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You need to give more details to enable us to help you.   

As explained - there is no birth registration for that name so where did you get her birthdate from?  Are you sure she was Marie?  There is no marriage for a Marie Ellen Nuttall either

Was Nuttall her maiden name or have you given us her married name?

Where was she born?  Who were her parents?  Who did she marry?   When & where did she die?

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Birth certificate
« on: Yesterday at 21:22 »
You have to buy the birth cert from the GRO

You haven't given any details of where she was born & there is no birth reg for a Marie Ellen Nuttall in 1878. 

Do you mean Margaret Ellen?  There is this reg

June qtr 1878 - Margaret Ellen Nuttall Bury 8c 495

If this is not the person you are looking for you need to give more details.  Was Nuttall her birth surname?

Cheshire / Re: Macclesfield Asylum Hospital
« on: Yesterday at 21:15 »
Where did she die?  You haven't given any details of who she was so can't check for you

Lanarkshire / Re: Is the parents right
« on: Yesterday at 14:33 »
You say “could she have put the wrong names on her second marriage cert?   Was her first marriage before 1855?

Any timescale given?

Staffordshire / Re: Manchester Evacuee to Uttoexter
« on: Yesterday at 13:59 »
Not very clear exactly what you want to know about them.  You would need to find somebody who actually knew them personally & over 70yrs have now elapsed??

Use Google to find info about Rocester

The following info is available online
Per freebmd James & Beatrice married in 1921 and only appear to have had one child - a son born 1921 who died 1986.

James was born in Glasgow 1898 - see

James White Allardice died 1972 & Beatrice Ann in 1983.  Both left wills

Use freebmd to find the son’s marriage & any children as you are really looking at finding grandchildren who knew them

United States of America / Re: Harriet Vreeland Codd
« on: Yesterday at 13:48 »
1851 shows her birthplace as Lincoln Lincolnshire but 1861 as America

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