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Yet another variant....

Mary Ellen Bartlum c. Aug 8, 1858 St. George Hulme, Lancs
Father:  Edward Bartlum
Mother:  Rebeccah King

Hi Keith!  thanks for your interest

From my original post above --  Thomas Ellis Bartlams's wife I think is Elizabeth Amson  likely b. 1817  Whitechurch, Shrop

IGI Marriage record:  Thomas Ellies [sic?] Bartlam m. Elizabeth Amson July 15, 1832 Addersley, Shropshire

OR were you speaking of son Edward wife --   His wife is Rebecca King b. in Clerkenwell, Middlesex and I already have all the goods on her and Edward after marriage. 

Anything on Bartlam in 1841 census would be helpful!
Thomas Ellis Bartlam  b. 1807 Neaton in Hales
Father Edward Bartlam
Mother Mary Davis  (maybe)

Edward Bartlam m. Mary Davis Sep 26, 1780 in Claines, Worcester, however.

Many thanks!

Hi Carol!

Thanks for looking in on the thread. 

Yes, Peter was involved last week when we were hot and heavy into sorting out the Cheshire connections --  especially from the earlier generation. 

Also the Cheshire BMD is quite complete and quite helpful.

The "name game"  and that this group seems to roam between so many locations is the biggest challenge!

Thanks again!


a Louisa Howard died Dec 1900 at age 56 <1844> in Chorlton, Lancs

Dead on for birth year and location is a known one for the family

BUT she was in Manningham, Yorkshire in 1881 (with mother Louisa King, sis & niece Rebecca/Anne Bartlam and son Samuel Howard).   

Whereabouts unknown for 1891 and 1901.


Rebecca Bartlam died Sep Qtr 1904 at age 68 <1836> in Bradford, York


YES!!  ;D ;D ;D

And no Pickles!

Looks like this search has some life in it yet!!!

If we ever decide to go underground and need a new name, I think we've found the PERFECT Alias.........

Excellent job, Catherine!


Another in the Howard to Bartham connection -- i.e. marriage between the sister/brother-in-law families.

Catherine Howard may have m. a John Bartham Jun 1841 in Manchester Lancs


Hi Catherine,

Talk about a dog with a bone!  Posted on the Shropshire board for 1851 Look up for Thomas Ellis Bartlem  on the basis of the following......

BMD:  Edward Bartlem d. Dec. 1870  age 37 <1833> in Chorlton Lancs *
This looks good for Rebecca’s husband’s death.

Edward Ellis Bartlem c. Mar 16, 1833 Adderly, Shropshire
IGI Ext. Record; no other sibs listed under the Batch No
Father:  Thomas Ellis Bartlem
              Thomas Ellis Bartlam c. Mar 22, 1807 Norton in Hales, Shropshire
                     Father:  Edward **
                     Mother:  Mary
Mother:   Elizabeth
                 Eliza Amson c. by parents John and Ann Amson in
                 Whitechurch, Shrop Sep 1817

IGI Ext. Record:
Thomas Ellies [sic?] Bartlam m. Elizabeth Amson July 15, 1832 Addersley, Shropshire

Thomas would be about 25 when married; Eliza/Elizabeth about 15??  But maybe
Gap between christening and birth date??

** Edward Bartlam m. Mary Davis Sep 26, 1780 in Claines, Worcester     Time frame looks right but Worcester location??

Ellis Bartlam b. June 1901 Stockport, Cheshire  --   but child of whom?

Marriage of Annie Bartlam June, 1884 Bradford York to either
Squire Pickles                    (Blimey! Hope not!)
Joseph Francis Whitaker   (much better!)
A possible for Rebecca & Edwards dau Anne ???

Several other Bartlam births/deaths in Stockport or Lancs 1859, 1864, 1868 but can’t make a definite connection so not clogging up the works (more!) with them. Names Charlotte, Edward, John Edward Bartlam.

*Chorlton on/upon Medock, Lancs is where Rebecca and Edward are living in 1861; where Rebecca is as a widow in 1871. Edward dies between the 1861 and 1871 census.
It is also where her parents (Joseph & Louisa King) reside in 1871.   

Edward lists Shropshire as his bp in 1861.

Recap:  Bartham, Barkan, Bartlam, Bartlem, Burtham, Barttum 

Beginning to think BARTLAM/BARTLEM is the correct variant.


1851 Look up for Thomas Ellis BARTLAM in Shropshire  (or Lancs/Cheshire??)

Thomas Ellis Bartlam    (variant Bartlem – also Bartham, Barkan, Burtham, Barttum)
Thomas Ellis likely b. 1807 Norton in Hales, Shropshire
Wife Elizabeth (nee Amson?)  likely b. 1817  Whitechurch, Shrop
Son Edward Ellis Bartlam  b. Mar 1833 Adderly Shrop       (d. 1870, Chorlton, Lancs)

Thomas Ellies [sic?] Bartlam m. Elizabeth Amson July 15, 1832 Addersley, Shropshire

Son Edward married in 1854 in Heaton Norris, (Stockport) Cheshire (Found as “Bartham”)
1861son Edward living in Chorlton on Medocks, Lancs.  (Found as “Barkan”)

Would like to find Father Thomas Ellis Bartlam in 1851 to verify location and other children or relatives maybe living with them.

Many many thanks!

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