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Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:30 GMT (UK)  »
There are four SLAV*N baptisms on the Victorian birth index to 1850 but none with father Edward.

Another baptism in NSW

V18412366 61/1841    
SLAVAN Elizabeth
Father Edward  Mother Bridget         

The next baptism to this couple is in 1847 so if we have the correct parents, Francis was possibly born between those years and his baptism, if any, has not been transcribed to the NSW Registry.

Sydney Morning Herald  24 Jun 1848 and  Sydney Chronicle 1 Jul 1848

NOTICE I hereby caution the public not to give to any person whatsoever trust or credit on my account, as in no instance will I be answerable for any debt contracted, unless such as I myself shall be party to.
EDWARD SLAVEN  Gullen near Goulburn   Jun 1st

Edward's bankruptcy and other problems in the 1860's

Problems with livestock being stolen


Confidence in the correct parents is not strong... but good find with that early baptism ...thanks

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:27 GMT (UK)  »
Also only one SLAVIN birth in Victoria in the period 1830-1870
Patt SLAVIN - FATHER Peter B - MOTHER Anne CARROLL - 1843 REF # 34428.


Thanks for looking... I had the same result.... frustrating...

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:26 GMT (UK)  »
NSW BDM death
22359 / 1927  SLAVEN James                                                   Youmg
parents Edward / Bridget

15698 / 1928   COURTNEY Susan                                              Newtown
parents Edward / Bridget

1401 / 1876  SLAVEN  Susan  m. COURTNEY Bernard                  Young

Wellington Times 23 Apr 1925
The death took place at the residence of Mrs England, Neurea, of a very old and well-known resident of the district in the person of Mrs .Betsy Slavin, at the age of 74 years. The deceased lady, who had been ailing for the past 12 months, had resided 'in this district for a great number of years, during which time she made many friends, who will be sorry to hear of her demise. She is survived by a grown up family of three sons and- two daughters, the former being Messrs John and  Arthur (Neurea), and Edward (Sydney). The daughters are Mesdames C. Rutter (Forbes), and McAndrew (Wellington.) The remains were encased in a polished maple casket, silver mounted, and laid to rest in the Church of England portion of the local cemetery this after noon, the Rev. Mr. Carr leading the services at the graveside. Mr. C. J. Shakespeare had charge of the funeral arrangements

This Elizabeth (Betsy) was my great grand mother....  the other Slavens above Betsy Obit are not known to me...

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:23 GMT (UK)  »
  There was another Frank Slavin born Maitland NSW in 1862, for what it's worth -

1862 would make my Francis Slavin 13 years old at his wedding... I can rule this one out... thanks

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:22 GMT (UK)  »
There's an Edward & Bridget Slaven documented here with a son Henry born 1854, but no mention of Francis:

I am confused regarding Francis' parents..... Edward Slavin/ Slaven and Maria or ?Mary Callaghan or was it Edward Slaven/ Slavin and Bridget Cahill .... I dont know...

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:14 GMT (UK)  »
Would the death record be for a FRANK SLAVIN in 1906. If so it gives parents as Edward and Bridget. If this is so there is a birth on NSW BDM of a Henry I SLAVIN in 1854.

Unfortunately not all births pre civil registration have been transcribed from church baptism's so quite a few are missing. Some Victorian births also show up on NSW records as this was before Victoria was hived off from NSW>


On Francis' death certificate the parents are stated as Edward Slavin and Bridget Cahill.  The wife's name is correct, even the maiden name.  It states that he was Roman Catholic, but I know his wife's family was Church of England. Age of marriage stated as 29.

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:09 GMT (UK)  »
 :D :D :D what a great response to me very first post.... thank you all that have replied.  How do I answer all those questions raised by all you helpful souls out there...?

"....On his marriage certificate dated 19 Dec 1875 "

Can you give all the information on this certificate please......witnesses names.....wife's family etc..

The witness names are Leah England (the bride's mother) and Edward Haycock (Married to Leah's niece Charlotte England).  Elizabeth England's parents were Sydney England and Leah.


Australia / HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Tuesday 25 February 14 20:36 GMT (UK)  »
I am on a quest to discover the origin of my mother's family, Slavin.  I have very limited information. The furtherest I have been able to go is my great grandfather, Francis Slavin.  The only documented evidence I have of him is his marriage certificate and death certificate.  On his marriage certificate dated 19 Dec 1875 it states he was 28 at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth England (AKA Betsy) in Wellington NSW Australia.  The marriage certificate states he was born in Melbourne VIC to Edward Slavin and Maria Callaghan.  Mathematics gives me an approx birth year as 1847.  I have inquired into Victorian records but find no evidence of him, especially seeing it was before civil registration.   I finally found his death certificate and discovered he died in Rookwood Asylum in 21st Dec 1906.  There has been no knowledge at all of Francis with the old generation of family friends, and I assume that their parents had hushed it up due to him being in an Asylum.    So the appeal is HELP me ... HELP please if you can give me any details or assistance with this as my mother would love to know more about her family line and I have not been able to help her even with my years of searching.... thanks

Dublin / Re: Slavin
« on: Friday 27 December 13 09:27 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for Edward Slavin that appears in Australia around 1845 Port Phillip (Melbourne).  I only know that his son Francis is born in Melbourne around that time, marries in Wellington NSW in 1875 and dies in Rookwood Asylum and buried in Rookwood cementery Sydney in 1906.  I obtained the birth details from his marriage and death certificates but no other evidence.  On his marriage certificate it states his mother as Maria Callaghan and on his death certificate Francis' mother as Bridget Cahill.  Any information from anyone is very much appreciated.

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