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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Leeds method - help
« on: Thursday 12 May 22 14:57 BST (UK)  »

Thank you for the link Biggles50.  I will see if my internet will accommodate the videos.  It's limited a great deal by speed and as I have not got normal internet but depend on a dongle to Wifi it is often slow or none at all.  It's just as well I'm not trying to use it for work.

My Spreadsheet is almost done.  The persons who only have themselves I shall remove as they aren't going to add anything.
There is quite a bit of overlap so I reckon there has to be some cross-link somewhere.  I will need to print this on a much larger paper than A4,  so I can see the whole picture. 

I can definitely see that there isn't much on the line I am after.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Leeds method - help
« on: Thursday 12 May 22 07:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi Roshinish

I am dead sure some, on the line I am hoping to shed some light on, haven't tested.  Hopefully though some of these many cousin matches might be part of that.

So far in this analysis I have found several people on this particular line and a few  that overlap.   That in itself is interesting.  I am hoping it leads somewhere.  Again the trees to the matches aren't all that helpful.

At this point the little information I have regarding Gt Grandparent through my mother is so limited and all unproven that it's a nightmare even to think of adding it to my tree. 

Your thoughts are just so true and on other research I have done that has been a massive issue.  If I can, I try to verify what I find IF it looks like a possibility to be correct.

I doubt any of the sites could police the accuracy of trees they carry.   One can only wish.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Leeds method - help
« on: Thursday 12 May 22 00:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone , After some sleep I can think clearly and unstressed...

To Romilly...          I tried the WATO tool too but that was for something different andIi simply don't have  enough information about the particular "Hole". 
I've left it for use later as i think this Leeds thing is possibly more useful for sorting the lines of the matches.  Thanks for suggesting.

Biggles50.  Thank you. Yes that all makes sense.   I have printed you reply so I can access it while working.  Need yet to read the link. 
You have given me the incentive to try  again...   additional ideas are often very helpful. 

Thank you I'll be back later... :)

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Leeds method - help
« on: Wednesday 11 May 22 06:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ruskie,

Just checked that link and unfortunately I am in a place where this kind of connection just is a nightmare as we have dreadful internet connections. It is country Australia. 

Before I started I did find an explanation of the process with images from  a site but  My DNA just doesn't have any close relatives showing.  I used the closet I have. I did get what looks like four gt. grandparent groups but the one I need isn't at all useful.    Contains a family of 4 plus about 6 odd individuals.   No one other than the family seems to relate to any of the others.  I ran them through the Browser on My Heritage after posting.

I think one can go  to lower cMs but that gives a lot more individuals to deal with and therefore more groups to look at.

My data is from My Heritage but I haven't uploaded it anywhere else.  I actually did it to try to help someone else.  It's been useful to a degree there. I have run the AutoCluster tool twice, a year apart.  The clusters did alter with more matches coming on board.  They don't really help with this.

Looks like another dead end. This Gt Grandmother is so frustrating. 

Anyway after 20 yrs I can only keep looking.

Cheers Essnell  and thank you.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Leeds method - help
« on: Wednesday 11 May 22 01:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

Feeling a little dull with this and a tad stupid.

   I have started and finished twice, over two very long days, to sort the matches I have by the Leeds process . 
The explanation I found was fine once one got the hang of what was really needing to be done.  So... 

As far as I can see one starts with the first person and checks all the names on their match list ...
then proceeded to work through all the various persons on persons 1's match list    after that I then went to next vacant person on the original list and did similar.  This far I got on the second attempt

Now I started to find that some people were coming up more than once and some were completely new.     I eventually ended up with more colors than four so started allocating those overlaps to        the most matched color group of those specific set of overlaps.  Is this actually useful or is it going to give false ideas.    I actually ended up with 4 colour groups and very few not included anywhere so those marked for removal.
I have realized now that the method actually dose not include this allocating.

As I have very few high cM matches I used those down to 3rd --5th cousins.  I know that is not what usually happens but I wanted to see who in the match list could be a candidate for a pair of grandparents; so I could single out those belonging to my maternal Gt Great grandparents.  This appears to do that.

I thought I might then take that list and try to work out the male and female sides.

Maybe I am hoping for too much here.  Maybe I am totally barking up the wrong tree.  Mmmn

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Europe / Re: Looking for birth Information from Greece
« on: Tuesday 19 April 22 03:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

Just updating where I am at present, as promised.

 The info I found with the pre-set letter in Greek also said that they required cash payment included etc...   That didn't sit well.
Thought about this for a few days then decided to contact local Greek Organization where I live.
Previous contact with the Greek Community and their Church had proved fruitless. So I checked for a Greek National Government Representative.

There was a Consulate-General's Office in the state's capital city so I asked them if they could help.
They did!
They did all the contacting of the local authorities on the island where my Uncle was born.  In due course I received an  Official Birth Certificate for whom they say was my uncle. 

Sadly this has added to the issue.

I now have a surname for him that relates to a large influential family in this city. This family's Greek last name is the same as that given for my uncle.

It is taken from the village of the child's birth.  They also have a family member named Anthony.

I am wondering if in the generation earlier the fathers were brothers.

Before I go any further I shall obtain the Death Certificate for his cousin who was the informant on his Death Certifcate.

Thanks for assistance so far,

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: One to may browseer results
« on: Thursday 07 April 22 13:56 BST (UK)  »

No I  haven't tried adjusting anything .. I'll give that a try  and let you know what it comes up as.

I have gone back and checked all the segment sizes and the smallest tiangulated one is for the smallest match which is C. 

Just thinking about the MH info I'm wondering about this.  Person A is the descendant of a sister or maybe half sister to my female ancestor.  That would make the connection maternal, unless she is a full sister with the same set of parents.  Or it might lead to a different male as father of sister.

Does that sound logical?

One way or the other it's got to lead somewhere.
More thinking needed.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: One to may browser results
« on: Wednesday 06 April 22 12:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi Zaphod99

It's just away of indicating that the matches are all on the same chromosome and all in the same place.
   Yes, it's one between 1 and 22.    Like A, B, C for the people.

Does it make any difference which Chromosome it is?
 It's chromosome 4 but I didn't think that would matter. It could have occurred on 6 or 8 if that was
where the match was.
Sorry if I have confused anyone.

CorleyMiller,     Yes the triangulation points are on the same segment on the same chromosome NO 4.
              There is almost no change in size except for A. The triangulation there is a part of a larger segment.
Yes I have lots below the 30cM mark. I don't know why.

addit: have just read the link and it's very similar. I am hoping that this tiny cluster might open a chink in a brick wall.  I know A's link to me but i don't know how either b or C do to anyone.  I have started tracing trees.  I was hoping that I might get a clue as to what line B is on. maternal or paternal. 

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / One to may browseer results
« on: Wednesday 06 April 22 03:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi  Everyone, 
This may be a small issue but I cannot logically reason some sense from these results: 

Tested with MyHer over a year ago... Lots of matches and ran autoclusters
Have just re-run autoclusters as there are many more matches. 

the cluster combinations have altered and people moved from one to another etc. most of which make good sense, but I have one completely new cluster.  It contains only three people.
A.   gender Male     cM 105.6
B.  gender  Male     cM 29,8
C.  gender Female  cM 29,7

A.   I already know about and is from UK &  has a large tree and is related to me as a cousin.
      [1st to 3rd variations]

B  is from USA  and C  is from USA also but connections in UK. 
Looking at my match list for each of these I have

      A triangulating with  B   on ch Q

     B  triangulating  with C  on ch Q

     C triangulating  with B on ch Q

With A from here there is no person C. 
With C  from here there is no person A  In their respective match lists

Now using the one to many Browser  which includes me

  B and C triangulate on chr Q  but don't when A is added
  B and A triangulate on chr Q  but don't when C is added
  A and C do not triangulate and don't when B is added

So is this indicating that the segments are on opposite strands of ch Q  or what?

I then looked at taking some common matches from all three match lists 
  so I used persons X Y Z  and A

  So X and Y and A triplet Triangulated on ch Q

So these must all be in exactly the same place on the same part of the pair. It this correct?

However again if I add B or C the triangulation does not occur. Removing them and adding another common individual  L  the triangulation occurred.

My problem is: What is this telling me about A, B and C  and what do I need to look for in other places?

Any Ideas would be helpful and appreciated before I start building trees for B and C.

Regards Essnell.

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