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Wow Pauline,

How did you do that?  8)


Thankyou so much

margaret :D

The Lighter Side / Re: Any left handed PC users out there?
« on: Saturday 02 July 05 12:46 BST (UK)  »
however, We Lefties have the advantage of being able to write down what is on the screen without having to let go of the mouse! So my two penneth is that if you can get used to using the mouse Right handed you gain an advantage! D x

My lefty 13 year old son would agree with you wholeheartedly : 8)

Even though he sometimes uses my laptop which has a mouse that can be used by all.

margaret :)

I'm missing 1 gr gr grand mother (flipping Margaret Williams!)


I'm here!

It's weird seeing my name in your post :o

My namesake is obviously causing you grief - I promise I will ensure that my research is thorough so my descendents won't have similar problems. ;)

Hope you find her soon,

margaret :)

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Surrey 1861/71 census help - Chesterman please
« on: Saturday 02 July 05 12:14 BST (UK)  »
I really need help with my Matthews/Chesterman Family in Surrey please.

I have located Axelina Matthews and her family in the 1861 and 1871 censuses living in Bermondsey Surrey.
Axelina Matthews married James Chesterman Sept quarter 1875 in Chelsea Middlesex and (James Carod Chesterman) again in June quarter 1876 in Greenwich Kent Surrey. (from FreeBmd) Axelina was 17 years old when she married - I have her birth certificate.

I can't find James Chesterman nor his mother, Maria Chesterman in 1861 or 1871 censuses. try as I might.

In the 1881 census Axelina and James Chesterman were living at 7 Macks Road Bermondsey Surrey (with their children and James's Mother)

James Chesterman born c1856 age 25  Bermondsey Surrey married  Carpenter/Builder  Head       
Axelina (mistranscribed as Angelina) born c1858 age 23 Bermondsey Surrey married Wife
Emily E Chesterman born c1878 age 3  Bermondsey   scholar Daughter
Edward J Chesterman born c1880 age 1  Bermondsey  Son
Maria Chesterman born c1814 age 67 Bermondsey widow  dressmaker Mother
RG11/0569  Fol 23 Pg 40

I can't find them after this -  :'( I have tried searching the 1891 and 1901 England censuses with no result at all -   :-[ maybe I'm not searching correctly.

I'm also unsure which marriage certificate I should obtain for Axelina and James. - ?both.  :-\

I hope this all makes sense

margaret :)

Received a marriage certificate in the mail yesterday - I now have the name of my 1st gx3 grandfather (maternal side) - taking the total to 11  8)

Darren, I hope you survived the floods in Lismore.

margaret :)

The Lighter Side / Re: Rare & Unusual (and totally made-up) Lineages
« on: Friday 01 July 05 12:28 BST (UK)  »
Su  :D
Paul this is all intelligent conversation gone for the day....  ::)

Oh Su how right you are!

Beatrix and Harry Potter 

Wallis and Homer Simpson

margaret  :)

The Lighter Side / Re: Rare & Unusual (and totally made-up) Lineages
« on: Friday 01 July 05 12:18 BST (UK)  »

Tina and Joseph Mallord William Turner.

margaret :)

Australia Lookups completed / Re: Henry Edward Barnes New South Wales
« on: Friday 01 July 05 08:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ros,

I had a quick look on NSW BMD site,

This could be a possible marriage for Henry:

Henry Edward Barnes married Joan Alma Symington at Armidale NSW

Registration Number/Year of marriage: 13527/1945

You can order certificates online.

Hope this helps a little,

margaret :)

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Help required CAREY/MATTHEWS Christchurch
« on: Thursday 30 June 05 06:15 BST (UK)  »
Oh Kiwi,

What can I say - You wonderful person - thankyou so much for looking for my Carey family at the Christchurch Library, I'm so appreciative of your generosity.

I'm really impressed with the amount of information you have found out about the family!

So much to take in............ it will have to wait though, we are experiencing floods here where I live in (Far Northern NSW), so lots to do first.

I will post a reply when I can.

Thankyou again Kiwi,

margaret  :D

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