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Hi Gaye :)

Here they are living at 3 Francis Street, St. Anne Limehouse, London.

Elijah Camp age 40 born Dain Hill, Sussex Head  Dock Labourer
Henrietta  age 35 born Barking, Essex Wife
Edward age 14 born Poplar Son
Mary Ann age 7 born Stepney Daughter
Elijah age 2 born Limehouse Son

RG10/552 Folio 70 Page 18

margaret :)

Cheshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Bratt - 1861/1871 census
« on: Tuesday 21 June 05 06:09 BST (UK)  »
In 1861 census, Phoebe Gibson, unmarried age 20 born Wharton Cheshire is a general servant in the houshold of  John Hughes age 55 unmarried Farmer, his sister Ann 53, brother Joseph 49, and sister in law Ann 38 and Elisha Kirk 21 general servant at Stanthorne Road, Stanthorne Cheshire.

RG9/2607 Folio 127 Page 1

margaret :)

Cheshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Bratt - 1861/1871 census
« on: Tuesday 21 June 05 05:45 BST (UK)  »
Hello again, :)

1871 England Census - Joseph Snr age 60, is still living in Gravel Lane, Wharton, Cheshire with wife Elizabeth age 57 born Wharton he is now a retired shoemaker.
I  rechecked the 1861 image and Joseph Snr was a widower and Joseph Jnr unmarried. (I have amended the above post)

In the next household on the page in Gravel Lane Wharton is Joseph Jnr and family, all born Wharton Cheshire
Joseph Bratt age 28    Head  Shoemaker
Phoebe Bratt age 28  Wife
Jabez Bratt age 5  Son scholar
Arthur Bratt age 3 ,  Son
Henry Bratt age 1  Son

RG10/3699 Folio 119 Page 24

I will look for Phoebe Gibson next.

margaret :)

Cheshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Bratt - 1861/1871 census
« on: Tuesday 21 June 05 04:41 BST (UK)  »
Hi John,

Here they are - 1861 census living in Gravel Lane, Wharton, Cheshire. Both father and son are shoemakers and born in Wharton.

Joseph Bratt age 50 widower  Head
Joseph Bratt age 18 unmarried Son

RG9/2606 Folio 114 Page17

margaret :)

The Lighter Side / Re: BIRDS of a feather - Dove, Sparrow et al.
« on: Monday 20 June 05 15:28 BST (UK)  »
Suey - Didn't you and Joe do a lookup for the Drake Family today?

margaret :)

Durham Completed Look up Requests / Re: 1861 census look up please for Corner.
« on: Monday 20 June 05 15:06 BST (UK)  »
Hello again Gladys :)

I had another look at the 1861 census image and it is definitely Francis(es) Street

Thankyou to Michael for assisting with the geography of the area. 8)

margaret :)

Durham Completed Look up Requests / Re: 1861 census look up please for Corner.
« on: Monday 20 June 05 14:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi Gladys

Like John, I couldn't find a George Corner born 1842/3 Wingate Durham in 1861 England census but found George Carner 1861 born c1842 Seaham Durham Blacksmith and lodging with the Elliot Family in Dawdon, Durham.

William Elliott c 1788 Whitburn, Durham Blacksmith  Head
Jane Elliott c 1797 Sunderland, Durham wife
William Elliott c 1840 Sunderland, Durham,  Grandson
George Carner c 1842 Seaham, Durham, Lodger

RG9/3748 Folio 101 Page 33

Michael, I looked at the image again and the Bland Family are in the next household.

I couldn't make out the street name.

margaret :)

New Zealand Completed Requests / Help required CAREY/MATTHEWS Christchurch
« on: Saturday 18 June 05 09:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi  :)

My Carey and Matthews ancestors emigrated to New Zealand from London. I have information about them in England prior to this from certs and censuses and info from the Australian connection, but would like to find more about their lives in New Zealand. This is what I have to date:-

Thomas Carey age c47, shoemaker and Emily wife age c45 arrived Lyttleton aboard the ship the Lancashire Witch in 1863 with children Emily age 16, Sarah Jane 14, Charles 11, Mary Ann 8 and George Thomas 3. (from Passenger list for Lancashire Witch)

They owned a shoeshop in Hanmer Street, Avonside, Christchurch. (unconfirmed)

Emily Snr died 13 February 1888 at 189 Gloucester Street West, Christchurch and was buried at the New Cemetery (Public) - from death cert

Thomas died 23 September 1898 at Hanmer Street, Christchurch and was buried at Linwood - from death cert
I also have unconfirmed info that they were buried at St. Luke's the Evangelist Church in Ea Lingard.

Sarah Jane left NZ and married William Matthews (who also originated from London and lived in NZ ) in Sydney Australia in 1867, settled in Bowral NSW, and had 8 children.
Charles married Mary Jane Moore in 1882 and also settled in Bowral and raised a family.
I have no information at all for Emily jnr or Mary Ann,
George Carey owned a shoeshop in Church Street Kaiapoi in 1901. He was a member of the Christchurch Engineers and attached to the Trafalgar Lodge of Druids in Kaiapoi. He married in 1884 to the daughter of the late Mr. W Martin of Christchurch and they had 3 daughters. (all this is unconfirmed)

I don't know when William Matthews went to NZ - I have his occupation in 1858 as a Ships Steward - he isn't with his family in England on 1861 census. In 1867 his occupation is Trader on his marriage certificate in Sydney. I don't have any information about him at all in NZ. It is stated on his death cert from Australia that he spent 10 years in NZ prior to his marriage in 1867,but I don't know how accurate this info is.

I would like to know when Sarah Jane and William Matthews went to Australia  (also Charles) and the name of the ship.
How would I go about finding information about Emily jnr or Mary Ann or confirming info about George, Emily and Thomas?

Actually anything at all about any of this family would be wonderful  -  I haven't been to New Zealand  - yet.

I hope this isn't too much information for one post.

margaret   :)

I'm not there yet -

but  I do have all 16  gg grandparents, 10 ggg grandparents (paternal) and 2 gggg grandparents.

margaret :)

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