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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Gareys in London around 1800
« on: Wednesday 17 November 10 08:20 GMT (UK)  »
I was just looking at my Hampshire lists. Stockbridge is very close to Brook and Kings Sombourne, and Mapledurwell is not far. I have several lines in those places. They may be a different family (ies) but this one suggests some of them moved to London:
Robert m Ann Kearsley 1808 in Mapledurwell, son George b 1811 Maple;
his son George b 1850 Basingstoke, but buried at Lambeth. Daughter Jessie was b Lambeth, buried Bexley Heath.
In Stockbridge I find Garey m Selena, who d 1843 Stockbridge.
The Stockbridge family is old: Nickles Garey m Sari, and daughter Elizabeth bapt Stockbridge 28/12/1694.
William b 1731 Stockbridge m Elizabeth Smith in Morden 29/2/1756.
There are several other unlinked Gareys in Mapledurwell.
In Kings and Brook Sombourne were William b 1847, and son Thomas W b 1869.

So a different family or the roots of the East Enders?


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Gareys in London around 1800
« on: Wednesday 17 November 10 07:48 GMT (UK)  »
I have now read the overnight posts.

I had Richard m Elizabeth Lawrance 1811 at St BB, (BB for Botolph Bishopsgate, not Brigitte Bardot) but I could not link it to my Edward's family.
I also have a Richard m Elizabeth, who had a son Henry, but he was bapt in Birmingham 1815.
I have a Richard m Ann, children Susanne bapt 8/11/1757 St BB, and Esther bapt 26/11/1756 St BB.

Henry William was my gr gr grandfather.

Carpenters: yes, many of the family were in that trade it seems, as far as my grandfather Marcus, and I am quite handy too! His father, Richard Thomas left the East End for Stroud where, I was told, a new walking stick factory was set up.

The possible link to Stockbridge is interesting: There are other Gareys in Hampshire. Edward and Mary Ann in Bethnal Green are new to me. Born Stockbridge. I have a note that I saw that Mary Warner was from Upminster. To my shame I did not record where I got that. I think is was a visit to Guildhall a few years back, near the start of my searches.
Were my Edward's parents then Richard and Hannah (maybe Hannah Elliott, whom I do not have)?
Also maybe Edward buried Haggerton in 1851.
And the 1841 census Ed age 64 and Mary 58, with sons Thomas and Richard.

I have tried to make trees of all the East End Gareys I have so far, including those who went off to Australia, where there are lots of them in NSW cemeteries and homes.

It begins to fit in, and I am very grateful to you all. I shall now try to put this potential information into a new tree and see what it looks like.


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Gareys in London around 1800
« on: Wednesday 17 November 10 06:14 GMT (UK)  »
You really are efficient! Thanks to you all. I shall check my other listings, as I have them, later today, and get back to you.


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Gareys in London around 1800
« on: Tuesday 16 November 10 18:12 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the quick reply Amy. As I live away from England it is difficult for me to get to the sources physically, but all that I have searched on the internet has not helped much. I just now looked at the 1891 census online for London and Middx and there were no Gareys at all, which cannot be right.
It seems that marriage ceritificates so early gave no clue to family relationships. Is that right?
I have worked out a whole set of Garey families living in parallel within streets of each other in the late 1700s and early 1800s, but I just need to link them!

Edward and Mary had several chlidren:
Mary Ann b 8.9.1807
Henry William bapt 21.7.1816 St Botolph Bishopsgate
Thomas Edward  bapt 21.7.1816 St B B (so maybe twins?)
Richard Moses bapt 18.7.1819 St B B
Richard James bapt 2.1.1825 St B B

jim1: poor transcriptiion is a problem always. There are Careys, Gearys, Gerrys, Garys (especially when some of the family got to the USA, when the name changed within families). One of my ancestors was transcribed as GOREY, but I have sorted that out.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Family History Beginners Board / Gareys in London around 1800
« on: Tuesday 16 November 10 17:10 GMT (UK)  »
This is my first post on this forum, so please excuse me if I have got the wrong place.
I have for some years been trying to trace back my Garey family in the East End of London, using family legend, Internet and, when possible, Kew and Guildhall. I have got stuck at:
Edward Garey m Mary Warner 1807.
After that it goes:
  Henry William b 1816 m Elizabeth Jones in 1835
    Richard Thomas (1845-1914) m Augusta Unger (1848-1902) in 1869
      Marcus George 1882-1957 m Sarah Ann Green (1883-1968) in 1912
        Cyril Marcus (1916-2007) m my mother.

Richard Thomas was a walking stick carver. He went off from London to the Stroud area. I note there was a new walking stick factory there, and that was his job.

My problem is to get back further. There were a lot of Gareys locally around the Shoreditch area arund 1800, so I wonder if anyone has a link between these possibly related families.


PS: edited to remove living persons' details

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