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So, I have spent some time in the library today and, while I can see the transcript of this marriage, I can't see the image?
Little green wheel just keeps on turning  :-\

St Margarets, Westminster 1894 (Sept qtr, according to FreeBMD)
Arthur Earle Hunt (age 36) to Ellen Stopford (age 47).

I would like to know marital statuses and father's names.

I know I can try again tomorrow, but you lot are so quick! ;D ;D

Europe / Karlsson - Sweden
« on: Sunday 24 December 17 11:46 GMT (UK)  »
I met up with a distant cousin last night, and he asked if I (we!) could help with his ancestry?

His grandfather was Carl Gustav Karlsson, born 3rd August 1887 in Stockholm.
He migrated to the UK, and married Hannah Maria Bailey in the December qtr 1911, in Bristol.

Ireland / Catherine & Margaret Woods (1830s)
« on: Saturday 09 September 17 13:51 BST (UK)  »
I am tracing a family (or families!) who moved from Ireland to Liverpool.

1851 census has John McMoran and his wife Margaret, aged 24 and 22 respectively, living in Liverpool. (HO107/2181/266/84).

1861 census has John and Margaret, & children, living in Toxteth Park.
They have a visitor, Catherine Ashcroft, married, with 2 children. (RG09/2699/95/38).
The GRO Index confirms mother's maiden name for both Margaret's & Catherines's children as Woods.

1871 census has John McMorran and wife Catherine. Catherine's children are now MacMorran.
I can't find either a death for Margaret, or a marriage for John & Catherine.

The 1881 census has them transcribed as McMurden (RG11/3644/118/33).
Again all children I have found on the GRO Index, with MMN as Woods. Some were Ashcroft; some were MacMorran (or variants!).

So, back to Ireland! ;D
Were Catherine & Margaret sisters? or cousins?

Is there any sign of marriages of either to a Mr Ashcroft or John MacMoran?

The only hit I have is an 1847 marriage, of Catherine Woods to James Cartmel.
This took place in Dundalk, Louth.

The Common Room / "Who Do You Think You Are", Series 14: #7 Fearne Cotton
« on: Thursday 24 August 17 21:46 BST (UK)  »
I really enjoyed this episode! ;D

2 really good threads followed, a a great story about William and his life.

The Lighter Side / Heir Hunters
« on: Wednesday 09 August 17 23:33 BST (UK)  »
New series starts on BBC1, Monday 14th August.

11:00 start

Lancashire / Different mothers? COMPLETE
« on: Saturday 29 July 17 16:39 BST (UK)  »
My step-grandfather was Thomas Coulton Ball, born 1879 in Wigan.

I have his Birth Registration, and censuses for 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911.

However, when looking at his siblings birth /baptism records 2 different names appear as Mother's Maiden Name?! And no 2nd marriage.

Thomas' parents were Edward Ball and Margaret.
There is a marriage in 1872 for Edward and Margaret Fielding, at St Wilfrid, Standish.

However the chldren were:

Henry (1873) mmn Fielden
Mary (1874) mmn Ormesher
Barnett (1876) mmn Ormesher
Thomas (1879) mmn Fielden
Ann (1881) mmn Ormesher
Lavinia (1883) mmn Ormesher
Eleanorn (1884) mmn Ormesher
Elizabeth (1885) mmn Ormesher
James (1887) mmn Ormesher
Lucy (1888) mmn Ormesher
Joseph (1890) mmn Ormesher
Edward (1891) mmn Ormesher

Has anyone any ideas about the Ormesher name?

I have all the baptisms from LAN-OPC, and most of them from the GRO Index.

Oxfordshire / Gray family - Missing BMDs?
« on: Sunday 16 April 17 22:45 BST (UK)  »
I have a Frederick Gray (b 1876, Broadwell, Oxfordshire) with his wife Elizabeth (b1879, Northleach, Gloucestershire).
In 1901 they are living in Northleach.
Class: RG13; Piece: 2451; Folio: 93; Page: 19
By 1911, they have moved to Cwmcarn, Crosskeys, Newport, Monmouthshire.
Class: RG14; Piece: 32043; Schedule Number: 251

Arthur W Gray, b1897, Northleach
Beatrice L Gray, b1900, Northleach (1901) or Farmington (1911)
Norah Ellen Gray, b 1903, Abercarn, Monmouthshire

Frederick & Elizabeth have apparently been married for 14 years.

I can't find a marriage?
And I can't find any birth registrations for the children?

So, what was Elizabeth's surname?!

I bet the answer is staring me in the face, but it's really annoying! ;D

Canada / Lee Odelein (1967-2017)
« on: Thursday 02 February 17 14:42 GMT (UK)  »
A bit of a private request for any information?

I was informed today of the death of Lee Odelein, formerly player-coach of Bristol Bulldogs Ice Hockey team in the UK.

Lee was from Quill Lake, Saskatchewan; and was one of 3 brothers who played professional hockey.
Selmar was a draft pick for Edmonton Oilers, and Lyle played for Montreal Canadiens and New Jersey Devils.

I was hoping for some news re Lee's death; so that I can pass it on to fellow Bristol fans.

If anyone spots anything in the Canadian Press, I would be grateful to hear.

RIP Lee. :(

The Lighter Side / Annual Quiz
« on: Saturday 24 December 16 23:02 GMT (UK)  »
Yuletide Greetings from the Isle of Man ;D

King William's College, Isle of Man have been presenting an annual quiz for over a century.
It is printed in The Guardian every Christmas.

So, for those who fancy a crack at it, here is the link for the 112th edition:

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