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The Lighter Side / Mystery solved
« on: Tuesday 14 January 20 08:43 GMT (UK)  »
I have learnt a big lesson this past week.  For many years I have been trying to find the marriage record of my aunt.  I knew her name and her husband's name because we used to see them on a regular basis when I was young.  However, the family went it's separate ways and I lost touch with that side of the family when I was in my teens.  I tried everything to find this marriage record but none seemed to exist.  I couldn't really believe she hadn't married because they lived with her mother (my grandmother) who was very religious and I couldn't imagine her condoning 'living in sin'.  So, I kept it as one of my mysteries.

Fast forward 40 odd years and by chance I found myself in contact with this aunt's daughter on FB.  I asked her about her parent's marriage.  Apparently, my aunt was always overweight and was so scared of being made fun of in her wedding dress they decided to get married in Scotland.  All of my family have always been from South of Watford (as far as I'm aware) so I never thought to look for a Scottish marriage.

This weekend a distant cousin that I found during my research contacted me regarding this aunt's marriage.  I always thought of him as an 'expert' because his records were so well recorded.  He said he had a marriage for this aunt to someone completely different, marrying in Maidstone, Kent but even the aunt's name was wrong.  I'm not sure he believed the story I relayed to him but he only has to check.

So, just because records look right doesn't mean they are.  Sometimes real life stories get in the way of dusty records.


The Lighter Side / Getting Started - Again
« on: Friday 20 October 17 16:16 BST (UK)  »
I started my FH research about 10 years ago but, due to my husband's health problems, put it all on the back-burner about 2 years ago.  Fortunately the health problems coincided with my subscriptions to FindMyPast and Ancestry ending.  My husband has now returned to full health and the geneology bug us biting again and I have decided to carry on.  However, because of my husband's subsequent retirement and my semi-retirement, funding is limited.  I have a lot of information from my previous research which can be worked on but I'm wondering if it is worth re-subscribing to FindMyPast or Ancestry.   Have they changed much and are they still as useful as they were?  Are there other websites out there that have as much or more information?  I don't mind paying but don't want to waste my money.


The Lighter Side / Have you received a real geneological bonus?
« on: Friday 24 February 17 18:07 GMT (UK)  »
I have had a few unexpected surprises during my research. 

Today I have logged on to FB and was instantly confronted with a photo of my mum and grandfather on my mum's wedding day.  I have never seen this photo before so was totally overwhelmed.  You really don't expect that.

A few years ago I put a request on for someone to take a photo of my grand-parent's grave.  I completely forgot about it.  A couple of weeks ago I was checking my spam emails and saw a message from Billiongraves that someone had responded that day.  They had taken a lovely photo of the grave - again totally overwhelming.

About a year ago a cousin that I found during my research contacted me and said someone was trying to contact me and should he give them my email address.  I said that would be OK.  It turned out to be another cousin who I had never previously met or known about.  We emailed a few times and he suddenly sent me a photo of my father's family including my great-grandparents, all their children and spouses and all their grand-children and spouses.  As I had never seen a photo of my great-grandfather nor grandfather it was really unexpected.

Another totally amazing experience was a few years ago.  My half-brother's wife owns a shop and she had a customer go in there one day and ask if she was Mrs ...  She said she was.  The lady told her she had some information for her.  She said she didn't really want to know but it was kind to offer.  The lady returned a couple of days later with a lot of information, including a photo, of my great-uncle who died during WW1.  My SIL passed it all to me.  This was even more amazing as it was only a few months after I had found my half-brother.

Has anyone else had any amazing bonuses?


Could somebody be kind enough to add some colour to this.  I have only just seen this so it's particularly special to me.  Mum had very dark hair and grey eyes.  I'm not sure about Granddad's colouring. 

Many thanks in advance

The Lighter Side / Heriditary Early Bird or Night Owl
« on: Thursday 22 September 16 08:59 BST (UK)  »
I have always been an Early Bird as was my father.  My mother was a late riser (if she could get away with it) and so was my brother.  Since researching my family history I have discovered that my father's line were mainly Ag Labs but also had a few early morning trades like Bakers, Millers etc.  My mother's line were Builders, Thatchers etc.

Do you think this and many other minor traits could be hereditary?


Devon / Ernsborough House, Exeter
« on: Thursday 21 July 16 20:23 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me find a picture of Ernsborough House, Colleton Crescent, Exeter.  My Great Grandmother died here and I have found it was a Home for Incurables.  I would like to have a picture of how is was then or how it looks now.  I have tried Mr Google but it appears it is no longer a nursing home but without any local knowledge I'm stuck.

Many thanks

The Common Room / Criteria for Birth Registration
« on: Wednesday 11 May 16 18:29 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out if a set of twins that died very young would have had their births and deaths registered.  I don't know how long they lived and think they were born somewhere between 1955 and 1965.  The surname was Thorp and the mother's maiden name was Peeters and they were probably born in Dartford, Kent area. 

Is it correct that if they drew an independent breath they would have been registered?

Many thanks

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Pike Family
« on: Tuesday 23 February 16 18:44 GMT (UK)  »
Is it possible for anyone to outline the people in this photo so I can name them?  If it's too much to ask, please say so.

Many thanks in advance


The Lighter Side / Three good results this year?
« on: Friday 19 February 16 16:10 GMT (UK)  »
How about some positive thinking?  Can you name three good things to come out of your research this year?

1.  When Northamptonshire parish records appeared on FindMyPast, I discovered my Gtx4 Grandfather's  name wasn't Thomas (as I thought), but John.  This meant instead of yet another Ag Lab who died in the workhouse with very little information to be found, I had a soldier with a all his military records.

2.  My father never mentioned his family and I had met very few of them.  Out of the blue I received an email from my father's cousin who used to visit my father's family on a regular basis so knew people I have only found out about through research and he is sending me photos that I haven't seen before which should be arriving tomorrow.

3.  I always thought my mother's sister was 'the holder of the family photographs' and knowing she is now in her 90's and has moved a long way away from the family and I have no contact with her, I thought they would all soon be lost beyond recall.  Having come into contact with another cousin that I have never met, I discovered that the photographs are all with her brother and I could get to see them very soon.

What are your three New Year Findings?


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