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wow all that is amazing thanks. Charles is my great great grandfather.  I have only got back a couple of generations further back than him. 

Am really interested in the Butfoy stuff too.  Unfortunately I don't subscribe currently to ancestory as I get it free at the local history library. 

Is there a way of passing my email to you.  Would love if possible to know how far back the Butfoy line goes then.  Also to be put intouch with those researching the same Orme line as me.

Did your research show Charlotte dying in the workhouse???



ps, thanks again so much for replying.

Hi both above,

I have signed up to this because I found the above thread after googgling.

I'm pretty sure that Harriet Butfoy is my ggg grandmother. SHe married Henry Harrison in 1857.  I haven't yet got her birth certiciate (if she was born within civil registration, I've not yet looked), but am assuming from the first entry above that that info may have come from her birth certificate.

Also Harriet's mother Charlotte I think died in 1844 aged 46. She was buried on July 29th in St Matthew Bethnal Green and died in the WOrkhouse.  Bethnal green was a pretty unsanitary place in general in those days, I'm sure the workhouse holds worse stories.

I have only just got this info, and have not clarified or cross referenced much yet, albeit Butfoy is unusual.  I came to it via the Harrison research.

Would love any further info you have, particularly on Charlotte and HArriet, and any related workhouse research you may have done.


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