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ec,  Edwin must be a confused widower about when he immigrated....

Arrival August 9, 1891 Boston
Ship" "Cephalonia"
Edwin Lucy 26  Gilder    Last Residence/Birthplace:  England
Edwina Lucy 24
Charles Lucy  Infant

Can't find him still in 1900.

He's a Lodger in a boarding house in both the 1910 and 1920 census.

Profession in 1920 I think is "Packer at a Quilt Factory".

Will look for son Charles and Edwin in 1930!

Okay --  took me a while to straighten that out..... 

The Edwin S. Lucy you have above  I found yesterday when looking for the Spedding group of (wool sorters) and wondered if "Picture Framer" could be stretched to "Furniture Dealer"......however at that moment, did not have the UK census info noting his profession as a "picture framer" (or it hadn't computed in my foggy brain yet)   ----- so think that has to be BINGO!     He didn't pop out in 1900 US  but will check again --  would be nice to see wife, children with him then.    Bummer that there is no US 1890!

The Edwin I was think of above is in 1880 PHILADELPHIA and is KING  -- 
Edwin King b. 1833 in Eng  F/M: Eng   Lamp Maker
wife Lizzie   b. 1834 b. in Ire  F/M: Ire
dau  Lillie b. 1856  PA  School Teacher
dau Lizzie b. 1858 PA Store Clerk
Annie Baker Boarder b. 1817 PA  F/M: PA

Maria's brother Edwin King b. 1838 but wife Eliza b. 1840 in Stockport and dau Lilly Eliza b. 1861 in Stockport.

However, Maria has a cousin Edwin as well who is at large! 


Hi ec!  Thanks for the Margaret Hadfield info.

I found that Edwin Lucy in US in 1880  --  1880 doesn't give a whole lot of info  --   but was interested in that wife was "Lizzie", a dau Lillie and another dau "Lizzie".  He was a picture framer in New Bedford, Bristol, MA. Think there was also a boarder.   Dates were off on Edwin, wife, and Lillie by several years ---  but that is not uncommon. 

I didn't go further with him 'cause the daus indicated born in Mass.  and Wife b. in Ireland!   Lizzie/Eliza Coller b. in Stockport, England, I thought!

No "Sparks" name or middle initial included in 1880 and immigration info isn't requested in 1880.

But I'll go have another look at him in 1900, etc.   Thanks!  Good find!


Oh well...... our guy could be a Head (taking care of parents/family) or a son, etc. on census nite......or he could have been travelling.....

I think we should just give it up for now.....too exhausting...maybe it will come back to us after it rests for a while.   

Working on the "Kemp"  name to see if any leads there but nothing yet.

Thanks for all your work, ec!  Enjoy your weekend! 


ec, from "the list"  can we see these 2 in 1861/1871 and see if anything of interest?

John Lucy b.1809  Liverpool Lodger  Birkenhead  Cheshire   
(would have been 45 when he married and  60ish when he died)

John Lucy b. 1833  Thaxted, Essex  Boarder  Loughton  Essex   
(common age as Maria)


SORRY!  I'm an idiot American!   How's your US place name/geography associations, by the way?? LOL  ;D

Bottom line is the marriage seemed to have happened in L'pool Lancashire but two differing records of the marriage on hand?? 

So are we right back where we started????


Lanchashire BMD on line
1855 Maria M. King married John K. Lucy
in Everton, St. Chrysostom, Liverpool, on Aubrey Street.
I googled St. Chrysostom and it was a new CofE only opened in 1852 or1853.

Perhaps it is a totally wrong record --- L'pool seemed to make sense.... but maybe it is Derby.   Really don't know. 

I've followed totally wrong tracks before on my own family with a lot more information at hand!

From record of her 2nd marriage to Mr. Salmon, Maria's  middle name is Martha.

I think all the marriages that I had previously which you matched up yesterday with census listing were  all Stockport, Cheshire.....

However Samuel Marples, husband of dau Jessie Eliza was b. in Derby.

Carol pm'd 1861 John Lucy's  --  38 of them  several of the them located in Derby.  I'll sort those out and post them shortly.

It's up to Liverpool Annie to pursue certificates if she wishes --  this is her family I've been researching.


ec,  I don't know if "K" is for "Kemp".   Have never seen Kemp used in any of the children's second names so no way for me to know.

No Agnes nor George among the names known. 

Haven't encountered any Derby connections yet.

Maybe Annie will have some thoughts ........


Fred ....  icognito......he's the one doing time in 1901 at the behest of HM's government....this Lucy guy seems to be serving Uncle Sam!

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