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The Common Room / Occupation- Stubber / Flubber / ANy ideas
« on: Monday 24 February 14 12:12 GMT (UK)  »

Any idea what the attached occupation is.  It looks to me like stubber.  If it is does anyone know what that was?



Thanks Trish.  I spent the whole day with them yesterday (metaphorically speaking).  You're right about the second marriage; The first one having been Miriam's elder sister.



Bless You Rambler

I was way out, and hadn't found that site.

Thanks very much, that puts me so much back on track and in Budget.

Thanks again



I don't know if Staffordshire Parish Records are available to anyone?  They are not on Ancestory and I am looking for the marriage of William Henry Booth.  Throughout the census his wife is referred to as Sarah Elizabeth.  I am trying to find her maiden surname. Obviously I could apply for one of their children birth cert of their marriage cert, however I thought I would see if someone can find a parish record first.
From 1911 census I time their marriage as being c1863.  Their first child was born in 1864 in Rolleston Staffs.  Sarah was also born there.
There is a marriage in Burton-on-Trent in 1863 for William Henry Booth in civil records.  The person sharing that reference is Sarah Pountain.  I am sure that is them, however, I can't find any reference to Sarah Pountain earlier than this (there is one but ten years too young).

Anyway if anyone would have a Parish record of this Marriage, it may provide me with more info and save me having to buy the cert.



Thanks team, for all your comments.

I think I will go on the fact that they didn't, and probably made up the date (Harriett would have been 16 had she actually married on that date and it was 3 years before any children.

Yep I'll keep having a sneaky look, but am largely satisfied it didn't happen.

Love the idea of leaving it up to future generations to find it.....we don't often look ahead in genealogy do we??

Cheers, and thanks again for all your comments.


London and Middlesex / Re: Bethnal Green
« on: Thursday 05 December 13 19:02 GMT (UK)  »
It was a particularly tough time in the 1840s.  You are likely to find family members having died in the workhouse, if they were unlucky enough to live slightly longer. 
The main Bethnal Green trade was the journeymen weavers initially but as that died out poverty increased.  A lot of my people there after the weaving age did jobs such as Gilder/carvers or French Polishers or cabinet makers. I even had two GGG Grandfathers who worked together as Umbrella makers. 
A great book which précis many many other books, and puts into a very readable form is The Victorian City: Every day life in Dicken's London by Judith Flanders. It mentions many trades and areas of London. It is very interesting and is recently published in paper back and available for Kindle on Amazon.
All the best


I have been doing this genealogical thing for many years. Before the advent of the computer or indexed census, when we could do less in two years, than we can now in a an hour; (taking into account travel to St Catherines etc.

Anyway I constantly go back to one thing I have not resolved and just wanted to seek a view as to whether I should just let it lie, and believe the evidence or lack of it and move on.....(There is a natural obsessiveness with us genealogists I am wife had other words for it)

SO my G G Grandad was a chap called Charles Thomas Orme, and I love him and his story though it is largely no different to many who endured the poverty and hardship of Victorian Bethnal Green.

He was born in 1857.  His wife was Harriet Harrison and their first child Harriet was born 1877.  I can find no record for Harriet Harrison or Charles Thomas Orme being married.  Yet they had 13 children and adopted one.  I have obviously searched through the civil records and employed many imaginative searching techniques.  Never have I found a possible entry.

On Ancestry I have searched their parish records for the area and again no trace.

Recently during one of my lets see if I've missed anything moments, I found some 'workhouse records for Harriet in 1911.  I think it was Hackney saying to Shoreditch, that they should pay for her welfare as she lived in SHorditch longer.  ANyway on that document it stated that she had married her late husband on 13. 8.74 at St Judes Bethnal Green.  I have painstakingly gone through St Jude's registers and not found the entry, nor have I found relevant gaps whereby the entry may be missing. 
On those workhouse papers it also said she had no sons but she had three living round the corner soI'm guessing that was a lie to ensure the parish helped her out.  I also am at the conclusion that the St Judes date is fictional too, and that in all probability they never married.  I know that is not unheard of, but it is relatively so in my family at the time. But everyone was different.

So do you think
1.  I should conclude in reality they did not marry.
2. Keep searching as Ancestory may not have the full records.
3. It is there under my nose  and I can't see the wood for the trees.

Charles Thomas was born to William Orme in 1857
Harriet to Henry Harrison in 1858.
They lived in Whiston Street for many years, before then in COlumbia Street.  Charles was a gilder a framer (and liked a drink).  He died at 50 in 1908. 



London and Middlesex / Re: Gilders Hackney/Bethnal Green
« on: Friday 18 October 13 20:01 BST (UK)  »
Thanks both for your suggestions, I will scour the directories Everlea, though I think he was a worker for someone else probably so will look for local firms rather than him, and then see if I can get any info on him from there.

The photo of Whiston street is great thanks Sharon.  Completely different than it looks now.  Round the corner Columbia street is still as it was 150 years ago and my lot also lived there so that was nice to see, but Whiston Street sure has changed.



London and Middlesex / Gilders Hackney/Bethnal Green
« on: Thursday 17 October 13 16:31 BST (UK)  »

My people lived in Whiston Street Hackney in the 1880and 1890s.  They were Gilders. 

Does anyone know who may have been a likely employer in that area at that time, and also where I could glean exactly what their day would have consisted of and what the trade was like.  (I am guessing the answer is go to the library and find a book.....but was just wondering if anyone had specific knowledge of what to look at)

Also does anyone know if there are any photographs of Whiston St from that period. I have walked there the other week, and guess that the buildings have changed somewhat.



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