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Essex / Re: 37 Whitegate Road, Southend on Sea
« on: Tuesday 08 November 11 14:35 GMT (UK)  »
If you are able to visit the ERO you may want to request D/DS 365/1/25 as these are sale catalogues relating to several buildings one of which being 37 Whitegate Road

Kent / Re: The Elms, Sydenham Hill, Kent
« on: Wednesday 02 November 11 14:46 GMT (UK)  »
I grew up in Crystal Palace (just up the road from Sydenham) and went to school in Sydenham and I do remember the name The Elms but I can't quite place where or why. For some reason I think it was also the name of an area and not just a house but I may well be wrong.

Anyway the house, The Elms, is still standing and is now 18 Sydenham Hill located between Chestnut Place and Rock Hill about a 5th of the way down Sydenham Hill from the Crystal Palace Parade (A212).

You can see some photos of the house dating from the present day back to 1964 here just scroll down to photos 83-87

I don't know anything about the history of the house itself I'm afraid but I can tell you a bit about the area. When the Great Exhibition was moved from Hyde Park to what is now known as Crystal Palace it brought a huge amount of wealth into the area. For example one road in Upper Norwood became so famous for it's jewellers that it rivalled Bond Street in London. Such wealth saw a growth in the number of large houses that were built all around the Crystal Palace/Sydenham area in a range of styles. This is why today much of Upper Norwood is a Preservation Area. The area around Sydenham Hill was certainly considered to be 'less fashionable' than Upper Norwood and sadly this area did not stand up well to the Blitz or uncaring councils who demolished numerous wonderful Victorian houses to build ghastly blocks of flats. Hence if you take a trip down Sydenham Hill today you'll see huge swathes of modern buildings interspersed with properties dating back to the early 1800's.

Whilst Sydenham Hill may not have been considered as fashionable as some of the roads in Upper Norwood (like Church Road) it was a popular place to live because of it's closeness to Sydenham Hill Wood. Sydenham Hill Wood was/is actually a section of the original Great North Wood and was pretty much formed by the building of the Crystal Palace in 1854. It was actually the building of the Crystal Palace which then meant that a number of plots along Sydenham Hill were set aside for the building of large houses. Whether The Elms was one of these houses I don't know but suspect not as by comparison to some of the houses that did and still do stand, The Elms was most definitely 'modest' in size.

Hope that might be of some use/interest 

Essex / Re: ERO going Pay-to-Browse for online PRs etc
« on: Thursday 13 October 11 11:12 BST (UK)  »
Looks like it's now been put back until the 24th October  :(

I really hope it's worth the wait as I know they have some records I'm desperate to see relating to my 3x Great Grandfather but can't physically get to the ERO to view them in person.

Essex / Re: Francis Foster Birth Record?
« on: Monday 24 January 11 20:11 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks both for your replies. Yes Francis is the one who died in 1948 in Rochford.

So, if I work on the assumption that Francis was legitimate but his birth wasn't registered, would that mean that there isn't a birth certificate for him?

If he was illegitimate then, as you say, it's a case of hoping to find a baptismal record to prove parentage. Familysearch don't seem to have one so I guess that means relying on parish records which I believe means a trip to the Essex Records Office. The trouble is, how on Earth do you work out what parish the baptism might have been recorded in?!?!?

If he was adopted is there any way of proving that, are there any adoption records for back then? Who/where would the adoptions be recorded with?

Thanks again for your help

Essex / Francis Foster Birth Record?
« on: Monday 24 January 11 16:58 GMT (UK)  »
I am having a real problem tracing my mothers side of my family tree and one of the areas is in regards to my Great Grandfather Francis Foster.

My 2x Great Grandfather was William Foster who I know a lot about as he was a very wealthy and influential man and held lots of offices in the town of Leigh-On-Sea, Essex including being the first chairman of the Parish council. William was married twice and Francis was his only child with his second wife, Mary Susannah Rush (who was previously married to Henry Gould Beadel with whom she had 8 children).

There has always been a bit of mystery over Francis in the family in that all the Fosters had been baptised, married and buried mostly in St.Clements Church yet Francis appears to not have been and nobody knows where he was buried/cremated. Also Francis didn't seem to have any of his fathers business skills and 'only' aspired to be a decorator and lost the family fortune after his fathers death. It was therefore rumored that perhaps Francis wasn't William's son after all, although no evidence as yet confirms this. Indeed Francis appears on every census from age 10 in 1881 with his parents which possibly suggests that he is Williams son.

However I can find no birth record anywhere for him even though I have been able to find birth and marriage records for his father and mother. I have tried searching FreeBMD, Ancestry, TheGenealogist and Familysearch without success.

William Foster and Mary Sussanah Rush were married 13/12/1870 in Rayleigh

Francis Foster (usually called Frank) was born 1871 but the location varies. On all the census records where he is living with his parents, his place of birth is given as Barking, Essex. Yet on later census records when he was head of the family it's given as Leigh-On-Sea, Essex.

The only birth of a Francis Foster in 1871 where the father was a William Foster was one in Edmonton but I've ordered this Birth Certificate and it's not correct as the mother is someone completely different and the occupation of the William Foster on that is that of a Baker which wasn't anything like that of my 2x Great Grandfather.

Any ideas as to how I might find his birth record as I would like to order his birth certificate or why he might be missing from any records?

Incidentally I've tried searching for his birth under Frank and also under the surname of Rush and Beadel in case he was an illegitimate son of Mary Susannah Rush but both draw blanks.

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