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1911 daughter is Emily Louisa mmn Golds - not Gould

Lilian Mary - mmn Golds

Henry William - mmn Golds

Marriage 1893 - William Rowland/Lilly Golds

If Edward was their son he would be with his parents. 

Did you look at the 1911 for William & Lilian - they had 2 daughters - both of whom would have been old enough to have had a child in 1919 - married or not

When did William & Lily/Lilian marry?

Re Edward

If he was b Dec 1919 & was their son - he will be on the 1921 census.  I have a feeling he may have been their grandson

Their last child as at 1911 was b 1903/04

Re Lilian - when did her parents divorce?  Did her mother remarry?  Could she have taken her stepfathers surname?

Born Ethel Mary Monks Sept qtr 1902

Fred Dunwell married Clara Monks 1904

4 x Steel/Dunwell births on freebmd 1927/1936/1940/1943
2 x Steel/Monks births 1925 & 1930

So presumably Ethel & John were still together in 1943

Lancashire / Re: Marriage Help
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Welcome to Rootschat

There is only one Ada Rippingham birth so I suspect the 1917 marriage is her.  It was a civil marriage so canít be looked up in parish records to check whether her fathers name was Walter.    She may have separated from Harman & met Proctor

No Harman/Rippingham births from 1917 but she had a daughter by Proctor in Dec qtr 1918

The only way you will solve the mystery is to buy the 1917 marriage cert

The 1924 marriage was at All Saints Ledsham. 

Eva J Steel birth reg shows mmn as Monks - not Dunmore

As you have his full birthdate from his death reg (20.11.1900) have you tried searching the 1939 register just using that info

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