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My ancestor, Benjamin Meadows, lived in Birmingham and married in 1770. On the record of banns for St Martin's church, his occupation is clearly written as  "Waiter Maker."
It seems very specific but gives no indication of what his trade might have been.
I wondered whether he could have been a silversmith making serving dishes, or a cabinet maker making serving stands.
I wonder whether anyone has heard of a waiter maker and has any idea of what his trade was?

Norfolk / What does "By a tricke put a bastard upon the church" mean?
« on: Thursday 09 April 20 13:09 BST (UK)  »
I've just found an interesting record from 1687 for St Nicholas church, Great Yarmouth concerning my 8x gread grandmother, born Lydia Toftes- It  was in the parish register for the baptism of Anne, daughter of Deborah Spendlove 18th December 1687-
"Anne, ye bastard daughter of Deborah, daughter of Lydia Spendlove, widdow. Mother is daughter of Lydia Spendlove a widdow. Who by the dishonour of her husband's memory,sometime curate of this parish, left the community of ye church of England,led her daughter thither and by a tricke put the bastard upon the church she had left."
Despite this, Lydia was buried in St Nicholas in September the following year. The part I've put in italics is in smaller writing in the record, so could have been inserted after the baptism, but the original entry makes it clear Anne was illegitimate so I'm not sure what the trick was or how Anne was "put upon the church". Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't know what became of Anne following her inauspicious start in life.

Norfolk / Another problem Robert Tubbs!
« on: Tuesday 06 August 19 16:37 BST (UK)  »
In January 1837 Robert Tubbs married Sarah Bond in St Nicholas Yarmouth. In February they baptised a son Robert Chase Tubs (sic), The father's name was also given as Robert Chase Tubs, a mariner. In 1840 Robert (described as a seaman this time) and Sarah baptised another son, Frederick Chase Tubbs.
Then they all disappear, no census records or death records for Sarah or Robert and I can only find birth records for their sons.
I'm sure Robert must be the son of Robert Tubbs and Mary Chase in my previous posting but I've got no evidence.

Does anyone have any ideas? If Robert was a mariner he was probably at sea during the census, but I can't find Sarah and their sons either.

Norfolk / Help please I would like to find out more about Robert Tubbs or Tubby
« on: Tuesday 06 August 19 16:05 BST (UK)  »
In 1799 Robert Tubbs married Mary Chase in St Nicholas, Yarmouth, both were single and "of this parish" though Mary was born in Ormesby St Margaret in 1775.  They had 3 daughters in Caister on Sea, Mary (my 3x grandmother) born 1801 and twins Jane and Elizabeth who were born and died in 1804.
The birth and death records for the girls give the surname as Tubby whereas the marriage is clearly Tubbs. (I thought it may be a transcription error but I have checked the original records on-line and it is clearly Tubby in Caister and Tubbs in Yarmouth).
I am certain I have the correct couple, Mary's surname, Chase is on the birth records.
Mary Tubbs/ Tubby married John Dale and went on to name two of her children Robert Chase Dale and Sarah Tubbs Dale.
I haven't been able to find any birth or death records for Robert Tubbs/Tubby or a death record for his wife Mary. (They are not the Robert and Mary Tubby buried in Hopton, I tried to claim them but they belong to another family!)
I wonder if anyone can find any records for Robert, I would like to know more about him. I did find a Yarmouth baptism in 1748 but that would make him  51 when he married.
All suggestions gratefully received!

Norfolk / I'm very confused by a marriage certificate-Ideas please!
« on: Sunday 31 January 16 15:47 GMT (UK)  »
My  2x ggrandparents, who spent their married lives in Yarmouth, were William George Hambling (usually known as George) born Beccles and Ann White Dale born Plymouth. I have the following baptism records:

William George HAMBLING bap 7 Nov 1818 St Michael Beccles, Suffolk Parents:Hannah HAMBLING, base born.


Ann White daughter of John Deale Seaman Helicon and Mary Deale 20 November 1820 St Andrew's church. Plymouth. (The surname is definitely spelled Deale not Dale but this could be a spelling error made by the Plymouth registrar.)

In 1833 George's mother Hannah married John Goss in Gorleston and the couple lived in Yarmouth.

On 23 March 1841 "George Hambling", Seaman, married "Ann White" in Gorleston. I thought it would be interesting to get their marriage certificate-and this is where my problems begin.
Ann's father is given as "William White, sailor" and George's as "George Hambling, plumber and glazier."
Who are these men?

I am certain that I have the correct couple as Mary Dale-Ann's younger sister, was a witness.

I don't have any marriage record between Ann's parents, who I believed to be John David Dale and Mary Tubbs/Tubby (spelling varies, born Caistor on Sea.) It is possible that William White was either Mary's first husband and had died by the time Ann was born, or that Ann was illegitimate and adopted by John Dale. Ann's birth consistently appears as 1820 on Census records and the Dales as parents/siblings.
I had thought White might be a name from John Dale's family as there is a family tradition of using maiden names as middle names, but apparently not. Who was William White?

I'm more confused by the base-born George and his father George. At first I thought that Hannah had invented the name to appear respectable but would you also invent plumber and glazier? It seems very specific. Hannah was definitely baptised Hambling (to Jonathan James Hambling and Lydia Eggett.) So-who was George- a cousin?

I was quite happy with my records until this certificate -now I'm completely confused!  ??? ??? ???

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Norfolk / William Hodds -was he baptised Winterton 1755 or Thurne 1762?
« on: Monday 04 January 16 13:26 GMT (UK)  »
 William Hodds married Elizabeth Rump, Thurne 1796. He was a widower. They had 5 children-Charlotte, Martha,Robert and William baptised Thurne, John baptised Acle and died in Yarmouth 1837/1840.
My problem lies with William's baptism-was he William Hodds baptised 17 October 1762 St Edmunds, Thurne, son of Richard Hodds and Mary Beck or was he William Hodds baptised Winterton on Sea 8 June 1755 son of John Hodds and Mary? :-\

I had decided on the 1762 Thurne,but all the Ancestry trees have 1755 Winterton. They have his 1st marriage to Mary Holt Winterton 1775. But there is no record of  Mary's death before 1796.

There doesn't seem to be any clues in sibling's names that point to either being the "correct" William.

All suggestions gratefully received, Jan

Surrey / Sophia Holford born about 1822 in Addlestone or Chertsey- help please.
« on: Sunday 01 February 15 09:22 GMT (UK)  »
Sophia Holford married John Thomas Morton in Windsor in 1844 and died there in 1913.
The census records give her place of birth as either Addlestone or nearby Chertsey.
I have been unable to find any record of her birth. I've looked on Ancestry, Family Search (their Addlestone records only start in 1841) and Freereg (No Addlestone records at all.)
I would be grateful if someone could suggest anywhere else I could search.
Are the records for Surrey online anywhere?

Norfolk / John Futter born about 1747
« on: Saturday 17 January 15 08:02 GMT (UK)  »
John Futter married Mary Edwards in Heigham (St Bartholomew) 3 Nov 1776, a witness was Thomas Futter. Between 1777 and 1790 they baptised 5 children-Richard, Edward, Edmund, Elizabeth and Sarah.
John was buried in Hellesdon in 1812 aged (according to the parish record) 65 which would put his dob as 1747.
I had hoped the names of their children would be a clue to parentage (Mary's parents were also John & Mary) but so far I haven't found a definite birth record for John Futter.
There are John Futters born betweeen 1747 and 1755 in Horsham St Faith, Ketteringham, South Creake and Tharston. The Horsham and Ketteringham Johns seem to have carried on and had a family in the same parish so I think they can be ruled out. Ancestry trees place his birth in Tharston but there is no evidence to put it there that I have found.
I hope that maybe someone can track down a baptism for John -otherwise my tree will Futter to a halt at this point! (Sorry :-[) Does anyone have any ideas please?

The Lighter Side / This may amuse you
« on: Monday 14 July 14 10:49 BST (UK)  »
The subject of strange transcriptions and Ancestry hints have often been aired- but together?
Checking the 1841 census transcript for my 3x g grandmother Mary Ann Garrett found her living with children George and Mary and another month old infant -Kat Maund.
I checked the original- "Kat Maund" actually read "Not named".
I duly appended a correction.
Looking again at the entry, a couple of months later I noticed the following hint:
"These records may also be relevant to Kat Maund:
 Not Yet Named
1911 England Census

60 years old and still waiting for a name!  ;D

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