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« on: Sunday 31 August 14 05:39 BST (UK)  »
In the past I have had help on the Devon board with attempts at locating my John WOOLACOTT living in Devon  prior to his immigration to Victoria, Australia with his wife Mary (nee FROST) in 1848 with two children  ;D

With a little more information coming to light at my end, I think I have found him as a younger man aged 20 on the 1841 census

The family's Immigration record 1848, shows him aged 27 and from Burrington, Devon.
The man on the 1841 census is living in Burrington and the birth year is approximately correct.
He was a builder in his Australian life and the census man is a joiner in 1841

The entry reads as follows.( I have attached a link to the page also.)

Entry 19
Week Croft Gate
WOOLACOT(T) Sarah aged 50. Toll Collector
WOOLACOT(T)  Mary aged 15
WOOLACOT(T) Thomas aged 10
WOOLACOT(T)  Sarah Jane aged 7
All born in county

Entry 20
Hunters Inn
WOOLACOT(T) William Aged 20 Publican
WOOLACOT(T) John aged 20 Joiner
Both born in county

I feel there is a possibility that the Sarah WOOLACOT(T) shown is the mother of John. His death certificate shows his mother to be Sarah (nee MAY) and father John

I would particularly like help to understand some aspects of the census information.
Does anyone know what Week Croft Gate is/was?
Is it a toll gate and did Sarah possibly collect such tolls?

Has anyone heard of a Hunters Inn in Burrington all those years ago or can I be directed to places for further research? 

Durham / William HOLMES and Mary Clarke
« on: Sunday 08 September 13 03:57 BST (UK)  »
 I have found this Marriage on Familysearch.

Name William HOLMES
The name of spouse Mary CLARKE
Date 19 Jun 1849
At Deptford, Durham, England
Father of Groom  Robert Holmes
Father of Bride Isaac Frances
Indexing Project (Batch) Number   I02956-3
System Origin   England-EASy
GS Film number   1514556
Reference ID   item 2 p 31
My great grandmother was Annie HOLMES.
She married in 1875 in Victoria, Australia and on her marriage certificate gives her father's name as William HOLMES, farmer, and her mother as Mary (nee CLARKE)
A date of her birth is given as 1851 but this is not at all certain.

The place of birth is given as Lancaster. However Annie was not literate and the information on the certificate would have been dictated. (Was it, for instance,Lanchester?) Confusion would be easy and nothing on any later certificate clarifies the place of her birth. (Or in fact anything about her origins/parents) :o

Is anything further able to be found on this couple, their children etc?

I am not experienced with English research and will appreciate any help.


Australia / Sprinvale Botanical Cemetery- website change
« on: Friday 29 March 13 00:06 GMT (UK)  »
I note this morning that Springvale is joining the group Southern Metropolitan Cemetery Trust
It seems the search mode will now be similar to the others in the affiliation Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust.

Having watched over recent times as other cemeteries handed over their databases to these groups the result will probably be a reduction of the amount information available  about an interrment and limited search options which, in the case of Springvale were very comprehensive indeed.

The website at present is notifying of upcoming cemetery additions to their search facility, but I am not optomistic.

There are very frequent "collapses" and malfunctions of the site and some cemeteries which were once available for deceased search are no longer availble at all.

The Fawkner/Coburg Cemetery has kept its former online presence as well as being searchable through GMCT (  deceased details being very limited through the latter).

All a bit disappointing really.  It seems to be the methodical dismantling of a some good systems and construction of one with generally inferior results all round. To my way of thinking anyhow   ::)


Hi All
Year 1898 REG 3567 Stancliffe    Joseph  Aged 68Y

We are wondering whether this is the man we have been seeking for some time and have been unable to trace. He was a Horse Dealer in Victoria Aust. with a wife and family in Geelong, but before 1872, he seems to have disappeared.  No death in Victoria has been found.

Newspaper items regarding him in Victoria appear up to early 1860's All about horses.

Newspaper items regarding him in NZ appear from around 1869. Again, all about horses!

These items are in papers around WANGANUI and AUCKLAND. Perhaps he lived and died near these places

I will purchase a printout of the death, but, in the meantime, is there someone who can offer guidance for a Cemetery Search.,252515.10.html
Link to previous thread about Joseph in Vic.


Australia Lookups completed / what kind of maid was JANE... Completed.
« on: Sunday 16 October 11 08:07 BST (UK)  »
Wonder if any here can read what kind of maid JANE Bennett is.

I will try the deciphering board if no luck here.


Technical Help / "cached" option disappeared in Google
« on: Saturday 20 August 11 23:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

Yesterday when I used Google to search for a specific piece of information, I noted the option for a Cached view has disappeared and is  still gone.

Other than that, everything on the pages and links are quite normal.

I rely on those little coloured highlights a lot, though I do know I can use Ctrl F for the same purpose, even though it is a longer process.

Has this happened to anyone else and how do you get the option back again?


Australia Lookups completed / Electoral Roll QLD lookup advice please.Completed
« on: Friday 01 July 11 09:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,
Is it true or not that the "Ask a Librarian " Service for QLD State Library is only available to those living in that state?

I am trying to get a look up of Rolls in more recent years than those available online and I do not live in QLD.

Is anyone able to help or advise me?


Australia / NEWS re. NSW online BMD functioning very badly
« on: Friday 03 June 11 07:18 BST (UK)  »
An email this afternoon. :D


Good Afternoon

I can now confirm that the Registry is currently creating a new database with improved searching capabilities. The new system will be introduced within the next 6 to 12 months.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Nicole Azoury
Senior Administration Officer
Executive Unit

Australia / NSW online bdm functioning very badly
« on: Sunday 22 May 11 01:34 BST (UK)  »
Am I alone in finding the workings of the NSW historical  bdm search growing poorer and poorer?

Time delays while waiting for results of a query are steadily extending and total time outs are not unusual.

 Over the last couple of days,  Error messages saying "not permitted"  come up if you try to use *  in a wildcard search.

I have emailed them about this, but no improvements to date :(

It used to be leader in the online bdm search facilities. Now I think it hardly rates

Are others encountering the same problems?


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