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Durham / Electoral rolls Easington Coliery 1935
« on: Monday 27 February 17 14:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hi , does any one know where I can get access to the above ? Thanks Nick

Durham / Easington colliery Baldwin street
« on: Sunday 26 February 17 11:16 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know where baldwin street was ? my great grandfather lived there . many thanks

Durham / Easington colliery hairdressers
« on: Sunday 26 February 17 09:24 GMT (UK)  »
My mother had a hairdressing shop in seaside lane next to donninis ice cream shop in abt 1935 . She was called Peggy Mawson. She will be 100 in April this year. Previous posts have identified where donninis was , but not sure which side was her shop. Is there any information to find this out or is there anyone that remembers her or the shop. Many thanks to you all.

Durham / Easington colliery , eleventh street
« on: Sunday 26 February 17 09:19 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know where eleventh street was ? My mother was born there 100 years ago this April in 1917. Would love to find out. Thanks.

Durham / Sherburn house colliery
« on: Saturday 25 February 17 10:20 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know where this colliery was ? My great grandfather who. worked there and I,d like to go and see where it was. He lived at whitewall grange  which again is not there anymore .  I have found the grave of his 6 year old daughter who was burnt to death . She is buried at Sherburn hospital. Many thanks .

Durham / Donnini easington colliery
« on: Friday 24 February 17 19:40 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone
Know where the Donnini,s had there ice cream shop in seaside lane ? Trying to find where my mother had her hairdressing shop. It was next tomdonnini,s. Thanks.

Bishopthorpe Electoral register look-up

Hi my dad was 15 when he lived here. Would be grateful if someone could look up the register for this year for Frederick hardy my grandad to see where they lived. Bishopthorpe a very small pace so should be do able.  Big ask I know but as I.m not that mobile I do  not know what else do . Many many thanks for just reading this . Nick

The Common Room / 1939 Register - Uncle Herbert Hardy 1880 to 1959 is not there
« on: Wednesday 04 November 15 10:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everyone, no doubt many people will be delving into the 1939 register. Me to and got a problem for the more advanced genealogist. My Grt Uncle Herbert Hardy 1880 to 1959 is not there ! He never married .He was in service all his life and at one point was Valet to Lord Derby. I assume this would be towards the pinnacle of his career. He moved around the country a lot with different employers. Have checked the Earl of Derby in 1939 and strangely he is listed on his estate as the only one ? Anyway Herbert must be somewhere so any ideas what to do next would be greatly appreciated.

Durham / Churches in Sherburn Village and missing grave.
« on: Monday 04 May 15 14:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi , How many Churches are there in Sherburn ? Many years ago I went to see the grave of a grt      Aunt who was only 6 when she died in 1900 . She was burnt to death. I am sure it was Sherburn as she died at Whitwell Colliery I believe. However been on google earth and do not recognise the entrance of st Marys . If my memory serves me right it was on a corner and she was just on the inside on the right. Anyway if I am wrong how can I find out where she is ? Regards Nick

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