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Am I correct that the object of this post is to find where he was buried?  Have you contacted Nottschick who posted the same request last year in case she has managed to find more info?

Link from ShaunJ's earlier reply #1

Sussex / Re: Dorothy J Constant
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No birth for her under Wagstaff.  Wonder if she died as Dorothy Josephine Allen born 27.9.05 March qtr 1974 Brighton 5h 589

Sussex / Re: Dorothy J Constant
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Thanks Jon

Had just found her birthdate on a tree on Ancestry & found the entry

Sussex / Re: Dorothy J Constant
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I can't see the 1939 entry you mention.  Are they mistranscribed?

Sussex / Re: Dorothy J Constant
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What is her full birthdate from the 1939 register?

How do you know she was still alive at the time Aubrey died in 1967?  Birth, Marriage & Death reg all show him as Aubrey - not Albury. 

Who reported Aubrey's death?

If it wasn't Dorothy - Is he shown as a widower on the death cert?

See previous post - no obit found at that time

Perhaps the 2 posts should be merged as you are both asking the same question.  Previous post was 2020 so possibly the info has now been found

Have asked moderator to merge

George was widowed before 1851

Where was Elizabeth born?


pm received from mclean2.  Possibility this is a living descendants search but have advised him to reply with clarification

What is it you are looking for as your post just gives what you already know?

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