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Lancashire / Re: Joseph Mayer of Liverpool
« on: Wednesday 25 October 06 21:54 BST (UK)  »

This was taken from Picton, Memorials of Liverpool, vol 2 page 512.

The death of Joseph Mayer, a distinguished antiquarian of far more than local celebrity, took place on January 19th 1886. He was in his 83rd year of his age, and his long life is a conspicuous illustration of the dignity that may clothe a tradesman's life when the tradesman is inspired both by love of knowledge and love of man. He was by birth a native of Staffordshire, but belonged much more to Liverpool. He established a well known business as silversmith and jeweller in Lord street, and he emulated the artistic craftsmen of the middle ages in his tastes.

Gold has always been a dangerous and very often a maleficient metal. But it is curious what a difference there is between gold-grubbers and goldsmiths. The mere acquisition of gold, whether by actual digging, or employing blacks to dig, or gambling in mining shares, has promoted a vulgar and passionate greed which is amongst the most serious dangers of the age. But working in gold and jewels, though it has often rewarded the worker with as much wealth as successful gold mining, has been stimulative of artistic feeling and sometimes of large minded ambition.

Mr. Joseph Mayer was an illustration of this. His tastes led him to the study of ancient and medieval art, and he became an antiquarian of great authority. He formed a magnificent collection estimated to be worth from £70,000 to £100,000. And this collection, as previously mentioned in these Memorials, he presented during his lifetime - in fact nearly twenty years before his decease - to the public museum connected with the Brown Library.

Perhaps only men of similar culture and enthusiasm can estimate the generosity of such a gift. The only stipulation he made was that the collection should be kept together and should bear his name. Perhaps no other gift ever made to the city represents so much of human worth and generous sympathy as this. No benefactor could have better deserved the statue which preserves his form and memory in St. George's Hall. The place of his residence - Bebington - also profited by his large minded generosity. For he presented to it a library which may enable future generations at least to emulate his love of culture.

Note : The statues of Joseph Mayer, and the 14th Earl of Derby, placed by the Corporation in St.George's Hall, were unveiled to public view on 28th September 1869.

Lancashire / Re: Which Pub in West Derby?
« on: Saturday 08 April 06 18:25 BST (UK)  »

The 1911 directory has 207 West Derby Road at the junction of Red Rock Street.

This is the Sheil Park public house, tenant is John Joseph Crane.

The pub is still standing, though I think it is empty at the moment.



Lancashire / Re: Crosby Herald Archives.
« on: Saturday 17 December 05 13:02 GMT (UK)  »
Crosby Herald               17 March 1972, page 6

"Sudden death of 'The George' manager"

The sudden death of Mr.Myles Francis Crayton, manager of the George Hotel in Moor Lane, Crosby, came as a great shock to his wide circle of friends and patrons.

Mr.Crayton, who had previously been manager of the Travellers' Rest at New Ferry and the Royal Oak in Warrenhouse Road, Waterloo, had been employed by Threlfalls for 30 years.

The Rev.R. Lee (Vicar) officiated at the funeral service at St.Luke's Church, Crosby, and later at Thornton Crematorium.

Chief mourners were : Mrs.E Crayton (widow), Mr. and Mrs.J.Crayton, Mr. and Mrs.M.Crayton (sons and daughters-in-law), Mrs.C.Roberts (daughter),  Mrs.D.Crayton (mother), Mr.F.Crayton, Mr. Francis Crayton, and Mr. Bernard Crayton (brothers), Mr. and Mrs.D.Holburn (sister and brother-in-law), Mrs.J.Carr (aunt), Mr. and Mrs. Keay, Mr. and Mrs.Brieley, Mrs.Panes, Mr. and Mrs.Seeley (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law).

Representing the staff of the George Hotel were Mr.Ben Sheward, Mr. and Mrs.Bradshaw, Mrs.Jack, Mr.S.Hilton, Mrs.Hoyte, Mrs.Laverty, Mrs.Platt and Mrs.Loughran.

Also present at the church were : Miss M.Heys (rep. the George Ladies' Quiz team and officials), Mr. Bill Morrison, Joseph Gardner, J.P., Mr. and Mrs.Phillips, Mr.J.H.Evans, Mr.Doyle, Mr.W.Willman (Threlfalls, Liverpool and Birkenhead), Mr.Smythe, Mr. and Mrs.Bradshaw, Mr. and Mrs.N.Green,, Mr. and Mrs.Bagley, T.B.P.A., Mrs.Jones, Mr. and Mrs.Evans (Endbutt Hotel), Mr.P.Sheward, Mr.F.Mathews, Mr.Redhead, Mrs.Thomson, Mr.F.Lea, Mrs.S.McAndrew, Mr.F.Moss, Mr.W.Swift, Captain R.Heys, Mrs.Mercer, Mr.G.Jones, Mrs.Gandy, Mr.J.H.Hughes, Mr.T.Ball (rep T.B.P.A. Crosby branch), Mr. and Mrs.J.Wall, Mr. and Mrs.Owen and Nigel, Mr.Wardle, Mrs.Forbes, Mr.J.A.Smith, Mrs.McCray, Mrs.Sealey, Mr.Frane, Mrs.Bradley, Miss Brook, Miss Whittingham, Mr. and Mrs.J.Telford, Mrs.Leyland, Mr.F.C.Jenkins, Mr.Roughley (Threlfalls), Mr.Ackesongray (Threlfalls), Mr.AF.Wills (Threlfalls), Mr.K.Carol (rep. Capt. Carol), Mr. and Mrs. Entwhistle, Mr.J.D.Roberts, Mr.H.Lodge, Mr.J.Keating, Mr.Myrlea, Mr.Curtis, Mr.Benson, Mr.Jones, Mr.Wensley, Mr.A.E.Curwen, Mr.T.Drury, Mr. and Mrs.Jordan (Birkey), Mr.Keating, Mrs.Heines.

Floral tributes were sent by:  Loving wife Esther; John and Marjorie and children; Myles and Susan; Collette and David; Jean, Keith and the boys; Betty, Frank and Nigel (New Ferry); Lil and Bill; Mr. and Mrs.Roberts and family; Frank, Bernard and Fred; Jack and Eve; Molly, Jean and Nell; Mr. and Mrs. J.Wardle; the Staff; Mr. and Mrs. Murphy; Members and Friends, Crosby branch Transatlantic B. and P. Association; Mother and Josie; Gladys, Nina, Ian and Wilson; Marion and Joe; Dorothy, Jean, and Veronica; Bernard, Maisie, Julian and Jayne; Lil and Tom; Committee of Cancer Research Campaign, Crosby and District branch; Pat, Gordon and Mrs.Pares; friends and staff of the George Hotel; Doree and Bill.

Arrangements by McCallum and Tritton.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Help Please Liverpool 1880
« on: Saturday 02 April 05 22:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi, has the full reference for the marriage.

1880, Jun qtr, West Derby, vol 8b, page 175

It will be quicker to order the certificate online from

Ordering from Old Hall St. takes 3 to 4 months at present.

See you,


Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: St. Stephen's, Liverpool, BENNETT Baptisms
« on: Tuesday 29 March 05 12:30 BST (UK)  »

Births at St.Stephens

14 May 1796, Eleanor, dau of Henry and Martha, Merchant of Great Charlotte St.

28 Aug 1797, Ann, dau of Henry and Martha, Merchant of Great Charlotte St.

29 October 1798, Elizabeth, dau of Henry and Martha, Merchant of Bold St.

24 December 1799, Thomas Ratcliffe Bennett, son of Henry and Martha, Merchant of Bold St, bapt 21 Sep 1800.

24 August 1801, Henry Bennett, son of Henry and Martha, Merchant of Bold St.

27 Sep 1804, Matilda, dau of Henry and Martha, Merchant of Fir Grove.

The index refers to Henry James Bennett (1801), John ? Bennett, but I didn't search the records for these.



« on: Tuesday 29 March 05 12:12 BST (UK)  »

Marriage at St.Nicholas   27th November 1864

Joseph Birch, full age, widower, cab driver, Duckinfield St, father = William Birch, Miller.

Isabella McLellan, full age, widow, Duckinfield St, father = Jacob Coldbeck, Master Mariner.

Witnesses : Betsy Winstanley, E. Winstanley.

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