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The Common Room / Re: GRO Records contents
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 08:19 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Jebber,
I shall take a look.

Maybe it might be useful to also see what the relevant Local Registry Office has.
 The documents look just like someone had type in the information from some sort of source document.
Thank you again

The Common Room / Re: GRO Records contents
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 07:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi Dundee ,

Thanks for the Info.  Old age must be catching up.


The Common Room / Re: GRO Records contents
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 02:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi bikermickau,

 I'm a Queenslander too, yes I have had dealings with NSW and VIC and SA, SA have a Genealogical Soc where you can get Certs etc  as well as the Government.

I find NSW harder as their website often is not fully functional. ::) 
Such is life.

I think I might see if I can get anything useful out of GRO, worth trying.

Take care and stay safe,

The Common Room / Re: GRO Records contents
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 02:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi and thanks to both of you.
Such quick replies. 
Dundee, No , not the Scotland ones.  These are English and i have in the past made goo use of them. the Scotland Certs are fantastic and so is SP. 

For both of you, thanks for the update on what is on the certs. So after 1900  pretty useless unless you know a lot of other information.   

 I am in Australia and what we see varies from state to state.  In my neck of the woods we can search the DB for deaths up to 1991 and  the result  shows parents if known and sometimes date of birth. So we are a bit spoilt.   We are able to get PDF immediately but Certified ones are posted. We also can get source documents.  Each state is a little different but basically the same info is available.
So now I need to rethink how to make this work in England. 

Cheers  Essnell

The Common Room / GRO Records contents
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 01:49 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

Right now I am not happy.. more likely confused. 

In the last three days I have received from GRO two death records via PDF. Both arrived on time as expected and that is fine.

However neither contain what I expected to be on them namely  "parents of the deceased". 

One is totally useless for the purpose of identifying who the deceased related to.  Nothing on it not even a brother or sister nor the person's marital status.  The informant also is not a relative.

The second is at least somewhat better.   Still no parents mentioned, not even a column for that info.  I am just lucky with this one as the informant was the persons spouse and only that that information was already known, it also would be useless for identification. In this instance the informant name only has an initial and the last name.   A. or R.....could be loads of names.

Now is what we are paying for here a shortened form of a Full Certified Posted Certificate or  is it still what the Register shows  or what.      When did GRO change the format to leave out parents..
The PDF's are from 1940's and 1950's. 
Incidentally both have been typed on a typewriter. 
I  need to know the status at GRO as there are more things to get.

Essnell :)

Tipperary / Re: School Houses
« on: Friday 27 August 21 10:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi  Gaffy,

Found it. Quite a big sign.  I was not looking at the building but near the street or fence.  That fence looks ancient.
I have taken a screenshot of it and one of the entire building the entire building. More for the file. This is really great .

Thanks again.

Tipperary / Re: School Houses
« on: Friday 27 August 21 01:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi Gaffy,

Thank you for the info on these maps. The one I got off geohive I think would be one of the earlier ones - a bit before 1852. The school is, on computer screen, to the left of the church at the far end of the village buildings. So this would be the one seen on google maps and as you say probably a Community Centre. The building on this map looks to be reasonably large.

On Googlemaps street view I can see the Community Hall but no sign about an old school.  However this hall appears to be in the same place as the School was back in 1850's.
  Thanks again Gaffy.


Tipperary / Re: School Houses
« on: Thursday 26 August 21 15:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi ,

Thank you KG for the map. Yes there is a National School marked at Burncourt. it looks like it may have been reasonable big. 

Were the National Schools attended by all children regardless of religion? 

My family I believe had a farm almost opposite the main part of the village back towards the river.

it would not have been easy for the children to walk to this school. So this is a possibility.
Those road repair references from hanes teulu confirm that the school was a focal point and it did exist.     I would bet there are no records about the school and it's history. 

so thanks for helping  add another piece to my puzzle it is really appreciated. 

Scotland / Re: Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Thursday 26 August 21 14:53 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ruthhelen,
Thank you for your reply.  Just to clear it up about what I was looking for.

Janet is the daughter of Elizabeth Brown and George Bainbridge in the earlier part of the thread
Posts #21  and #25

I decided to sort through the children for their Dates of birth and deaths and possibly other info as Robert Bower had been the initial person of interest.   This was just to get a family history together.

All was fine till I reached Janet  born 25th October 1842.
.. I was so thrown by the fact that all the children of Janet Bainbridge married to Thomas Hetherington, had her name on their birth records as Janet Hynd Hetherington, M.S. [Maiden Surname]   Bainbridge.  I was not sure if I had the correct family.    Then it made me wonder about this name Hynd.   Hence the other Janet born in 1843 who is a totally different person.

Also those records show that Thomas' s parents are unknown so that fits with the orphan information.

Thank you for the information on where Thomas Hetherington was in the various years, however I am still having issues.  On these birth records, all of them,  it clearly states that Janet and Thomas were married in the USA New-york 1864.  I also found a Thomas Hetherington immigrated to the USA in 1863 . He was 19. The age fits perfectly.

Also on the 1871 and 1881  their son Thomas was born in the USA   5ys old in 1871 , then 15 on the following one.

And the 1871 says that the  Head Thomas was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire     and the 1817 when he is a border, the birth place is Glasgow Lanarkshire also and he is a clerk.

The immigration statement also says he was a clerk and that occupation is also on the children’s birth records.    ie. Clerk , Commercial clerk, Spirit Merchant Salesman , Merchant Sales Clerk  etc

  So I think all the above is the correct story,  I would love to get a USA Marriage doc for them or Thomas Jnr’s birth there.

Thank you so much for helping me get this part sorted out.   :)
I might see what there is to be found with George and Jean Craig.

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