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Lancashire / Abraham Howarth
« on: Saturday 19 December 09 05:47 GMT (UK)  »

I was going through the History of Colorado looking for somebody else and came across a Howarth ... he's not one of mine ... but I thought I would post him in case somebody can claim him !!  :D :D

Abraham Howarth, whose carefully directed business interests made him in time
the owner of a valuable ranch property of five hundred acres, which he cultivated for
a long period, is now living retired in Littleton, where he occupies an attractive home
that stands as the visible evidence of his life of well directed energy and thrift. He
was born near Manchester, England, April 7, 1837
, and has therefore passed the eighty-
first milestone on life's journey. While spending his boyhood days in the home of his
parents, David and Mary (Mills) Howarth
, he attended school during halt of the day
for a short time, while his remaining time was spent in the cotton mills, where he early
began work. He was a little lad of but seven years when he started to provide for
his own support by sweeping out the alleys in the mills. After a year he became a
bobbin boy. That he was diligent and faithful is indicated in the fact that he won
promotion from time to time until at the age of eighteen he was overlooker, being the
youngest man who ever occupied that position in the mills.

The opportunities of the new world, however, attracted Mr. Howarth, and believing
that he might more readily win success on this side of the Atlantic, he came to
America in 1857, landing after a voyage of seven weeks and four days on one of the
old-time sailing vessels. He resided for a time in the east and then went to Chicago,
Illinois, and soon afterward secured work upon a farm in McLean county, that state.
He was totally unfamiliar with farm work by reason of his experience along other
lines, but his labors proved satisfactory to his employer. It was while in McLean
county that he was married in Bloomington, Illinois, on the 21st of October, 1859, to
Miss Alice Barlow, who was born near Manchester. England, and to whom he had
been engaged before coming to the United States. Her parents were Robert and Sarah
(Dutson) Barlow
and the children born of this marriage are: Abe, who was born in
England and became his fathers' assistant on the Colorado farm; Sarah, the wife of
Arthur B. Mitchell, of Littleton, and the mother of a daughter, Alice Helen; and Alice,
who was born on the farm in Douglas county.

After cultivating a rented farm in McLean county, Illinois, for some time Mr.
Howarth returned to England in 1862 and spent six years there. He was not content,
however, after having resided for a considerable period in America, and on again com-
ing to the United States he secured employment in a cotton factory in St. Louis. After-
ward he became a resident of Kansas City, where he worked in a packing house, and
during the three years which he there spent he was joined by his family. He removed
from Kansas City to Denver, where he built a residence, but in 1875 took up his abode
upon a farm on section 12, township 6 south, range 69 west, in Douglas county. His 
financial resources were limited at that time. For nine years he cultivated the land
and made considerable money but did not make any special effort to save. He finally
concluded that it would be wiser to economize somewhat and purchase the place and
in three years' time he had acquired enough through his industry and economy to
enable him to buy one hundred and seventy-five acres of the land. To this he added
from time to time until he was in possession of an excellent farm of five hundred
acres. He continued to cultivate his place most successfully for a long period but
eventually put aside business cares and now lives retired in Littleton, enjoying the
rest which he has truly earned and richly deserves.

In his political views Mr. Howarth has always been a republican since becoming
a naturalized American citizen, but at local elections where no issue is involved he
casts an independent ballot. In 1897 he was elected county commissioner, although
this was directly opposed to his wishes, as he has never cared to hold office. However,
he has served as school director for a number of years, for the cause of education is
one in which he is deeply interested. He has never regretted his determination to
return to the new world, for here he has found pleasant surroundings and good busi-
ness opportunities and as the years have passed lie has steadily advanced in public
regard and in material prosperity. He is today one of the venerable citizens of Little-
ton, respected by all who know him.

World War One / South Lancs and MGC
« on: Monday 14 December 09 19:36 GMT (UK)  »

I'm thinking this Frederick might be one of mine too !

Can't find him in CWGC ... but I believe he's on the 1911 census in South Lancs barracks aged 17 !

Medal card of Cooper, Frederick

South Lancashire Regiment 8605 Private
Machine Gun Corps 113152 Private

Any information about him would be appreciated !

Thanking you in advance !

Annie  :)

Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Frederick Bews (son of Thomas Bews and Cordelia)
« on: Monday 14 December 09 17:32 GMT (UK)  »

Frederick Bews (son of Thomas Bews and Cordelia) was born Abt. 1841 in St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, and died date unknown. He married Susan Groizard

I came across this as I was Googling and I wondered if this Susan Groizard was my Suzanne Groizard who is aged 2 in the 1841 census ? ...  ???

Halkett Place
Lewis Groizard age 35 painter ( Senior )
Susan age 30
LEWIS age 15 painter (Junior )
Caroline age 12
Philip age 10
John age 8
Julia age 6
Suzanne age 2

Hertfordshire / Rickmansworth
« on: Saturday 12 December 09 23:00 GMT (UK)  »

I hope I'm in the right county !!  ::)

I'm looking for Elizabeth Rowe c.1810 born in Rickmansworth Father - John Rowe mother - Maria Collyer both born Rickmansworth married William Cooper - I have them in 1841 at 17 York St Westminster St Margarets  London - but I'd like to know how to go backwards if possible !

I'd appreciate a steer in the right direction please !

Annie  :)

Lancashire / Swan Inn Winwick
« on: Saturday 12 December 09 18:52 GMT (UK)  »

In 1881 ... one of my family was the innkeeper there !

I think it's still there ... I would appreciate any information about it if possible and of course I'd love a picture !!  ;)

I did Google but couldn't find one !

Annie  :)

World War One / WWI Pension Records
« on: Saturday 12 December 09 06:19 GMT (UK)  »

I believe this man is one of mine ... I would appreciate a look up if possible please !

British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920  - about Ambrose Armand Groizard
Name -  Ambrose Armand Groizard
Birth Year -  abt 1889
Age at enlistment -  18
Birth Parish -  St Helliers
Birth County -  Jersey Channel Islands
Document Year -  1907
Regimental Number -  48114
Number of Images -  13

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Help to retrieve information please
« on: Saturday 12 December 09 06:16 GMT (UK)  »

I found one of my family names on the National Archives but I can't retrieve it .... I'd appreciate the help .....

Louis Groizard, ou Groizeard, époux de Louise Ferte. [? Apr][1795]*-2731988&j=1

Thanking you in advance !

Annie  :)

Lancashire / Last one ...
« on: Saturday 12 December 09 04:48 GMT (UK)  »

OK this is my last one ... for a while at least !!  ;)

I'm looking for Beatrice Cooper Born July 4th 1877  - christened July 27th 1879 Burton-Wood
Married - Joseph Henry Brierley November 23rd 1897

I'd appreciate 1901 please or anything else that can be found !

Annie  :)

Lancashire / Missing .....
« on: Saturday 12 December 09 02:31 GMT (UK)  »

I have Bertha in 1891 with the rest of the family ... but then - nothing !

Can anybody help me find her please ! I'd appreciate the help !

3, Grange St  Bradford  Lancashire   
Cooper Bertha 7 Earlestown  Lancashire Daughter  Bradford  Lancashire     
RG12/3257   /   105  /35

Annie  :)

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