813.

Do you have a source/link for this statement?

You also have not indicated where in county Tipperary John Norris was from and his religious persuasion. The more information you can give, the better!

Down / Re: McLernon of Ballymacateer, Magheralin
« on: Yesterday at 08:18 »


I have been able to identify one definite connection to my family in 1901 Census - Margaret McLernon,(Mc Lerrnon on census) aged 50,spinster, living with nephew Patrick (Husband's grandfather), Ballymacateer. Margaret's father was John McLernon and her mother Ellen Creaney (Aghagallon).

Matthew McILernon (transcribed as McHernon from census)  married to Ellen Kennedy-daughter Anne/Annie b 1868 married someone Mullen-(1901 Census)

James Mullan married Annie McLeron (or McLerning) on 21 July 1893. James a widower and a dealer living at Magheralin.

Ireland / Re: Mary Ann Gilhooly
« on: Monday 15 August 22 22:13 BST (UK)  »

According to John Grenham, the distribution of Gilhooly households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland.

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