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Kent / John PARRETT 13th Foot, died Gillingham 1858
« on: Thursday 04 January 24 01:04 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to establish whether or not this death is for my ancestor --John PARRETT b.1838, parents Robert and Elizabeth. Surrey

My man is correctly with family in 1841

Also 1851 with family

Searching  1861, I have not been able to find one of the correct spelling, correct birth place,  correct birth year.

I purchased the attached death certificate which shows a chap of about the right age dying at Garrison Hospital, Gillingham. A private in 13th Foot.

I need advice on where I may find records relating to this place and the 13th Foot.

Glad of any help.


Devon / Coroner Informant on Woolacott Death Certificate 1841.
« on: Monday 24 July 23 00:22 BST (UK)  »

This is the death certificate of an ancestor, William Woolacott, who lived and died in Burrington, Devon. I have a couple of queries about it.
The 1841 census  (6th June) show his wife Sarah, and some family members without him in Burrington. 

The death date on the certificate is May 30th 1841, but the registration date is October 8th 1841. That is a long gap. I wonder why.

Is it because there was a long wait for the attendance of the coroner who could not register the death until after his inquiry?
And why would the coroner for Devon be called in? 
His headstone at St Mary’s High Bickington Church  confirms death date, and records show his burial as 3rd June, 1841
He had been a farmer in Burrington but seems to have taken over a road maintenance job in later life with his wife as toll gate keeper.
I will appreciate any advise on this.

Australia / Has the robot question gone?
« on: Monday 27 February 23 06:07 GMT (UK)  »
It looks as if the captcha requirement on BMD NSW has been discontinued  ;D


The Lighter Side / I don't think it's contagious after all!
« on: Monday 14 March 22 01:30 GMT (UK)  »
 I just had coffee with a friend who said she was clearing out all her ancient accumulated rubbish for the annual council collection.

The photo albums full of "rubbishy postcards from a century ago".....

Well you can imagine me.... I gave her a very serious talking to and she has gone home and called me to say she's pulled them out of the bin.

I thought this sounded very positive until she explained that she  will open an online account to  sell them to "someone who may be interested" ::)

Just not catching the bug ;D



The Common Room / Story of a 1930's wedding in an old box
« on: Saturday 15 January 22 22:43 GMT (UK)  »
I thought this was a lovely story about a wedding treasure box found almost 100 years after the event
A happy read ;D


Australia / Is Ancestry behaving strangely?
« on: Sunday 22 October 17 02:00 BST (UK)  »
Is it only me or is Ancestry doing an odd thing today?

After a search in  any of the categories (e g immigration, census collection etc), when I use the 'edit search' option, instead of the correct screen for that coming up, it defaults to a universal search to search all records held.

Hope they do not think it a "new improvement" to the Ancestry facility because it is not. ::)

Can someone test and see if it happens for other subscribers?


Roxburghshire / Dr William BLAIR, Abbey Green, Jedburgh
« on: Wednesday 05 July 17 00:30 BST (UK)  »
William BLAIR was born about 1837 and by 1871 was practicing medicine at Abbey Green, Jedburgh. He died in 1929
I have done fairly well with details of his  wife, children and further descendants, but would like help with a couple of points.

Many newspaper references say the family was "of Abbey Green"

Where exactly is Abbey Green?
Looking at maps online I cannot quite clarify this.

{I did see a Blair Avenue in Jedburgh ;D ;D}

My other query is about cemeteries.

He and his wife (Jessie Hardie BLAIR d. 1895), and at least one daughter (Ella BLAIR= Jessie Hardie Isabella BLAIR d. 1947), died at Abbey Green. Where is the most like burial place?

Very glad if someone can help.


London and Middlesex / Which Cemeteries to search Teddington
« on: Wednesday 08 March 17 06:36 GMT (UK)  »
 Hi All
I have no indication that my people of interest are in fact deceased.

However, if they were to have died in just the last few years, can someone advise me which cemetery/cemeteries would be likely for interment if they lived in Teddington, Middlesex.


Australia / Metropolitan Cemetery Trust Melbourne. What's going on?
« on: Friday 26 August 16 00:46 BST (UK)  »

Has anyone else tried to conduct  a deceased person search on the website recently?

It has had an "upgrade" and consequently is quite baffling (to me anyway).

Suppose I want to search for the interment of a chap named William Robertson and I know nothing about him but that he died in 1939.

I open search page, agree to their terms and enter the name.

Up come the results with up to 5 pages of men of the name . Total of 63 William Robertsons

All of the entries show the cemetery and precise location.

BUT Only some of these show a date.

When I click on "show on map"  in hopes of more information, (such as a date) up comes a map of the cemetery showing the whereabouts of an unrelated person of a completely different name with their details of date and age etc.

Now, please tell me what I am doing wrong. I must have missed an important click somewhere in the process ::)

I emailed the Trust on the subject but no reply or explanation was forthcoming


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