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New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: John Leonard Clegg RNZAF
« on: Friday 06 July 18 18:46 BST (UK)  »
THanks again so much, this has made a huge difference. The letters of administration for John William's death completed by John LEonard, mention his mother Eleanor Edith Clegg (nee Evans) having died in 16th September 1913 in Aukland. She would have been relatively young so will see how to discover why. Eleanor's mother by the way was the sister of Lucy Alcock so that ties in too.

I'm guessing my best way ahead is to head down the Houchen road and see if I can find a descendent.

Such is genealogy that I can be both happy that I had short changed John WIlliam, and that he actually had 18 years more life than I had recorded, but also shocked at the manner of his death.
Thanks again.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: John Leonard Clegg RNZAF
« on: Friday 06 July 18 09:26 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Lu and Minniehaha very much.  That is amazing stuff and has completely thrown me with John William Clegg as I thought he'd died in 1912. I pride myself on corroborating and getting my genealogy beyond doubt, and I clearly have missed something there....(although unusually I have not bought the certificate and maybe would have picked up I was wrong had I done so). 
ALso the fact that he lived to 1930 means more likely that someone will have a photo of him somewhere. He is the only brother of four I don't have a picture of, though I do of his father.
Dorothy's death and married name and should help, and I will follow that link to see her will.

I am shocked John William went over there, but its great when you get new information that leads you down a new path.  I can't think at all who Lucy Allcock is, and will have a look at their mother's family which I've not done.  It doesn't ring a bell for the Cleggs. Genealogy is never ending.

Thank you so much, I'm very chuffed.  I need now to find up to date rellies and hope for the existance of photos.

THank You


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: John Leonard Clegg RNZAF
« on: Thursday 05 July 18 22:27 BST (UK)  »
A souvenir from his repatriation flight back to NZ.

Haha, thank you yes, Id seen that, its what made me believe it may be the chap I was looking for.  Very interesting too! Lucky chap to have survived that.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: John Leonard Clegg RNZAF
« on: Thursday 05 July 18 20:56 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Lu so much, that's brilliant.  That clears a few things up for me.  Yes anything would be helpful but that date does make think he's the right chap as I have seen his sister Dorothy Edith Clegg travel there in 1936 but not him; I didn't know any more than that so that s great.


New Zealand Completed Requests / John Leonard Clegg RNZAF
« on: Thursday 05 July 18 18:06 BST (UK)  »

I don't currently have international access, and was wondering if anyone has a little time just to have a little look for me....I am trying to establish if a John Leonard Clegg John who served in the RNZAF and became a prisoner of war in WW2 with the Japanese and was repatriated back to NZ in 1945 is the same John Leonard Clegg who was born 1906 in West Derby England.  I was wondering if anyone could perhaps find his death in NZ (I don't know when) and see if the date of birth tallies up.
He is not to be confused with an eminent mental health doctor of the same name born 1906 also in West Derby Lancs. 
I recognise this is a shot in the dark.  I would like to contact any descendants of his and so finding his death is a start.  His father was John William Clegg the brother of my Great Grandfather. 


Lancashire / Re: Burials for Edge Lane West Derby
« on: Wednesday 11 April 18 11:04 BST (UK)  »
Thanks guys, that's amazing.  A visit in order now.  Thank you.

Lancashire / Burials for Edge Lane West Derby
« on: Tuesday 10 April 18 13:30 BST (UK)  »
I've been trying to find a burial for my 2xGreats James and Sarah Ann Clegg.  They lived at 11 Edge Lane West Derby.
James died 21st January 1897 at the address, and Mary Ann died on 21st April 1905 at a no1 same road, but still lived at no11. (not to be confused with a Mary Ann Clegg who died the same day in Bolton)
I am obviously hoping as ever for a stone as my family history is stubbornly devoid of them.  I have looked at available records of St Mary's locally, but only those on Family Search, and also there is nothing on OPC.  I was wondering if anyone could point me at any other possible places to search for them.
Thank you

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Lancashire archive visit
« on: Tuesday 10 April 18 09:39 BST (UK)  »
I was just searching from your first link, and found it, just as your second message came in.  THank you so much for that, I didn't know those records were held there. 
There must be another one somewhere because the title of the document mentions the childs name Thomas, and that particular entry doesn't though is definitely my people.  Thanks so mouch for that info.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Lancashire archive visit
« on: Sunday 08 April 18 23:01 BST (UK)  »
I'm not sure if this is the place for this, or indeed if it is allowed to ask.....I was wondering if anyone if anyone goes to a Lancashire archives in Preston if they could look up a document for me and get a scan or photocopy and scan for me at all.  I can ask them directly but it seems quite expensive for one document.
If anyone goes there and is happy to do so PM me. The reference is QSP/2751/82  and the document entitled “Windle. Order of filiation and maintenance of Thomas, bastard child of Samuel Pickavance, watchmaker, and Jane Pickavance, singlewoman.”  I'd been looking for the baptism of Thomas my Gx5 Grandfather for a long time before coming across this document which matches him perfectly.

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