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Essex / Re: Where did all the Hammonds go in 1841?
« on: Wednesday 30 June 21 13:53 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Rena.  I am wondering if this is what happened to all of them.  I have tried everything to find them but without success so think they may have been living rough.  The family were very poor by the sounds of things so anything is possible if they want to find work.


Essex / Re: Where did all the Hammonds go in 1841?
« on: Wednesday 30 June 21 08:31 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for all your replies.

Nic - thank you for that information.  That is very interesting - I will look into that.

Stanwix - I'm not sure this would be the case because they were not living together at the time.  They all had their own families but they did live very close to each other.  Thank you for your thoughts.

Rena - Thank you for this.  That is very interesting.  However, they all reappeared in 1851 and the families of the men can be found in 1841 so it appears a short-term problem, whatever it was.  Thank you for the information regarding Manuden.


Essex / Where did all the Hammonds go in 1841?
« on: Tuesday 29 June 21 18:08 BST (UK)  »
I have four Hammonds in Manuden that are all missing at the 1841 census.  These are father and his sons.  They are all Ag Labs and the wives and children can all be found in 1841 but not the men.  Does anyone have any idea where they may have been?  I am thinking they must have been away working somewhere - but where?

They are:
James Hammond - born 1786
Joseph Hammond - born 1809
David Hammond - born 1814
James Hammond - born 1821

Some sons are shown in Manuden in the 1841 census with their families.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

The Lighter Side / Re: Can you ever stop doing Family History?
« on: Wednesday 28 April 21 17:38 BST (UK)  »
I think FH can be like any other hobby and if you want to stop you do, in so far as other people sending you things and asking you to do the verifying you can show them how to verify these things for themselves and tell them you are no longer interested in FH.

I couldn't say I'm no longer interested in FH - just that other things took over for a while (my husband's health for one) and I never went back to it with the same enthusiasm.  However, the parcel I have just received will take me a while to work through and add to my tree so it may re-ignite the passion.  Who knows?


The Lighter Side / Can you ever stop doing Family History?
« on: Wednesday 28 April 21 14:30 BST (UK)  »
I 'stopped' doing Family History about five years ago because of other commitments and being unable to continue financially.  However, I never got rid of any of my documents or work.  Since then I have re-found two cousins who seem to constantly want me to continue.  They are on different sides of the family but they always seem to contact me at the same time.  Yesterday I received a package from one cousin with lots of interesting family items including letters sent from my grand-father to my grand-mother plus lot of other things.  Now the other cousin is asking me to verify information for her.  I have also received a lot of help from people originally found on RootsChat that was originally in contact years ago.  People keep sending me things and I'm not complaining at all but I wonder when it will stop.  Does it ever stop?


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Vaccination priority groups
« on: Wednesday 27 January 21 18:42 GMT (UK)  »
My husband is 80 years old and has a heart condition.  He received his letter yesterday and will have his first dose on Monday and the second dose in April.  I am much younger at 59 so expect it will be a long time yet before I get the first dose.  I doubt I will receive the second dose until at least August.

One thing I don't understand - what is the benefit of teachers moving up the priority list?  If children go back to school they can still spread it to families and the elderly.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Bureaucracy gone mad?
« on: Sunday 17 January 21 18:47 GMT (UK)  »
My brother is blind.  He has had both eyes removed following an accident.  He has a certificate to say he is registered blind and a letter from a Consultant at Moorfields Hospital saying he (the Consultant) has removed both eyes.  The benefits officer insisted on sending some young lad around to 'check' that my brother is blind.  He already had a copy of the certificate and the letter from the Consultant but needed 'to see for himself'.  My brother said he could look at his eyes but on no account was he to touch them due to cross-infection.  The lad looked at his eyes (I don't know what he expected to see), then said, yes, i agree, you are blind.  My brother later received a letter accepting that he was blind - but not in braille.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Boris's 4.00 broadcast today
« on: Sunday 20 December 20 14:10 GMT (UK)  »
We will be having Christmas Dinner on our own this year.  :'( A collective family decision made some weeks ago to try and keep everyone safe and well.

Can we all spare a thought for the millions in this world who have neither a roof over their heads nor a meal of any kind to feed themselves with or their children. We are all so lucky really if you pause for a moment to think about it so why grumble about one day of the year when all we are asked to do is stay at home and not mix with family and friends.

Stay safe and a Merry Christmas to you all  :) :) :)


I agree - most people don't know how lucky they are.  They have food, shelter, loved ones even if they are not able to be with them, most people have technology to be able to be in contact with them.  I count my blessings every day.  Although the pandemic and lockdowns have been difficult, we are still here, still healthy and still surviving. 

Merry Christmas to you too Dorrie and all RootsChatters and your families.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Boris's 4.00 broadcast today
« on: Sunday 20 December 20 09:11 GMT (UK)  »
I'm a bit confused by your post Rishile, if it's 'we' doesn't that mean you're not on your own?
Sorry Roobarb - 'we' means just me and hubby.


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