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Canada / Re: Alex Bergin Plummer
« on: Wednesday 29 January 14 07:21 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks, bbart, for this info - I am sure that the Plummer family did originally come from Ireland. You are right, ancestor hunting is just like a jigsaw puzzle, first of all you have to find the pieces and sometimes it is more difficult to know where to put them !!  Thanks again for your help, Liz

Canada / Re: Alex Bergin Plummer
« on: Tuesday 28 January 14 09:03 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you very much indeed to everyone for your help - I am disappointed that the BC records don't have later dates - I'll just have to be patient !!
Shawnigan Lake School seems to be a very smart place to be educated...

Concerning AA Plummer's brother Anthony - I found the original Fane Becher dating back to the 1500s and who founded the town of Bandon in Co Cork, Ireland !!!

Many thanks again, Liz

Canada / Re: Alex Bergin Plummer
« on: Saturday 25 January 14 06:58 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks a million to both of you - I wonder is it possible to know if Alex & Shirley had any children ?
In the photo which one do you think is Shirley.
That is great to have detail of his naval career - Alex seems to have been a salesman after that...

On Alex snr 's death cert, there is the signature of his brother, Anthony F. - so that is probably the connection with the second name Fane.  Their mother's maiden name perhaps...


Canada / Alex Bergin Plummer
« on: Friday 24 January 14 14:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again rootschatters !
This is a follow-up message to my posting re Kathleen Plummer née Henderson exactly a year ago !
I discovered that Kathleen & her husband Alec Alfred had two sons - the youngest one was Stephen Fane Plummer who died in 1919 aged 2.  The elder one was the above Alex Bergin Plummer.  He would have been born abt 1916 and I have found him on a few ships' crew lists from 1935-1938.
Then he appears on Voters'Lists ... in 1953 living with his parents and his wife Shirley in Caulfeild, Vancouver, BC, address Howe Lane.  In 1962 Shirley is at the same address by herself and in 1968 I found Alex in Victoria, self-employed.
I can't find his marriage to Shirley, I don't have her maiden name , nor can I find their deaths.
Kathleen & Alec Alfred both died in 1958 and are buried in Capiliano View Cemetery, West Vancouver.  I don't seem to be able to access the site to see if anyone else of the family is there too.  Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks, Liz

Armagh / Re: Isaac Johnston, Armagh
« on: Friday 15 November 13 13:31 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you very much for all your advice - I am going to contact the church to start with, and see what they have to say.  Many thanks again, Liz

Armagh / Re: Isaac Johnston, Armagh
« on: Sunday 10 November 13 16:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again Rootschatters,   I don't know if it is possible to pick up this thread again .  I was in N. Ireland in the summer and went to Middleton, and found NOBODY in the graveyard !!
I was hoping that the whole Johnston family would be there - the presbyterian one.  The church of I one seems to be next door, but everything was locked and I couldn't get in ....  And then I tried Drumhillery, no luck there either !
My great great grandmother Rachel Johnston is the Head of Family in the 1901 census. I know she is buried in St Mark's in Armagh with her husband William Johnston who died in 1875.  Her daughters Margaret Ann, Isabella, Martha and Ellen don't seem to have married... And her sons Matthew and James , I didn't find anything either. So where are they all buried ? 
The only daughter to marry seems to have been Sarah who married John Gillanders in 1889.  Sarah died about 1900 but I can't find where...
Her daughter, another Rachel, married Robert Meaklim in Drumhillery in 1918.
They had two children , Sadie and Robert John.  Apparently he died in 1984.

I am going around in circles and getting nowhere - I hope to get back to N Ireland at the beginning of Dec so would really like to get more information .  Any help would be really appreciated, many many thanks in advance .   Liz

Antrim / Re: Taggerty/Andrews marriage 1937
« on: Saturday 05 October 13 13:55 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much - early 2014 is only just around the corner, so I'll wait for that !

Antrim / Re: John Johnston, Ashley Lodge, Ballymacarrett
« on: Saturday 05 October 13 12:26 BST (UK)  »
Apologies, my mistake - JJ's wife is Anne or Anna , Mary was his daughter.
That grave is the right one, but there is no trace of her maiden name.

That Maturin site is "mine" - I was looking to see if I could tie up a few annoying details !

Many thanks to you both for your help.

Antrim / John Johnston, Ashley Lodge, Ballymacarrett
« on: Saturday 05 October 13 09:36 BST (UK)  »
<hello everyone,
This is one of my brick walls !  JJ was son of my great x4 grandfather, another John Johnston , ironmonger, of Dublin.  He was born about 1780.  At some stage he moved to the North .  He married  his wife Mary, either in Dublin or the North and had three children, John , Anna & Margaret.
Mary died in 1820 aged 33.  She is buried in Clifton St graveyard but there is no mention of her maiden name - I have never been able to find her marriage....
I think John Johnston may have been involved in the Linen Trade with his cousin Jonathan Sisson but I can find no confirmation of this.   JJ married secondly Agnes Gemmill in Nov 1823 in Rosemary St Presbyterian Church and had three more children.  He died in 1833. 
In conclusion, I would very much like to find JJ's first marriage, his wife Mary's maiden name, and perhaps some information about his son John who would have been born abt 1814-1816.
Many thanks in advance, Liz

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