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Ahh thank you so much that is a huge help and definitely confirms which Richard that is now. Apologie for making it more difficult with my poor attempt and transcription.

I may post the 2nd part up later. I think I've got most of it but there are a few words that I can't yet work out that make it lose meaning in places.

This is a bit of a big ask as it's quite long but could anyone help me transcribe this will? It is the Will or Richard Foster from Margaret Rothing in Essex and dates from 1670. I believe this is one of my ancestors as many of the family lived there and I have 3 other Richard Fosters in my tree from this village around this time. Unfortunately though I'm finding it really hard to read in order to determine who is being left what to see if that helps me identify which Richard this is.

This is what I have transcribed so far:

In the name of God Amen
The ?twentieth? day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand Six Hundred and seventy Richard Foster of Margaret Rothing in the county of Essex yeoman being weak in body yet of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to almighty God ? ordain and make this my last will and testament ? ? and ?fortune? following ?First? I bequeath my soul into the hands of my creator ? to ?obtain? eternal salvation through ? ?merits? of ? Christ my ? and redeemer and my body to the earth ?there to remain? and ?left? until the day of resurrection and to be ? buried at the chargers of my ? ?here after? named Item I give and bequeath unto the ? ? the Parish of Margaret Rothing the sums of ?twenty? shillings to be distributed amoungst them within one month after my ?demise? according to the ? of ?Executive? ?Item? I give and bequeath unto my Grandchild Richard Foster all that my ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? with all of the arable lands meadows and pastures both ? and ? with their and ? of their appointments there ?? ? and being in the parish of Margaret Rothing to be and remain to my said Grandchild Richard Foster and his ? ? ?Item? I give and bequeath my grandchild Ann Foster all that my ? and ? ? on the ? with the lands and appointments thereunto belonging ? and being in ? Rothing to be and remain my said grandchild ? Foster and her heirs for ? ?Item? I give and bequeath unto my grandchild John ? all ? ? and ? of ? land and pasture with a ?shedd? upon them ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? and being in good ?  to be and remain to my said grandchild John ?Perry? and his heirs for ? ?Item? I give and bequeath unto my grandchild ?Anne? ?Perry? all that my ? and ? ? ? ? with the lands and appointments there unto belonging ? and being in good ? to be and remain to my said grandchild ?Anne? ?Perry? and her heirs for ? ?Item? I give and bequeath unto my ?maid? ? Mary ? the sum of five pounds of ? money to be pain unto her within one year of my ?death? ?Item? I give ? unto the said Mary ? the ? ? ? with the ? and all the furniture to the ? ? belonging ?Item? all my ? ? ? ? I give and bequeath unto my daugher ?Anne? my ? and to my two grandchildren Richard Foster and ?Anne? Foster ? ? ? and ? ? ? ? ? ? ? shall divide

There is a second page to this which I haven't even started to transcribe.

Armed Forces / Re: Date Naval Uniform HMS Encounter
« on: Monday 09 April 18 11:20 BST (UK)  »
Ahh perfect! Thank you so much guys that is a huge help and definitely confirms that whilst he is the correct person, the dates of his father are actually of his grandfather.

Thanks again, very much appreciated.

Armed Forces / Re: Date Naval Uniform HMS Encounter
« on: Monday 09 April 18 08:06 BST (UK)  »
I'm afraid this is the only image I have. This was a photo I found on someone elses tree. I contacted them because I believe they had missed a generation and got a father mixed up with a grandfather and this then has put doubts over who the photos are of hence trying to date them.

Armed Forces / Date Naval Uniform HMS Encounter
« on: Saturday 07 April 18 20:16 BST (UK)  »
Could someone date this photo please.

His cap looks like it says HMS Encounter and from what I can find there have been 6 ships with that name:

HMS Encounter 1616
HMS Encounter 1805-1812
HMS Encounter 1846 - 1866
HMS Encounter 1873 - 1888
HMS Encounter 1902, transferred to the Australian Navy 1919, renamed HMAS Penguin in 1923 and scuttled in 1932
HMS Encounter (H10) 1934 - 1942

The bit that's confusing me slightly is that the person in the photo died in 1948 aged 64 which would make him too old the the last ship but the photo looks to recent to me to date somewhere between 1902 and 1919.

The person in question would have be 18 in 1902 and 35 in 1919. I think he looks like he's in his 30's but does the uniform date from that period?

Technical Help / Re: Antivirus
« on: Friday 26 January 18 10:47 GMT (UK)  »
I work in I.T. and antivirus software can be a bit of a minefield only because most AV software now does far more than just scan for viruses.

When it comes to choosing AV software, purely from a virus perspective, one of the most important factors in deciding which to use is how often the virus definitions are updated. The virus definitions are how a virus is detected and removed/blocked. New viruses are released every day so the more often the definitions are updated the more protected you are.

In the past it was always the big names like Norton, McAfee etc that had the most up to date definitions. These days everyone is about the same. For business use there is still an advantage for going with a big name but for personal use any delay in updating definitions is usually only a couple of days and often it's the user that is slower at applying the updates than it is the company releasing them.

As I've mentioned, these days most AV software also offers many more security features like Firewalls, E-Mail scanning, phishing protection etc etc. If you aren't very computer savvy then these can be a useful extra but the downside is they can often slow down a system. Norton Internet Security was really bad at this but it's improved since (Personally I'd never install Norton again though).

Ones I've used before and can recommend are:

FSecure - Not used it for a few years but it was very reliable, didn't slow a system down at all and just quietly did what it needed without pestering the end user all the time.

McAfee - Very similar but it would give more false positives than FSecure

Kaspersky - If you can configure it properly it's very robust and quiet but if you don't it can be a bit of a pain. Also at the moment the UK government says it shoudln't be trusted because its Russian. How much of that is backed up by hard evidence and how much of that is just Political huffing and puffing nobody knows.

The thing with all AV software though is that they will detect false positives. A false positive are when it detects things like a file has been changed which it believes to have been caused by a virus but in fact was caused by a legitimate piece of software on your computer or the properties of a file change etc. There's not a huge amount you can do about these things other than altering how and where the AV scans but this can mean making things less secure. Unfortunately most alerts in AV software don't give plain English instructions on what they mean or what the problem is and most people won't know what all the thousands of files are or do on their computer so to a certain extent you have to just rely on the software or know how to safely quarantine files and determine what effect that has had on the rest of your system.

Should you change to a different AV? If you are only worried about the notifications then not really no. You might find that switching to another might mean you don't get those particular notifications but you'll get others.

Is Avast any good? Sure. There are better and personally I'd probably go for a paid version but that would depend on how much I used the PC and what I used it for. If I was downloading lots of things and also programs on a regular basis, I'd buy a better AV program. If I was more just browsing the Internet and E-Mails than I'd probably stick with Avast.

The Common Room / Re: Can anyone identify this photo
« on: Friday 26 January 18 10:19 GMT (UK)  »
So I was right - it is more towards South Croydon. I recognised that bar structure across the road but couldn't think where I'd seen it. Well done sugarbakers.

Are you going to contact the seller and tell them that they are wrong, peakoverload?

I have indeed contacted the seller and he was very grateful for the correct information and has revised the listing to reflect what we have found.

The Common Room / Re: Can anyone identify this photo
« on: Thursday 25 January 18 16:03 GMT (UK)  »
The Greyhound, Croydon

Brilliant!! That confirms it. The windows match perfectly as does the slight incline and bend in the street. Great detective work everyone  ;D

Thank you everyone.

The Common Room / Re: Can anyone identify this photo
« on: Thursday 25 January 18 15:16 GMT (UK)  »
That does look promising. I can't find anything in any trade directories yet but then I'm also not having much luck in finding ones that cover the area and time frame. Found a couple of PO ones and a Kelly's but nothing so far.

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