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Gloucestershire / Phelps Family From Gloucestershire
« on: Monday 18 October 10 16:03 BST (UK)  »
Thomas and Mary Phelps lived at Barbers Bridge farm  near Tibberton and Rudford in the 1800s.(NEWANT DISTRICT)He dies 1823.They had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Thomas,William( my ancestor), Henry ,Hestor(who marries a Joseph Gough),Sophia,Susanna and Harriet.

William marries 1812 at Tibberton church  a Mary Lewis and they have a number of children. They die in 1857 and 1853.Eleanor b 1813 was my GG Grandmother and she marries a Palmer in Charlton Kings in 1832. Some of
 Her brothers are - Jamesb1821 of Stile farm Harescombe. John of Bobin Farm b1829.Edwin b 1826.Cornelius b1828-a farm Bailiff at Hill Place  Harescombe and at Parkend lodge Haresfield.
On the1861 census the name is spelt Philps but by 1881 is again shown as Phelps.He married a Mary Ann Millington .
Samuel marries a Hannah french from Slimbridge .They also lived at Bobin farm.He was committed in 1864 to the Asylum  not long after the death of his wife and dies 1868.

Sisters include Amelia b1831,Sophiab1837,
There a number of Phelps graves at Tibberton Church belonging to the family. Daniel and Sarah Phelps.of Hanmans Farm Tibberton. She died 1911. A Mary Elizabeth only daughter  d 1946.
Perhaps there are still relatives around.
The present owners of Barbers Farm(now called the dark barn)told me .there are Phelps who have visited from Canada and South Africa

South Africa / Thomas Henry (Harry) Hurst
« on: Monday 18 October 10 14:47 BST (UK)  »
Thomas Henry Hurst known often as Harry was born at Killyhelvin in Co Fermanagh ,Ireland in 1881 and died in Johannesburg in 1965. He moved with his first wife Margaret Allen Burns and son Vernon to South Africa around 1935 and had we understand a job with the City Council as an Electrical Engineer. His first wife died in 1953 and he remarried shortly after.

I have not been able to find any passanger records for the family and wonder were else they may have landed.
Does any one know how I could find more about his time with the Council.

Its possible his second wife had a family of her own as in latter years Vernon Hurst s affairs were looked after by a board of guardians. He died in South Africa some time in the late 1980s --but I don't know were.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Looking for Taylor/Hodgson Family .
« on: Monday 11 October 10 23:42 BST (UK)  »
George Taylor was born in 1859 at Hinderwell.For most of there lives the family lived at Loftus/Lofthouse.George was a fireman  on the railways unlike his father and brothers who tended to be miners,His parents were George and Mary. George senior was born in 1830 and died 1913.Amongst his  7 children we have a Lucy,a Harriet and Robert.

George born 1859 marries Louisa Margaret Hodgson in 1895.Registration district is Guisborough.Frederick Ambrose Taylor is born 1896.Between then and 1901 George goes to Durban and is an Engine driver. Louisa follows at some time with Frederick.A  second son George Hodgson is  born 1908. We know nothing about him.  On the 1901 census Louisa and Frederick are still in England with her parents.Her father was a retired baker. Louisa dies in the Transvaal in 1922. Frederick Ambrose comes back to England to serve in WWI in the Royal flying Core. Story is he ran away from home at 16 and went to sea.But i can not trace him or the family on any Passanger lists---can any one help please with looking up  especially any crew lists for when he was said to be at sea.There are rumours he went to Ireland and Canada but we do not know. In 1937 he marries in London..On his marriage cert he is shown as widowed but he never mentioned this to their son .Did he have a family in South Africa?It looks like George Taylor in Durban married again .A photo in 1938 says to George and Nat from mum and Dad.He was said to live into his 80s.
Frederick Ambrose died in London in 1965.

 But what happened to his relatives in Yorkshire or his brother in South Africa.


South Africa / Taylor Family completed
« on: Monday 11 October 10 16:08 BST (UK)  »
George Taylor was born in Hinderwell  Yorkshire ,England and married Louisa Margaret Hodgson in 1895 .He had a sister Lucy and a brother Robert among other siblings.His parents were George and Mary.His father and brothers worked in the Alum mines in the Loftus area.Frederick Ambrose Taylor was born Loftus Yorkshire in 1896.
Between then and 1901 his father ,an Engine driver goes to Durban. His wife and son follow but I can not find them on any passanger lists--any ideas.On the 1901English  census they are  shown as living with her parents in the Loftus area. Her father was a retired Baker who is still alive in 1911.Out in SA in 1908 Louisa and George have another son, George Hodgson.I think he stayed in SA.Would love to learn more.  Louisa dies 1922 and in the 1930s her husband remarries. I do not know when he died .Any tips on how to go about finding out would be most welcome.Frederick Ambrose left South Africa at some point and joined the Royal Flying Core-in England .But I have been unable to trace his records.Between 1919  and 1938 when  he marries  in London we know nothing.His marriage cert records him as  a widower but he never mentioned this to family or any thing about his brother or mother.All we know for certain is that his father was an engine driver and they lived in Durban.  Frederick Ambrose died in the London area in 1965.

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