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The Common Room / Incoming passengers to UK
« on: Monday 16 May 22 15:47 BST (UK)  »

How do I find  Incoming Passenger lists for persons from the USA around 1860- 1870 to the UK.

I am getting the immigration recs to USA easily but not for people returning.

I am endeavouring to track some family members movements between the two countries.

Would UK ones include Scotland?

Thanks for any ideas .

Scotland / Re: Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Sunday 15 May 22 04:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi Zeus2468,

I have sent you PM.  [  Personal Message ]. Check your message box.


Scotland / Re: Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Saturday 14 May 22 07:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi again

The Scottish man photo;   so, to state the  obvious, it's a studio photo, but anything on the reverse that might help with knowing when or where it was taken? 

He looks to have grey hair so I think and older gentleman but if he was fair headed then ??? .


Scotland / Re: Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Saturday 14 May 22 07:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi Zeus2468

Wow . Those images are fantastic. Might your mum remember who the other's are.  We could probably guess.  The gentleman in the kilt  ---- who was older Hetherington or Henderson.  I think probably Hetherington.
Having put the images up here, there's a possibility someone might know.  I certainly don't.  It might never happen but look what you found!!

I have a note for the marriage of Thomas and Janet - sometime between 1864 and 1866. I don't have a USA document - just hints to those dates.     Knowing the USA , it should be able to be found.   
It's odd that there seems not to be one. 

Going to look at that Scotsman again  ... be back


Scotland / Re: Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Saturday 14 May 22 05:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi Zeus2468,

Thank you Julie, for sharing about your gt great grandparents.

Would you mind if I try again to get the USA marriage Cert?

I just made a small tree from your info -  so its fascination following the connections.  I suppose that there are connections in both Canada and Kansas,USA.

So Harry was in Australia during WW1 or WW11.  Were the Bainbridge family in the Brisbane/Ipswich area in Queensland?

The Henderson name is interesting as I have a distant Henderson in USA. but there are some known Hendersons also here in Australia -  wonder if there is any connection there as well. 

Are you still in Queensland.....I am.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Leeds method - help
« on: Saturday 14 May 22 03:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi Biggles50,
Thank you for the reply. 
I have only tested with MyHeritage so all my match info comes from them not Ancestry. 
I've done some checking.

I didn't add her to my Leeds list, as on my MyH  site match  list she is marked 3rd - distant  -  but  they could be wrong with that seeing  that all the matches she has  are many of the same people from others; Several of whom I have full trees for, which are connected to me.   

My thoughts are that the possibility lies in that these descend from my Great Grandparent's siblings.

My Highest cM Value starts at 202.4cM  so nothing spectacular.  There are exactly 8 before it drops below 90cM. All of them are known.     So : two from one line.    4 from another.  1 each from the remaining two names.   I know where these all fit: one  single unit I know - Its my grandmother's family on my fathers side, the other with one known cousin is my grandmother's family on my mother's line.

 I am trying to find who in this massive full list of 5000 Plus belong to grandmother's family on my mother's line.  I was hoping to do that in order to work from there and try to connect to mu Great Grandmother's line .
 I have the full tree for this cousin - single match and oddly no links to any of that .
 I have two links  that are of matches of matches of this single person:  One I have made contact with but owing to a death there is a delay in getting any dialogue going.  The other is at a stand still - no where to go.

Ok! I think I have confused everyone including myself.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Leeds method - help
« on: Saturday 14 May 22 01:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rosinish, 

Yes, I know and I didn't mean to be critical, sorry.  It would be great if they could.  Almost an impossible wish.

Scotland / Re: Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Saturday 14 May 22 01:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi Julie     Welcome to RootsChat....
This  is Essnell who started this discussion.  It is so great that you have found this .

  I am really pleased to find a connection to Janet and Thomas.  Thank you for posting.
  Do you know much about your Gt Gt Grandparents?   For me, they are part of a much larger search on behalf of several cousins.
Interesting that the McFadyen name is showing in your matches. There is connection that I will check out for you from my records later today.   Memory isn't always perfect.

For now it's great to connect.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Leeds method - help
« on: Friday 13 May 22 13:37 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone.
Something odd.  From the Leeds Chart I have been compiling.

I have come across a match  of a match that matches to me within the range I chose to use.  Now this person is not on my list from the testing company yet they are definitely within this family.  Their match list comprises almost exactly to many others Lists and in the same order as well as to mine. 

I  am supposed to match to all of these other persons which would be right according to my paper information. 

Anyone any ideas as to why under these circumstances I don't have this person on my match list.
The match lists are from one compamy, I presume, unless uploaded data from a different company, makes things different.


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