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Australia / Re: ROSS Norman
« on: Monday 20 September 10 13:01 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Ruth for the info provided.  I do hope we are both talking about the same person (Norman Ross). Back in the Solomon Islands, nothing is recorded on pen and paper.  It is usually done by word of mouth so be expecting some info that may not tally especially with the timing of events.  Back in the 1900s, many expatriates came to the Solomon Islands as traders, plantation managers etc - to name a few, Bennetts, Pratts, Wheatleys, Wickhams and amongst these names was the name Norman Ross.  Although most of them were based in the western province of the Solomon Islands, they may have traded between other islands of Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea as well.  I will be contacting the descendants of Lily Ross for more info and update you within the next couple of days mainly b'çoz I'm based in Honiara (capital) on the island of Guadalcanal whereas most of Lily Ross's descendants are based on New Georgia Island in the western province.  By the way, I'm told that Norman Ross is a Scotsman.


Australia / Re: ROSS Norman
« on: Saturday 18 September 10 06:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ruth - I'm from the Solomon Islands and am also looking for information on a Norman Ross who came to the Solomon Islands back in the 1900s.  The little information that i have was passed on to me by my late father.  Norman Ross came to the Solomon Islands as a divisional manager on one of the coconut plantations operated by Lever brothers - I'm not too sure whether Lever Brothers and Burns Philip are the same company(s).  Whilst here, he had a child (girl) with a local beauty whom he named Lily.  Lily took on the name Lily Ross.  Norman went back to Australia and I'm told that he had two children and one of them had the name Billy.  I'm also told that Norman died in Papua New Guinea on his way back to the Solomon Islands.
Lily Ross married a local and had eight children.  She died in 1975 aged sixty-one.  The name Ross is still being used as a middle name by all her descendants.

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