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Isle of Man / Re: Happy Tynwald Day!
« on: Tuesday 05 July 22 20:55 BST (UK)  »
Happy Tynwald Day KGarrad.

My husband's paternal and maternal grandparent's families can be traced back to the 1600's in the Isle of Man - so far (I am still researching).

Celebrating with you in Australia.

Margaret  :D

Cornwall / Re: Honour Prideaux / Esdras Giddy
« on: Friday 10 June 22 02:52 BST (UK)  »
Yes it is amazing!
600 years after Esdras Giddy and Honour were born you and I, their direct descendants have met and are discussing them on RootsChat from opposite sides of the globe!
All the best,
Margaret  :D

Cornwall / Re: Honour Prideaux / Esdras Giddy
« on: Wednesday 08 June 22 21:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi Vanessa,
My line is Esdras and Constance, their son John and Phillipa Truscott, their son William and Frances Cole, their son John (baptism and marriage records has surname as Gedye - burial/headsone as Giddy) and Ann Thomas, their son William (baptism surname Gedye, marriage and death Giddey) and Jane Caddy (immigrated to Australia with their children) their son Thomas Giddey and Janet Carmichael, their son Alexander William Giddey and Annie Archibald Wilson. My mum's maiden name was Giddey. This branch of my family was/is so challenging to research with all the variations in the spelling of their surname.
All the best,
Margaret  :D

Cornwall / Re: Honour Prideaux / Esdras Giddy
« on: Wednesday 08 June 22 01:02 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Vanessa for posting the names of Constance's parents - this is great!  8)

It's such a pity that many of the early parish books were either destroyed or damaged, however I agree that it is highly unlikely that our Honour was a Prideaux.

Which branch of the family are you descended from?

Your cousin Margaret  :D

Cornwall / Re: Honour Prideaux / Esdras Giddy
« on: Tuesday 07 June 22 02:08 BST (UK)  »
Esdras Giddy and Honour are my 7th great grandparents. I haven't been able to find a maiden name for Honour nor a marriage record. I am descended from their son Esdras Giddy bap 1669, died 1726 Liskeard and Constance Dionythorne /Dennythorne - their marriage in 1698 has spelling as Dunythorne. She died 1750 Liskeard. Unfortunately I don't know who Constance's parents were.  :(


The Lighter Side / Re: Time Team UK - You Tube - New Dig
« on: Friday 18 March 22 20:50 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Kit for posting this  8).....I enjoyed watching it and look forward to the next episode.

Margaret  :D

World War One / Re: Help with Medal Rolls Index Card Thomas Barnes
« on: Friday 21 January 22 20:42 GMT (UK)  »
Sadly, it doesn't look like his WW1 service record has survived.

Perhaps the Fusiliers Museum may be able to assist with the MM citation. They do charge for a research service, though.

I have an ancestor who also was awarded the Military Medal (with Bar, too). His Scottish regimental museum provided me with the MM citation (free of charge).  :)

I received a reply from the Fusilier Museum today. Unfortunately, the Museum doesn't have Thomas's MM citation as almost all of the individual citations have been lost over the years. Details of these short citations which were kept in ledgers were all destroyed in the 1940 London Blitz.

Margaret  :(

Lancashire / Re: Who lived at 36 Carter Street Liverpool 1914 and 1915?
« on: Tuesday 18 January 22 19:57 GMT (UK)  »
Try electoral registers, although it won't be the whole household.

What sources did you use to get thus far?

Hi PaulineJ, thankyou for your reply.

My husband's grandmother was born 20 February, 1915. Her birth certificate shows 1 Ampthill Road Toxteth Park Liverpool as both the birth address and residence of mother Jane Elizabeth Cain. It is also recorded on the certificate that Jane Elizabeth Cain was a General Servant of 36 Carter Street.

I have done quite extensive research for this branch of the family with the help of many people.  I am now in the process of trying to determine Janie's whereabouts after her daughter was born and I was hoping her employers at Carter Street may give me some clues or perhaps a link to her family.

In 1911 Samuel Dening, Railway Station Master was living at 1 Ampthill Road with his family.
I have found Caroline Augusta Benson living at 1 Ampthill Road from 1918 up until 1930 with various members of her family  - Liverpool, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1970
ShaunJ had found the Benson Family living there in 1914  - see above post.

See above post also for my research into 36 Carter Street.

I tried to seach electoral registers using just the address with and without the house number for Carter Street and returned no good matches.

I was hoping that there was a Gore's or other directory for 1915 which would give a result.


Lancashire / Re: Who lived at 36 Carter Street Liverpool 1914 and 1915?
« on: Tuesday 18 January 22 19:55 GMT (UK)  »
36 Carter Street is not listed in Gore's 1914 directory.

Hi Shaun
Thank you for checking the Gore's 1914 directory.

You had kindly found the Benson family as occupiers of 1 Ampthill Road in 1914 in another post however I was wondering if Gore's directory has entries for 1915 and if Jane (Janie)Elizabeth Cain (Elizabeth Jane (Janie) Cain) or anyone else was listed as living with the Benson Family at 1 Ampthill Road. Also if 1915 Gore's directory has an entry for 36 Carter Street. It's just that I can't find any trace of Janie after giving birth to her daughter on 20 February 1915.

I found a baptism  in 1892 for Alexander George Cockram Leece with parents William Ewen (bookeeper) and Elizabeth address 36 Carter Street, however they were living in Birkenhead Cheshire in 1901.

In UK, City and County Directories, 1766 - 1946 (Kelly's Liverpool) there is an entry dated 1894 for William Evan Leece, Bookeeper, 36 Carter Street, Toxteth Park Liverpool

Also, 36 Carter Street was missed from the 1911 census i.e., there were census returns for numbers 34 and 38 so I'm assuming it was unoccupied.


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